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Chapter 1058: Five Men Squeezed Together on a Couch

Her first reaction was to deny it. “Dad, you must be wrong! How could Sun appear? ‘He’ has always been mysterious and never shows ‘himself’. I can believe it if you’re talking about Guan Yan and Daji. Sun… I’ve never heard of this before.”

Sun was in Jin Chen? If this news spread, the doors of Jin Chen Hotel would be broken down. How could there be no news beforehand?

Qi Rongguang’s voice was low, and it was obvious that he was not in a good mood. He didn’t explain too much and just said in a low voice, “I just received the news too!”


Qi Lanyin was about to say something when she was interrupted forcefully by the other end of the phone. “Don’t ‘but’ anymore. There aren’t so many ‘buts’. Hurry up and come with me to Room 3306 for a visit. We’ll know if it’s Sun after we take a look!”

Qi Lanyin looked up.

The piano solo in the banquet hall had been replaced by a gentle violin tune. The strings were plucked and trembled slightly. Every note was elegant and moving.

The banquet had just begun, and many people from the IT world had arrived.

There were still many people she had not had time to say hello to.

Qi Lanyin bit her red lips and looked around the banquet hall again, trying to see if she could still spot the back view she had seen earlier.


She looked around but did not see anyone.

She silently retracted her gaze.

She strode out and said to the man on the other end of the phone in a low voice, “Dad, where are you? I’ll look for you immediately.”

“The lobby.”

She nodded and left the lively banquet hall, turning a corner and walking towards the elevator.

In the suite of 3306.

Qiao Nian had no idea that someone was looking for her.

When she returned to her room, she took off her baseball cap and placed it on the coffee table. She then took out a bottle of water from the fridge.

Her snow-white hand was on the glass bottle. She was about to unscrew the cap.

She paused again and looked at the people sitting in a row on the sofa in the living room. “Who wants water?”

In the living room, other than Gu San and Qin Si, Luo Qing and Chen Zhu also came down.

The few of them seemed to be in the illegal zone together. However, Ye Wangchuan only brought Qin Si and Gu San to the banquet tonight.

Qin Si had just called Luo Qing. Luo Qing put down what he was doing and rushed down with Chen Zhu.

The five men were sitting in the living room.

The suite was not as big as the presidential suite, but the living room was spacious. But with the five men sitting on the L-shaped leather couch, it actually looked slightly crammed.

Just slightly crammed.


And none of the five of them spoke.

Other than Ye Wangchuan, who was still as calm as ever and replying to messages on his cell phone, the other four people clearly looked at each other, not knowing how to break the awkward atmosphere in the room.

Qiao Nian asked a question, but no one answered.

She raised the water bottle again, revealing a snow-white wrist under the sleeve of her sweater. She patiently asked again, “Neither of you is thirsty? Are you sure you don’t want a drink?”

Forget it if they didn’t want to drink.

She only took her own bottle.

Luo Qing and Chen Zhu rushed down when they received the call. When they entered the room, they saw that Qiao Nian was really in the illegal district and was staying in the same hotel as them.

Neither of them had regained their senses.

Their minds were in a mess.

How could they still be thirsty and want a drink?

Gu San reacted quickly. He got up and ran over. “Miss Qiao, let me do it. Go over and sit first. I’ll make tea. Do you have tea leaves here?”

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