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Chapter 1151: The Poor Teacher Doesn’t Deserve Your Apology?

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Casually said but enunciated clearly.

Tang Wanru and Jiang Xianrou finally began to feel nervous. They felt a little uneasy, unsure what Qiao Nian was up to.

After all, Qiao Nian had said that she would only count to three.

Humans were creatures that one should never test the limit of. If one did not set a time limit, not many people would feel a sense of urgency. Once one set a countdown for something, the pressure of time could drive a normal person crazy.


“I said, I’ll only count to three.” After all, she was from the Jiang family. For the sake of Jiang Li and Old Master Jiang, she kindly reminded them, “You’d better consider it quickly. Time waits for no man.”

“I’m your elder, Qiao Nian. Is this your upbringing!”

Tang Wanru had never suffered such humiliation before. All the blood in her body rushed to her head, and her face was already red. She was clearly panicking, but she still pretended to be unyielding.

Her will against this was harder than a rock. “I don’t believe you can do anything to me if I don’t apologize!”

Qiao Nian smiled. “It’s okay. You can try.”

Tang Wanru was silent.

She wouldn’t feel so uneasy if Qiao Nian did not act like this. The calmer Qiao Nian appeared, the more she could tell that the other party was not actually threatening her out of impulse.

But what could Qiao Nian do?

She thought of the cell phone Qiao Nian had just shown her, and the profile of the Zhui Guang account. Her heart turned cold, but she was not very afraid.

She had not lived in Beijing in vain for so many years. Compared to ordinary people, she was calmer when it came to serious matters.

For example, she was very clear about the pros and cons of this matter!

If Qiao Nian publicly humiliated Xianrou on Weibo, this wretched girl would at least have to consider Jiang Li’s face and thoughts.

After all, Jiang Li even posted on Weibo to clarify for her and apologize on Xianrou’s behalf.

Since this wretched girl cared so much about her father, there was no reason for her to not have any feelings or consideration for Jiang Li…

With that thought, she calmed down a little and her eyes narrowed. “I told you, I won’t…” She didn’t finish speaking.

Old Master Jiang interrupted her. “Wanru, apologize.”

“Dad?” Tang Wanru looked at the old man in the wheelchair in disbelief, unable to believe her ears.

Old Master Jiang rarely interfered in family matters, nor did he interfere in the lives of the younger generation. Ever since she married into the family, she had rarely been tortured by her elders. She was much happier than many women who had married into wealthy families.

Old Master Jiang had always been easy-going and considerate to his juniors. He had given her enough face as his daughter-in-law and had never reprimanded her in the past 20 years.

Even when she sometimes quarreled with Jiang Zongnan, the old man would often stand on her side and ask Jiang Zongnan to apologize to her first.

This time… why would he want her to apologize?

Tang Wanru looked at the way her aunt and the others looked at her and almost fainted from anger.

“You didn’t forget what you said yourself, did you? Nian Nian is right. She didn’t ask you, an elder, to apologize to her, a junior. Instead, she asked you to apologize to your elder brother-in-law. This request isn’t too much. Since you’ve said it, apologize.”

Old Master Jiang’s expression was calm, and his turbid eyes revealed his wisdom.

“You don’t think that just because your big brother hasn’t been in charge of the family all these years, the poor teacher isn’t worthy of you apologizing to him, do you?”

It was quite embarrassing for her that he said this out loud.

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