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Chapter 1114: Doing So Sacrifices the Department’s Reputation

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“…” No one disagreed. After all, the result of the draw was too bad!

It was much worse than everyone anticipated!

Zhou Moyan didn’t expect that they would draw No. 6, just one number in front of the Clinical Department represented by Jiang Xianrou.

A rare look of self-reproach appeared on his handsome face, and his fingers pressed between his eyebrows. He looked at Qiao Nian and said, “Song Tian is right. We reported a solo dance. Why don’t you let her go alone? It’s better to have one less person.”

He behaved in a manner that reflected his good family background. He was cultured and his intentions were very reserved.

However, his meaning was still clear—it was better to have one less person embarrassing herself.

“Yes, Qiao Nian, don’t go.” Song Tian felt miserable. She would have to dance alone.

She would have to face everyone’s mockery alone if Qiao Nian didn’t go on stage with her.

However, she didn’t reveal a trace of her misery. At this moment, she tried hard to smile and persuade Qiao Nian. “It’s a solo dance, there’s not much difference between a CD and a live accompaniment. I think I dance pretty well now after a week of practicing. The result might not be as bad as we imagine? Qiao Nian, you don’t have to go on stage with me. I’ll tell the teacher to play the CD.”

Then, she stood up and was about to go backstage to find the teacher.

She was walking past Qiao Nian when a hand reached out to stop her.

Song Tian turned back to look at her in confusion and pursed her lips. “Qiao Nian, you…”

The girl was still wearing a peaked cap. The black eyes under the cap were looking at her beautifully and thoroughly. Looking a little frustrated, she let go of her hand and said lazily, “The song was adapted by us together, and your dance moves have also changed a lot. You’ll go wrong with the original song; at least, you won’t be able to hit the tune where it was adapted.”

Song Tian’s eyes turned slightly red and tears welled in her eyes. However, refusing to let Qiao Nian see her discomfort, she turned away and raised her hand to wipe her eyes stubbornly. She turned back to Qiao Nian with red eyes and smiled forcefully. “It’s alright! I learned dancing. It’s fine if the tune is a little different. I’ll adjust it on stage at the last minute.”

Song Tian made up her mind and bit her lip. “If it really doesn’t work, so be it! I’m not a professional dancer. So what if I make a mistake? It won’t affect my graduation!”

What she meant was that she would take all the blame!

Zhou Moyan was originally nonchalant about this performance. He only participated because he was part of the department.

At this moment, however, he took a deep look at Song Tian, as if he was seeing the fragile-looking little girl for the first time. He crossed his arms and was silent for a moment before saying, “I’ll go find the CD.”

Song Tian turned to him and smiled gratefully.

“You want Zhui Guang’s CD, right?”

Song Tian nodded. “Yes!”

She had indeed learned a few years of dancing and could adjust her dance moves accordingly on stage. However, she was not a professional dancer, after all. It would be a fantasy for her to compose a new dance half an hour before she went on stage.

She was aware that she didn’t have the ability yet.

She could only bite the bullet and follow Zhui Guang’s CD.

“Got it.” Zhou Moyan nodded and went to find the CD.

The others from the Chinese Medicine Faculty didn’t say anything, but Yin Wenzhi wanted to say something. She thought it was better for Song Tian to go alone than to have two of them. At least, doing so could protect Qiao Nian’s face. However, this also meant Song Tian was sacrificing the department’s reputation.

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