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Chapter 692 - Red Dragon Pet

Apparently, Andros was not a location's name. It was actually the name of the Spider God. According to legend, the ancestors of this Spider Men had followed the God of Light long during the ancient times. Because the ancestor managed to perform exceptionally meritorious services for the God of Light, he was gifted with a part of the Divinity of the Gods.

When the great war among gods had ended, the gods had fallen one after another. Andros hid himself in the Spider Kingdom and lived a quiet life ever since. Of course, this location was not named as the Spider Kingdom when he first arrived. Well, this Spider 'Brother' could not stand the loneliness for long. So he 'shot' his 'junk' into a few female spiders.

Well, one female spider could lay many eggs at a time. Not long after that, a large army of spiders spawned into being, to conquer this land. They worshipped Andros like a god ever since. They even built many temples to enshrine him.

The number of temples built was so abundant that every 'village' that had Spider Men in it would come to know the existence of the Temple of Andros. The only difference between these temples were their sizes.

Zhang Yang and his gang understood that even though this land belonged to the spiders, but there were also factions among themselves. For instance, the spiders with human faces were the existence of the highest class among all of their kind. They had evolved so much that they attained intelligence just like humans. On the other hand, gigantic spiders and other kind of spiders only had the instincts of beasts. They were just like gorillas and monkeys.

Therefore, gigantic spiders and the other type of spiders did not just attack the beasts, they also treated the Spider Men the same, hunting them down as food!

Upon leaving the forest the sky was still covered with spider webs. Zhang Yang and his gang could only travel on foot like how they came into the map. After traveling on foot for over half an hour, they saw a white temple within their sights.

That was the Temple of Andros.

After talking a bunch of crap with the Priests of the temple, Zhang Yang and his gang activated a new Reputation Meter --- Spider Kingdom. They were all deemed as Neutral for the moment. However, Zhang Yang and his gang were slightly disappointed after they took a look at the items being sold at the Reputation Shop by the temple.

It was not because everything was useless. It was because the items being sold were not as valuable as they thought they would be. For instance, the Recipe of [Level 6 Healing Potion] that Zhang Yang had an eye for requires his Reputation to be 'Admired' before he could buy the recipe. However, Zhang Yang remembered that this was not the only way of getting this recipe. He remembered seeing someone selling the potions in the Auction House in his previous life.

Polishing up 'Reputation' for a recipe that is not even 'exclusive' would not be worth the trouble and time. Everyone knew that building up Reputations would really be tiring and boring. No one would have done it if the Reputation Meter could not allow players to purchase certain rare and special items only.

Most importantly, Zhang Yang and his gang had no idea what kind of 'sequel' would they be triggering, upon completing the quest - 'Super Urgent News'. Would it even be worth their time and effort? The Priest at the temple had said it himself. They would send a few believers who were deemed to be the most sincere among them all over to the sacred location.

In this game, the most sincere hearts means the highest Reputation. Meanwhile, that sacred location should be the place where Andros was currently residing. Of course, the believers could only worship Andros from afar. However, Zhang Yang only needed to know exactly where Andros would be in order to complete the quest.

Unfortunately, only Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu, Han Ying Xue, Wei Yan Er and Daffodil Daydream had the quest 'Super Urgent News'. This quest was not sharable to the others. Fatty Han and the rest of the party who did not have the quest decided to grind their levels somewhere else.

In such circumstances, Fatty Han would say Zhang Yang and the 4 ladies were having a 5P while everyone else is gone. Of course, he had to say that in front of the ladies. Well, he paid the price of being beaten up by the ladies for saying such demeaning words. By the time the ladies were done with him, his face was so swollen that he looked like a pig.

Since that there were no dungeons or bosses to slay, grinding anywhere else would be the same. Furthermore, this map was very suitable for players to grind their levels, mainly because there were only a few people on this map. So, they would not have to compete against each other in killing monsters.

Zhang Yang and the 4 ladies began to camp on the map and ran errands to boost their Reputations. The quests for boosting Reputation were quite simple and straightforward. For example, they only had to kill tens of specific beasts.

While the quests were easy, naturally, the Reputation Points rewarded were not abundant either. In two days, the 5 of them only managed to elevate their Reputation up to 'Friendly'. They still had a long way ahead, before they even get themselves eligible to purchase the Recipe. So, it would take even more effort before they become 'the most sincere believers'.

