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Chapter 1061: Miss Qiao, Someone Is Looking For You

She would more or less be affected by this matter when she returned to Beijing. At the very least, she would not be able to stand proudly in front of her colleagues and the principal.

She really did not expect Qiao Nian to be so capable. A friend had come and had even arranged a place for them to stay. He had even gotten the vice president of the IT Association to personally come to retrieve the information…

She was already regretting listening to Liang Lu and being so hostile towards Qiao Nian.

Initially, she was in the research field. The grudges between the Clinical Department and the Chinese Medicine Faculty had nothing to do with her. It was purely because she had heard Liang Lu say that Qiao Nian’s character was bad, that she didn’t respect her teachers, and so on, that she stood up for her friend and kept targeting the latter.

Now, her face was swollen from the slap.

In the eyes of others, she had become a teacher who could not tolerate students.

Tian Jing was asking her about Qiao Nian’s background.

She looked up and saw someone walking over from the elevator. It was a man and a woman. She didn’t know the woman, but she had vaguely seen the middle-aged man in the newspaper in the finance section.

She waited for the two of them to approach.

Tian Jing recognized him at a glance—the CEO of Hengfeng Corporation??

Why were they here?

She didn’t even hear what Liang Lu was saying to her on the other end of the phone. Her head was buzzing and she was dizzy. She watched as Qi Rongguang brushed past her and went straight to Room 3306. At the door, he tidied the buttons of his suit and turned to remind the girl beside him, who looked somewhat like him. “Talk nicely when you see them later. Put away your usual temper and don’t offend them. We can’t afford to offend the people inside, understand?”

Hengfeng Corporation was considered a leading corporation in the IT world. It was also one of the top 500 companies globally. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have dared to pressure the IT Association over a chip technology and insisted on pinning the blame of academic theft on the school’s scientific research team.

Such a person was actually standing outside Room 3306, saying that Qiao Nian was someone they could not afford to offend.

Tian Jing was dumbfounded.

She stood rooted to the ground in a daze, her hands by her sides, then hung up on Liang Lu in frustration.

Who exactly was this freshman from the Chinese Medicine Faculty??

Up until now, the people around her had already surpassed her decades of understanding!

Qiao Nian?

Wasn’t she from Rao City?

Room 3306.

Luo Qing and the others were still asking Qiao Nian about the chip when the doorbell suddenly rang.

Gu San came out with a few cups of tea and placed one in front of everyone. He put down the tray and, without stopping, walked towards the door. “Who is it? I’ll go open the door.”

The door opened.

Qi Rongguang and he were stunned.

Qi Rongguang did not expect the person staying in this room to be so young, while Gu San was surprised to see Qi Lanyin.

At that time, he, Qin Si, Zhang Yang, and a few others had gone to watch the medical competition. He had a deep impression of Qi Lanyin’s arrogance and domineeringness.

Of course, he also remembered that in the end, Qi Lanyin’s face was smashed by Qiao Nian. She was so angry that her face and neck were red. She followed Master Carlos with a dark face, looking like a sore loser.

Qi Rongguang did not know this.

He looked inside curiously and restrained his gaze. He asked politely, “Hello, are you Qiao…”

The hotel registration information was very strange. There was no information about the person who checked in. There was only the surname ‘Qiao’, and even the gender was not registered.

It was very mysterious.

It wasn’t the style of Jin Chen Hotel at all.

Therefore, he wasn’t sure if the young man in front of him was the person he was looking for.

Hearing him say ‘Qiao’, Gu San immediately turned around and called out to the person inside, “Miss Qiao, someone is looking for you.”

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