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Chapter 1117: Sister Nian Is About to Take the Stage!

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Cheng Wu was sitting next to her, and he politely said, “It seems that it’s the turn of the Clinical Department. I heard that it’s a program performed by several students of the Clinical Department led by Jiang Xianrou.”

“Oh.” Wen Ruxia appeared unimpressed as if she did not have the slightest interest. If you looked closely, you could see the contempt in her eyes.

Jiang Xianrou used to be pretty good in her impression, but this time she has gotten worse.

After all, the Jiangs were a scholarly family.

Jiang Xianrou made a scandalous act of stealing someone’s identity. In their circle, Jiang Xianrou’s approach was actually quite low.

Seeing that she was not interested, Cheng Wu thought she hadn’t heard of the incident and said with a good-natured smile, “It’s rumored on the Internet that Jiang Xianrou is the deity, Zhui Guang. So, the Clinical Department’s program is also a celebration of the school. It’s one of the highlights.”

Wen Ruxia didn’t respond to what he said, but asked an irrelevant question, “Who will perform from the Chinese Medicine Faculty?”

“The Chinese Medicine Faculty?” Cheng Wu was stunned for a moment. He was still unsure after thinking about it. “I think it should be Qiao Nian? I heard that their college entrance examination champion is going up.”

Speaking of Qiao Nian’s name, the smile on Cheng Wu’s face faded a bit, but Wen Ruxia sat up straight and laughed. “Well, then we’re in for a good show!”

Cheng Wu: “…”

Before he could figure out what Wen Ruxia meant, the fourth program was over, and the host on the stage began to announce the next performance.

“Next, let us have [Nirvana], brought to us by the Clinical Department!

There was thunderous applause in the great hall.

The lights on the stage dimmed, and the sound of the piano, which was close to the sound of nature, penetrated from far to near, resounding throughout the great hall…

‘Nirvana’ itself was a very high-spirited piece.

From the initial bass to the tremolo in the middle to the high-spirited Nirvana at the end, the whole piece was very coherent.

It was infectious!

Jiang Xianrou’s own piano skills were not low, plus she practiced hard during this time. When the lights came on, she was sitting on the piano bench in her customized dress, her fingers flying on the black and white keys, just like the plot of an idol drama.

It was no exaggeration to describe this picture as beautiful!

Zhao Ruoqi and several other girls from the Clinical Department wore phoenix-shaped skirts and danced around her.

The whole scene was very impactful.

Many people were drunk in the seats.

In the fourth row of the auditorium, Zhou Yang couldn’t hide his admiration. “No wonder people say that Zhui Guang’s music can penetrate and resonate with the soul…”

Wen Ziyu usually followed Wen Ruxia and listened to the original song. He said coldly and disapprovingly, “The original song uses an electronic piano, you won’t feel that her current performance penetrates your soul after listening to the original song. It’s almost the same as penetrating the eardrum!”

Because when Jiang Xianrou plays a good piece of music, it was like a magical sound, which was extraordinarily hypocritical!

Zhou Yang turned his head to look at him, puzzled. He felt that Wen Ziyu was too harsh. Jiang Xianrou’s performance was better than the previous ones.

He looked away indifferently and looked back at the stage, only to think that Wen Ziyu said this because of his goddess.

After all, Wen Ziyu’s goddess was destined to be crushed by Jiang Xianrou today without any scum left.

Jiang Xianrou’s performance lasted for six minutes.

Jiang Xianrou went down from the stage lift together with the piano.

The host came up to announce, “Cough. Now please enjoy a solo dance of ‘Nirvana’ brought to us by the Chinese Medicine Faculty!”

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