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Chapter 1153: Face Smashed

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Qiao Nian was not showing off.

Jiang Zongnan looked at the rare Citibank black card and understood that she was just telling the truth.

Citibank had very few black card customers. So far, he had not been able to acquire a black card from this bank. He was still using a diamond card that was one level higher than the gold card he had given Qiao Nian when they met. However, a diamond card could not compare to a black card.

A client like Qiao Nian who had a black card was definitely a VVIP client. The bank would definitely be very happy to return it to Qiao Nian.

He rubbed his dark eyebrows. He knew very well that Qiao Nian refused to accept the bank card because she was unwilling to reconcile with them.


Perhaps in the future, the relationship between the two families would never be the same as before!

At the very least, after this separation, he would no longer be able to have no grudges!

He took the bank card back and said helplessly, “Alright, then. I’ll take the card. I’ll open another account for you to deposit the two million yuan. The password is still 666666. I’ll leave the card with the bank. If you want to use it in the future, you can get them to give it to you anytime.”

Qiao Nian raised an eyebrow. She didn’t say anything else upon seeing his tired and pleading gaze.

However, she knew very well that even if Jiang Zongnan stored the money there, she would not touch the two million yuan again.

Firstly, it was unnecessary.

Secondly, since the two of them were not related, there was no reason for her to use the money of an acquaintance who was not related to her.

It was still the same old thing. Money was easy to pay back, but favors were not.

If she was short of money, she would probably borrow from a stranger instead of the Jiang family.

With all the drama, everyone could be said to have parted on bad terms.

Jiang Zongjin and Qiao Nian sent Old Master Jiang back to the sanatorium. Seeing that Qiao Nian was leaving, Nie Mi left without another word.

In the end, only their grandaunt remained in the old residence.

Seeing that Old Master Jiang and the others had left, she could finally be shameless enough to butter Tang Wanru and the others up.

After reprimanding her, she comforted Tang Wanru, “Wanru, don’t think too much. Let’s think on the bright side. At least they didn’t really go big online this time. Since everyone has said what they wanted to say and you’ve apologized, she’ll be too embarrassed to go online and post things. If she doesn’t post those messy things, wouldn’t Xianrou’s matter… pass?”

Her aunt’s eyes flashed with contempt and amusement as she said this.

Jiang Xianrou usually put on an impressive appearance at home. Every Lunar New Year, when everyone ate together, the other children at home would always be compared to her.

She was good at her studies and was Liang Lu’s student. How many people could compare to her?

Including her grandson, who had been used as a bad example over the years.

Tsk, so it turned out that such a powerful person had pretended to be Qiao Nian to deceive others outside and was caught red-handed!

How humiliating.

Her aunt quickly hid the joy in her eyes and was about to say something.

Jiang Xianrou walked over in exasperation. “Mom, do you know Wen Ruxia? Can you contact her?”

Tang Wanru was so angry just now. Even though her aunt, an elder, said something nice in front of her, she did not feel any better. Her aunt said a lot, but she did not even respond.

Reacting as if she was already afraid, she immediately frowned and reached for the cell phone that Jiang Xianrou handed over, asking, “What happened?”

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