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Chapter 1152: Didn’t Even Ask for the Bank Card

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In particular, Old Master Jiang’s words were not only directed at Tang Wanru but also Jiang Zongnan.

Jiang Zongnan was a little uneasy. “Dad, I never meant that!”

“Since you don’t have such intentions, is it so difficult for your family to apologize?” Old Master Jiang couldn’t even be bothered to look at him. His words were as sharp as ever.

Jiang Zongnan took a deep breath. His temples throbbed non-stop as he looked at his brother and then at his niece.

In silence, he turned her head and said to Tang Wanru, who was rooted to the ground, “Apologize.”


“You want me to apologize too?” Tang Wanru did not dare to talk back to the old man, but she dared to talk back to him. Clearly, she could not accept this humiliation.

Jiang Zongnan looked at her reddened eyes and pursed his lips. After all, she was his wife, the woman he had loved for half his life. As a man, he had nothing to say. He only said, “Apologize to Big Brother and this matter will be over today. Let’s get a divorce if you’re unwilling.”

This was said with extreme emphasis.

Tang Wanru and Jiang Xianrou were stunned.

Jiang Xianrou shouted at him in shock, “Dad, how can you talk to Mom like that? What divorce…”

“Shut up!” Jiang Zongnan scolded her fiercely. “You still have the cheek to speak? If it weren’t for what you did, would our family have ended up like this? You should apologize too!”

Jiang Xianrou’s face turned pale from his scolding. Her long eyelashes drooped down as she bit her lip and remained silent.

It had come to this.

Tang Wanru was not a fool. She knew that her marriage would end if she did not apologize today.

She suppressed her overwhelming embarrassment and walked straight over to Jiang Zongjin. She was flustered and did not want to see how the others were looking at her.

“Big Brother, I’m sorry. I was too rude just now. I hope you can understand how I feel as a mother.”

This apology was quite dry.

At the very least, Qiao Nian was not satisfied.

She frowned and was about to speak.

Jiang Zongjin blocked her and said to the woman who was unwilling to lower her head, “I understand. But I hope you remember that Nian Nian doesn’t have a mother, but she still has a father. I’m also a father. If anyone has a conflict with her, I’ll always stand on her side. I’ll still have this attitude even if I fall out with the entire family!

“In the future… if you like her, we’ll get together often. If you don’t like her, there’s no reason for my daughter to be despised by the elders because of our blood relationship. Everyone can just pretend that we’re not related.”

Tang Wanru quickly looked up. She couldn’t believe that he would say such things so bluntly. She was embarrassed for a moment.

“Big Brother, that’s not the case.” Jiang Zongnan quickly interrupted him. He looked at Qiao Nian with a gentle gaze, his face full of guilt. “This matter… is my fault as an uncle. I’ll talk to them properly later. This won’t happen again. Nian Nian, don’t take today’s matter to heart. Take that card back.”

Qiao Nian looked at the bank card. Her eyes narrowed, but she did not reach out to take it. The face under the black baseball cap was attractive. She raised the brim of her cap, her face expressionless. She was still the same, quite cold. “There’s no need. I don’t like owing people anything, especially favors.”

Money was easy to return, but favors were not!

She looked up. “I’ve told you the password to the bank card. Second Uncle, you should remember that there’s some money in the card. It’s not much, but it should be enough to withdraw two million yuan. After you’re done, hand the card to the bank manager and they’ll send it back to me.”

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