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Chapter 1115: Sister Nian: I’m Zhui Guang

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Song Tian and Qiao Nian had been working together for a week, and Qiao Nian herself had said that the song has been adapted based on the original.

This meant it was different from the original.

The stage effect was bound to be less impressive compared to the stage effect of the cooperation with Qiao Nian if Song Tian changed to the original!

In her opinion, the two departments had already collided in their song choice. Wouldn’t they be pressed against the ground by the Clinical Department if Qiao Nian didn’t go on stage?

However, no one objected to Song Tian’s suggestion.

Zhou Moyan even took the initiative to find the CD. She didn’t want to stand up and be the villain, saying that the stage effect would be poor.

But these words were kept in her heart, and she was still very uncomfortable.

Yin Wenzhi frequently glanced at Qiao Nian, her eyebrows moving as if she wanted to say something but was enduring it…

Their department shouldn’t have participated if she had known this would happen!

Master Nie’s disciple was only so-so!


Qiao Nian didn’t know that someone was looking at her, or rather, she never put the prying eyes of the other party in her eyes from beginning to end.

She watched as Song Tian took a deep breath, composed herself, and went to find the teacher.

She calmly blocked her path. “Song Tian, I can go on stage.”

“??” Song Tian was stunned and looked at her in confusion, not understanding why Qiao Nian wanted to go on stage in such a situation where they were destined to be defeated.

“Things are not as bad as you think.” Qiao Nian lowered her eyes, looked at her, and smiled. There was a bit of cynical willfulness in her smile, and it was like a joke. “Think on the bright side. Jiang Xianrou isn’t Zhui Guang, but I am.”

Song Tian: “???”

Jiang Xianrou wasn’t Zhui Guang, but Qiao Nian was Zhui Guang?

Song Tian revealed an incredulous expression, not understanding this nonsensical statement. She hurriedly looked around and heaved a sigh of relief after confirming that they were all from the Chinese Medicine Faculty. Turning back to Qiao Nian, she said with empathy in her eyes, “Qiao Nian, I know you only want to comfort me.”

But this was too unrealistic!

She kindly hid the latter sentence in her heart, touched her earlobe, and comforted Qiao Nian. “Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’m a thick-skinned person. At most, people will give me a few more glances when I go down to the canteen to eat. It’s not like they can eat me up. It doesn’t matter. But you…”

She racked her brains to find comforting words and said earnestly, “You’re the number one student in this year’s college entrance examination. Many people are paying attention to you. It’s better if you don’t go up, I’ll go up alone…”

Qiao Nian looked at the baby-faced girl who was seriously thinking for her. Feeling a headache, she put away her sloppy attitude and her expression became serious as she interrupted her. “Song Tian, I’m really Zhui Guang.”

Silence ensued for a moment.

Song Tian’s expression was complicated, and her lips twitched. She wanted to say: “If you’re Zhui Guang, then I’m Zhui Guang’s father!”

However, she really liked Qiao Nian, and quietly endured the urge to say this.

The girl pulled the brim of her cap. Her fingertips shone white and her enamel-white profile face looked more serious than before. She looked at her again, her red lips slightly raised in an arrogant arc. “We won’t be embarrassed, because I’m Zhui Guang.”

Backstage, in another lounge.

Jiang Xianrou sat on the only stool on the dressing table and fiddled with her manicure. She specially asked a manicurist to have her nails done the day before yesterday, just to match the high-order dress from SEVEN that she was going to wear on stage today.

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