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Chapter 1103: It’s Not Too Late to Regret Now

Jiang Li leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes to rest for a while before opening them again. Then, he looked at the message on his phone again and was speechless for a long time.

[QN: The Chinese Medicine Faculty is going to participate in the opening ceremony. What’s wrong?]

He was speechless for a long time after looking at Qiao Nian’s reply.

He pursed his thin lips and sent another message to Jiang Xianrou—[It’s not too late for you to regret it now.]

Jiang Xianrou lost her appetite after Jiang Li left. She hurriedly ate a few mouthfuls of rice and said to Jiang Zongnan and Tang Wanru, “Dad, Mom, I’m full. I’ll go upstairs first.”

Tang Wanru said to her worriedly upon seeing that the rice in her bowl was basically untouched, “Xianrou, how can you only eat this little?”

“I’m full. You both can continue eating slowly.” Jiang Xianrou’s face was pale. She pinched her knuckles and forced herself to respond to them, pretending that nothing had happened.

Then, she returned to her room with a heavy heart without waiting for Tang Wanru to speak.

Her room was on the second floor. It was the best room in the villa other than Tang Wanru and Jiang Zongnan’s master bedroom.

It had good lighting and a large floor area.

Moreover, it was furnished in a European style according to Jiang Xianrou’s preferences.

In the bedroom, other than a large Simmons soft bed, there was also a walk-in wardrobe made especially for her clothes. The wardrobe was filled with all kinds of branded shoes and bags. She had so many clothes that she couldn’t finish wearing them…

Jiang Xianrou closed the door of the room and sat on the stool of the dressing table in frustration. She opened the drawer and took out a facial mask.

The cell phone she had thrown on the table in passing dinged.

Jiang Xianrou put the mask back, got up, took the cell phone, and unlocked it.

It was a message from Jiang Li.

She still did not look happy.

However, she calmed down a little when she saw that it was Jiang Li’s message. She lowered her eyelashes and tapped into the notification.

Her expression suddenly changed as if she had been slapped as soon as she read the message. Her expression was extremely ugly!

[It’s not too late for you to regret it.]

Jiang Xianrou thought that she was seeing things at first. She looked at Jiang Li’s message again. It was still the same sentence, full of warning.

She read it word by word and was almost angered to death. But instead, Jiang Xianrou smiled.

She stared at her cell phone, unable to understand what was wrong with Jiang Li to send her such a message.

It wasn’t too late for her to regret it?

Why should she regret it? Why would she?

Jiang Xianrou was so angry that her head hurt. She threw her phone on the dressing table and supported her temple with her hand, trying her best to calm down.

However, her expression did not look good when she thought of how Jiang Li came back to quarrel with her today, and also the message she had just received.

She didn’t know how much time had passed when the cell phone she had tossed on the dressing table rang. Someone was calling.

She was in a bad mood and did not intend to answer the call. But she saw that the caller ID was Zhao Ruoqi from the corner of her eye, the junior from the Clinical Department.

Fighting down her annoyance, she got up and headed for the balcony with her cell phone in hand.


Jiang Xianrou was disinterested, so her tone was naturally not any better. “What’s the matter?”

However, Zhao Ruoqi did not seem to notice it as she said excitedly, “Senior Xianrou, do you know what song the Chinese Medicine Faculty chose for the opening ceremony this time?”

Jiang Xianrou was annoyed when she heard the words “Chinese Medicine Faculty”!

She frowned and ignored it, saying as patiently as she could manage, “What song?”

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