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Chapter 1113: Results of the Draw, One After the Other

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“Zhou Moyan has gone to draw lots. What if we’re the first few to perform and she can’t make it here in time?”

Yin Wenzhi didn’t listen to her words and continued with a cold face while shaking her hands, “We’ve already collided with other people’s songs. It’ll only make things worse if we’re also late.”

No one from the Chinese Medicine Faculty spoke.

Song Tian wanted to defend Qiao Nian, but she didn’t want to quarrel with her companions, or she would be laughed at by others.

She endured it, but she couldn’t help but feel sorry for Qiao Nian.

After all, no one from the department was willing to perform with her, and she and Qiao Nian only came forward to win glory for the department.

They didn’t want such a thing to happen, either.

It was the track she had chosen by herself at the beginning, but it was the same as the performance track of the Clinical Department. She could accept it if Yin Wenzhi and the others blamed her.

She was the one who chose the song, after all.

It did have a bad impact on the department even if it was an unintentional loss.

But Qiao Nian was not in the wrong, how could Yin Wenzhi get angry and vent her anger on her?

Not wanting to talk anymore, she pursed her lips and sat on the stool of the dressing table.

Yin Wenzhi realized that she had gone a bit too far, but she couldn’t put her pride down to apologize and felt aggrieved upon seeing Song Tian ignoring her and sitting with her back to her side.

The door opened at this moment.

Qiao Nian entered. She still wore the same clothes as usual, very casual, with a big bag on her shoulders, but her aura was stronger than the bag.

The backstage lounge seemed reinvigorated as soon as she came in. Everyone seemed to have found their backbone, and their faces changed slightly.

“Qiao Nian.”

“Qiao Nian.”

A few people greeted her.

Song Tian even stood up and looked at her excitedly.

Huh? What was happening?

Qiao Nian raised her eyebrows, found a place to put down the electronic keyboard she brought, took a bottle of mineral water provided, unscrewed it, and leaned there. She then asked casually, “Why are you looking at me? What happened?”

Yin Wenzhi saw her sloppy temperament and felt a little uncomfortable. She didn’t answer Qiao Nian when she thought about their predicament.

She didn’t speak, but Song Tian told Qiao Nian the ins and outs of the matter. The corners of her eyes were a little red. She didn’t want Qiao Nian to see her vulnerable side, so she turned her face and raised her hand to cover her eyes.

“… That’s what happened.”

She felt most guilty towards Qiao Nian for this incident. After all, people like Yin Wenzhi would not go onstage with her.

Only Qiao Nian wanted to go up with her to face the shameful moment.

And because of her song selection, Qiao Nian also had to perform the same song as Jiang Xianrou!

“Qiao Nian, I’m sorry.”

The two people who went to draw lots with Zhou Moyan came back just as she finished speaking.

Yin Wenzhi stood upright and immediately asked when she saw them, “How was the drawing of the lots?”

There might be time to change the song if they were performing later on.

“Not good.” Zhou Moyan shook his head. His expression was solemn as he looked at everyone very seriously. “We’re No. 6. The Clinical Department is ahead of us, No. 5.”

Right after Jiang Xianrou’s performance was their performance? Wasn’t this causing trouble?

They were too unlucky!

Song Tian couldn’t bear it and said through gritted teeth, “Why don’t I tell the teacher-in-charge that you’re not going onstage? I’ll ask them to play the CD. Anyways, we’re dancing individually, and there’s no requirement for a one-on-one accompaniment.”

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