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Chapter 1112: Just Found Out About the Crash

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If Jiang Xianrou was Zhui Guang, and Jiang Li was coming, then the Chinese Medicine Faculty would be embarrassing themselves today!

Zhou Yang looked at the front row and pouted. He lowered his voice and said, “The people from the Ministry of Culture are also here. It’s said that Tian Chen will also come for the school anniversary this time. The first-place department will be able to obtain Tian Chen Corporation’s sponsorship when the time comes.”

“Tian Chen?” Stunned, Fu Ge’s back suddenly straightened.

Tian Chen had a complicated background. It was said that an illegal zone in Beijing was very famous in the country and abroad. Those who could enter Tian Chen must be the elite of the elite. He also wanted to enter Tian Chen after graduation.

There was no other reason.

If he could be valued by Tian Chen, the Fu family would at least have the confidence to move from the city to the capital, rather than the tendency to gradually decline in Rao City like now…

Why would the people from Tian Chen participate in Qing University’s opening ceremony?

Tian Chen was known for being arrogant.

Only the students of famous schools knelt down to flatter Tian Chen. When had Tian Chen ever given the schools face? Even though Qing University was a hundred-year-old school, they had never seen Tian Chen especially come to participate in the school anniversary.

Zhou Yang’s family was ordinary, and he was admitted to Qing University simply by grades. He didn’t know much about the detours of the upper class.

He only knew that Tian Chen Corporation was very impressive.

As for their background, he did not know anything. Because of that, his tone was more relaxed and casual. “Yes, it’s Tian Chen. I didn’t hear that they were coming before. They seemed to have sent someone over at the last minute.”

“…” Fu Ge was still frowning, trying hard to think of why Tian Chen would come.

Zhou Yang said, “Tsk, the backstage is in an uproar. Many departments regret not preparing for the school anniversary performance this time. Won’t they soar into the sky if Tian Chen takes a fancy to someone?!”

He felt sorry for Qiao Nian after he finished speaking and said with emotion, “It’s a pity. It seems that the Clinical Department and Jiang Xianrou are going to steal the limelight this time.”


The people from the Chinese Medicine Faculty just found out that their performance collided with Jiang Xianrou’s from the Clinical Department.

The atmosphere was quite heavy.

“What do we do now? It’s too late to change the song.”

“I heard from people outside that the people from the Ministry of Culture have also come, and the people from the TV stations… Almost all the school leaders are attending the ceremony, and the reporters are outside.”

Song Tian had just finished putting on her makeup. Covering her face, tears welled in her eyes as she apologized reproachfully. “I’m sorry, it’s all because of me. I chose the song. I didn’t know… I didn’t know that Sister Jiang also chose it. It’s all my fault for choosing this song.”

She had never expected to choose the same song as Jiang Xianrou.

Wasn’t this a public execution?!

Everyone was silent and didn’t know how to comfort her, mainly because they were in a bad mood, and no one could comfort her.

Song Tian represented the Chinese Medicine Faculty.

Song Tian and Qiao Nian’s embarrassment on stage was equivalent to their Chinese Medicine Faculty’s embarrassment on stage. This was something no one wanted to see!

Yin Wenzhi was still wearing the cotton shirt and skirt she wore last time for dinner. She was tall and cold. She pinched her fingertips, her palms sweating, feeling a little annoyed and uncomfortable. She blamed Song Tian. As if remembering something, she bit her lip and whispered, “By the way, what about Qiao Nian? Why hasn’t she come yet?”

Her tone unconsciously carried a trace of anger.

“Why didn’t she come earlier when she’s going to perform on stage?”

Song Tian was very uncomfortable and did not forget to defend Qiao Nian. “She’s on her way. We rehearsed too late yesterday. She went back after ten o’clock. It’s normal that she couldn’t get up in the morning.”

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