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Chapter 1110: Reporters Are Here

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On August 30, the weather in Beijing was clear and cloudless.

The opening ceremony was held in the General Hall of Qing University. Early in the morning, all kinds of luxury cars with Beijing license plates drove into the campus.

Compared to these luxury cars that easily cost millions, some domestic cars that looked low-key and ordinary were actually more eye-catching. For those cars, the license plates were always a nice number, either with repeated digits or single digits. No matter how much the car itself was worth, ordinary people were definitely not qualified to drive such cars in the first place.

Liang Conglin led Qing University’s team to receive the guests at the hall’s entrance.

Some of the media would also come in addition to the elite from all walks of life to attend the school’s annual opening ceremony.

However, the century-old academy’s anniversary was different from ordinary entertainment industry banquets. Most of the media outlets that could obtain the interview qualifications had some official background. In any case, ordinary entertainment tabloids were definitely not qualified to participate.

Wen Ziyu left early. The people from Dorm 3306 went with him. Fu Ge was also present and followed him.

They were all straightforward boys. Yes, they still fought, but it was different from girls pulling each other’s hair. Once the fight was over, none of them wanted to make things difficult for each other or cause a petty commotion.

“Young Master Wen.” Zhou Yang walked over quickly and put an arm around Wen Ziyu’s shoulder. He smiled and winked. “I heard that your goddess is also going on stage today. Don’t tell me you’re doing this for… Mm? Your Goddess Qiao got us up early in the morning to snatch a spot?”

Wen Ziyu’s face turned red from his teasing. He kicked him and said angrily, “Why are you talking so much nonsense? Can’t I support the school’s anniversary as a member of Qing University?”

Zhou Yang laughed and twisted his waist to avoid his kick. He looked at him with a knowing expression.

The Internet was already saying that Jiang Li was coming for this year’s school anniversary. As a top celebrity, he had a lot of fans among the girls of Qing University.

There was no shortage of spectators for this year’s school anniversary.

Many girls had posted on the school forum to get up early to grab seats so that they could enter the venue.

Young Master Wen was not interested in the previous school celebrations at all. He would miss them every year.

He had been up since eight this morning, washing his hair and trying different clothes. He had made himself look so glamorous. He had called them out early in the morning because he was afraid that they would not be able to get a seat and would miss his goddess’ performance on stage…

Wen Ziyu was eyeing Qiao Nian. Everyone in the dormitory knew about this “secret”.

“I heard that the Chinese Medicine Faculty is performing a solo dance this year. I wonder what kind of dance it is.” Zhou Yang tilted his head.

“Who knows.” Wen Ziyu was distracted and not very interested in it. “We’ll know when we see it.”

Zhou Yang’s lips twitched upon seeing that he was in a daze, but his spirits were not dampened. In the end, he did not tell him that the Clinical Department was coming aggressively this year. Jiang Xianrou also had to come up with a dance. It would be embarrassing if they collided and his goddess failed on the spot!

Fu Ge was wearing casual clothes today. He wore a blue striped shirt over a white T-shirt, and his black pants looked especially refreshing and handsome.

However, the gloominess between his brows weakened the refreshing feeling he gave off. Instead, it made people not want to get close to him.

He did not speak the entire time as Wen Ziyu and Zhou Yang discussed the school’s anniversary celebration. He just followed them with a cold face with his hands in his pockets.

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