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Chapter 1116: Let’s Hurry Up and Practice Again

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The azure blue couture properly outlined Jiang Xianrou’s superior neckline. Her waist was slender, and the skirt below was like a flowing galaxy.

Today, Jiang Xianrou was ostentatiously beautiful and had the beauty of being as arrogant as a swan.


Zhao Ruoqi showed an envious expression when she opened the door and saw Jiang Xianrou’s customized outfit. After entering the room, she closed the door and walked in front of Jiang Xianrou, smiled, and said, “Senior, the result of the draw is out. According to what you said, I asked the student council to change the order. They just drew No. 6 and will be performing on stage after us…”

Zhao Ruoqi couldn’t help but raise the corners of her mouth to laugh when she said this.

Forget it if the Chinese Medicine Faculty collided with them, but they were still performing on stage back to back. Wasn’t it courting death?

She had to say, senior Jiang Xianrou had a knack for pissing people off.

She never thought of such a good way!

“I guess they’re now like headless flies, they’re so desperate!” Zhao Ruoqi couldn’t help but let out a snicker, with disdain in her eyes.

Jiang Xianrou also smiled, but she was more reserved. She only restrained the corner of her mouth, as if she didn’t care much, and it was like crushing a little ant.

At this moment, the screen of her mobile phone on the table lit up.

She picked it up and looked down.

It was a message sent by Liang Lu—[Xianrou, I heard that the Chinese Medicine Faculty has drawn lots to perform on the stage after you. They’re really ‘lucky’.]

Jiang Xianrou smiled and said to herself, “Aren’t they lucky? What a coincidence to go up one after the other.”

“The opening performance has already begun, and Senior’s elder brother has already taken the stage. I really envy you, senior. You have a top-notch elder brother,” Zhao Ruoqi spoke enviously.

Jiang Xianrou didn’t care and didn’t listen much. After she replied to her tutor’s message, she received another message from her friend as she was playing with her phone.

[Ruan Sisi: Good girl. Why didn’t you tell me that you are the deity, Zhui Guang? You even kept it from me and did your work in secret!]

Jiang Xianrou pursed her lustrous red lips, her proud brows and eyes became more and more obvious, and she went back with unknown emotions.

[Don’t you know now?]

After Jiang Xianrou answered the news, her heartbeat was inexplicably panicked. She frowned, but the news had been sent and it was impossible to take it back.

She just took it as overthinking.

Anyway, Zhui Guang usually liked to play the mystery game. The car wouldn’t overturn even if she admitted it to Ruan Sisi.

Thinking of this, she felt less guilty.

But she still quit WeChat and didn’t want to read the messages anymore. She put the phone back where it was and asked Zhao Ruoqi, “Is it our turn soon?”

Zhao Ruoqi looked at the stage, and, after confirming what program was being performed on the stage, turned around and said to her, “It’s already the third show. There’s one more show before us.”

Jiang Xianrou got up lazily, restrained her arrogant aura, and said to her, “Let’s go. Let’s hurry up and practice again!”

The third program was the Computing Faculty.

The fourth program was the Bioengineering Faculty.

Bioengineering was all a group of science students, and the programs they chose to perform were also very conservative—a chorus singing about their motherland.

The chorus was often the most hypnotic of all programs on occasions like school celebrations.

Except for the opening scene of Jiang Li’s bombing, the first four programs all seemed unremarkable.

The audience in the great hall was equally disinterested.

Wen Ruxia looked at the stage patiently and asked the people around her, “Who’s performing next?”

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