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Chapter 1111: Qiao Nian Will Probably Be Embarrassed Today

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His eyes flashed with a hint of mockery when Zhou Yang said that the Chinese Medicine Faculty’s performance this year was a solo dance.

However, it was not appropriate for him to show his mockery too explicitly with Wen Ziyu present. He simply turned his head away and looked elsewhere.

Many people were already sitting in the front row when they entered. The seats in front were basically all taken up.

However, Wen Ziyu had already made preparations and even found someone to help him reserve a few seats.

Only then could the few people from their room 3306 sit in the fourth row near the front.

Fu Ge automatically sat in the seat furthest from Wen Ziyu. He looked over and saw Liang Conglin, Shen Yugui, Liang Lu, Cheng Wu, and the others in the front row.

Several department heads were present.

Nie Mi was sitting in the first row in addition to these people.

He was wearing a Chinese tunic suit today and holding a thermos flask filled with swill. He looked extremely energetic.

There was someone else at his side.

It was a young man.

Fu Ge could only see his back from afar. He could vaguely tell that he was dressed in casual clothes. His hair was combed back, revealing his clear and handsome side profile. The bridge of his nose and the side of his face seemed to be covered in a layer of porcelain under the light.

There was also a bracelet on the man’s wrist. It was a string of Buddhist beads, which greatly softened the aggression he gave off.

He looked like a Buddhist.

Fu Ge recognized the man by his back alone—Ye Wangchuan.

He had been in Beijing for so long and had been with Wen Ziyu for a long time. Only now did he have a preliminary understanding of the situation.

Putting aside the older generation of the three major families, Master Wang of the Ye family was the only one who was active in the circle.

He was even more powerful than Qiao Chen’s uncle, Shen Jingyan.

This time, Qiao Chen was in jail not because she had offended Qiao Nian, but because she had offended the person behind her.

Therefore, the Shen family and Shen Jingyan were unable to save Qiao Chen even after they ran about for more than half a month trying to get help.

It could be seen how powerful Young Master Ye was in Beijing.

At this thought, Fu Ge pursed his thin lips and looked away, afraid that the other party would notice if he looked at him too long.

On one hand, he was angry and distracted. In his daze, he seemed to hear Zhou Yang talking to Wen Ziyu.

“Damn, what’s going on? A junior I know told me that the people from the Chinese Medicine Faculty only just learned that Jiang Xianrou chose the same song as them. Now the backstage is in chaos and the people from the Chinese Medicine Faculty are all stunned.

“They’re already about to go on stage. It’s definitely too late to change it now. Wouldn’t your goddess…”

Fu Ge’s mind was pulled back. Also confused by the situation, he couldn’t help but say, “You mean Jiang Xianrou and Qiao Nian…”

Zhou Yang turned his head and said, “Ah, they chose the same performance track—Zhui Guang’s ‘Nirvana’.”

Fu Ge was silent for a long time. He had mixed feelings.

Zhou Yang did not expect this to happen, either. He smacked his lips and said regretfully, “We’ll just have to see the sequence of the performances. If they do clash, then Qiao Nian will probably… be embarrassed today!”

He did not mention that when he went online, he saw many people guessing that Jiang Xianrou was Zhui Guang.

This was because Zhui Guang had publicly admitted on Weibo that Jiang Li was her brother.

It could be seen from the video that Zhui Guang was a young girl… With all this information put together, the possibility that Jiang Xianrou was Zhui Guang was very high.

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