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Chapter 115: She Blocked Them Immediately Without Saying Much

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Ye Wangchuan wasn’t attracted to people so easily as well. He had never seen Master Wang attracted to someone before.

Hence, when the agency gave him that assignment, he took it up without giving it much thought.

Why did everything go wrong when he was back!

Everyone from the Ye family seemed to treat Nian Nian differently now.

“Master Wang, Nian Nian is just 18. She’s still in school and about to take her college examination! Know your boundaries!”

Ye Wangchuan looked at the silver bracelet on his wrist. It was really nice. He smiled and said, “Yup, she’s of age already.”


Was this what a normal person would say?!

Jiang Li’s face turned red from being angry!

“I disagree. Even if you want to be in a relationship with her, she should attend university first!”

“Then, I’ll wait for her to complete her college examination.” Strangely, this prideful guy was agreeable to everything.

Jiang Li looked at him in suspicion. He then said, “So, what were you doing…”

Ye Wangchuan wanted to take his cigarette. He then paused and took the stick that would help him quit smoking instead. As he bit on the stick, he looked sexy. He interrupted. “It was just a chat.”

“That was just a chat to you?” Jiang Li wanted to rebut him. You removed your clothes!

With the seductive look just now, even the birds in the sky would be attracted to him.

Ye Wangchuan kicked him and said, “It’s alright, I know what you’re going to say. I know my boundaries, you should know yours.”

Jiang Li was speechless.

He was single, what boundary was there to know?

In the ward, Qiao Nian’s phone rang after chatting for a while with the kid.

She checked the phone.

It was a call from Qiao Weiming.

Qiao Nian couldn’t bother to pick up. She treated him the same as Qiao Chen and blocked him.


The world was peaceful again.

Ye Qichen saw that she was frowning when she kept her phone. He then asked her in concern, “Sister, did a bad guy call you?”

Else, why would she be so irritated?

It was obvious that she was in a bad mood when she saw the phone number.

Qiao Nian had never seen such a sensitive and mature child. She patted her on the head and looked at his pretty face. She immediately felt better. She replied, “No, it’s just a spam call. I’ve blocked the number already.”

“Oh.” Ye Qichen was a smart child. He was capable of solving the Rubik’s cube when he was five. He was even brought up in the Ye family from the capital. He had been through so much despite his young age. Hence, he knew that she was lying the moment she opened her mouth.


But he didn’t want to expose her. He even suggested to her. “My youngest uncle is great at solving such an issue. If someone like that calls you again, you can tell him. He’s really good at it.”

“Really good at what?” Jiang Li and Ye Wangchuan asked when they returned after their chat.

It was rare to see the kid praising his uncle. Even though Ye Qichen would listen to Master Wang, he was still a rebel. He was, in fact, the king of rebels. He would yield to no one!

It was almost impossible for him to praise someone.

Gu San continued smilingly, “Miss Qiao received a spam call just now. Little Young Master proposed to her that she could ask Master Wang for help if she encountered this again.”

“Or you can look for me as well.” Jiang Li then moved on from this topic. “Nian Nian, what do you want to eat for dinner? My treat!”


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