Zhang Yang did not mind actually. He could have 4 pretty ladies to keep him accompanied. So it would not be boring for him at all, even if he is doing the same thing repeatedly. Furthermore, Han Ying Xue kept pulling Wei Yan Er's leg from time to time. Sometimes, the little brat was so annoyed that she began to scream and shout like a little b*tch. The atmosphere was never dull.

"Zhang Yang, I, I… I… I…. I ---" Just when they five of them were slaying monsters, Hundred Shots's voice suddenly came across the party channel. His voice was filled with joy and excitement.

Zhang Yang could not help but laugh. Then he asked, "Uncle Hundred Shots, are you going to become a dad for the second time?"

"Yea… no! Argh! I've got a new baby!" Hundred Shots began to lose his words, or perhaps, his mind as well!

"Huh? Uncle Hundred Shots, didn't your wife just give birth to a baby last November? So how ---"

"Wah! Uncle Hundred Shots! You're so bad! How could you secretly keep a mistress from your wife!?"

"Looks are deceiving! Look at him! Uncle Hundred Shots looks so honest and decent! I can't believe he would actually keep a secret mistress!"

"Haih… men will go bad when they're rich… The truth is always that painful!"

"Pui! I was wrong about you, uncle Hundred Shots!"

"No! No!" Hundred Shots quickly explained himself, "I'm not having a baby girl or baby boy in real life! I'm having a baby pet for Hunters!"


Everyone sighed. Should he be so happy and excited over a new baby pet?

Zhang Yang suddenly felt a rush in his chest. Could it be, that Hundred Shot had just acquired a Red Dragon Pet like he did in his previous life? He could not hold his smile in anymore. He joked and said, "Uncle Hundred Shots, don't tell me you got a Dragon pet! That would be even luckier than having a bird sh*t on you!"

"Huh? How did you … You got it right!" Hundred Shot staggered for a while before he continued to talk, "I passed by a godforsaken jungle. Then I saw two monsters battling against each other. The mountains and the ground shook so heavily that I was sent flying and I fell into a cave! When I tried to get up on my feet, I saw a Dragon egg right beside me. After I took it up, it hatched and a red baby dragon came out of it!"

"A Dragon pet!"

Everyone was surprised. An accidental fall that could lead a person to a Red Dragon Pet? That is even better than a beginner's luck if you ask me!

Zhang Yang laughed out loud. No wonder Hundred Shots did not reveal any details on how he got his Red Dragon Pet in Zhang Yang's previous life. It seemed that his luck was too good to be true when he got his Red Dragon Pet. Maybe, people would laugh so hard that they might lose some teeth if they ever knew about the truth behind it.

However, it was very fortunate for Zhang Yang as well. Although he had stirred up the butterfly effect a little, things that were not supposed to happen did not happen at all. For instance, Sun Xin Yu did get her Shadow Striker Inheritance and Hundred Shots had also acquired his Red Dragon pet. Zhang Yang had finally feel relieved after all this while.

The Red Dragon pet and the Phoenix pet were basically the same. Their Tiers would automatically improve as their levels increase. However, now the Red Dragon pet was only Level 0. No one could see the Skill Descriptions for the Red Dragon just yet. Therefore, Hundred Shots immediately took his Red Dragon pet out and went to grind its level up. In a few days time, Lone Desert Smoke would get another super powerful Hunter!

The amount of Experience Point that a pet needed to level up was far lesser than the amount of Experience Point that players required to level up. So, Hundred Shots managed to level up his Red Dragon pet up to Level 146. The power of the Red Dragon pet was beginning to show its form. It was amazing!

The Red Dragon pet was also similar to the Phoenix pet in the regard of their attacks and Skills. The Red Dragon pet only had {Dragon Breath} that could only attack one target at a time. However, the attack could also be spread out widely. This Red Dragon pet was a godlike pet that could do rare 'Normal Attacks' which could bring out the effect of AoE attack! The most impressive part of this pet was that its {Dragon Breath} could cause Chaos Damage to the targets. It was slightly more powerful than the Phoenix pet, in this sense.

The Fire Damage of the Phoenix pet could be reduced with a Fire Resistance attribute. However, there was no way that the Chaos Damage would be reduced in anyway or form.

If they are going to challenge bosses that are more than 20 levels higher than them, the existence of this Red Dragon pet could be one of the most powerful supporters that they could ever have!

Furthermore, upon reaching Level 100, the Red Dragon pet had also acquired the {Godly Dragon Transformation} which was as powerful as a Class B Inheritance Transformation Skill. That Skill could boost its Maximum HP, Attack and Defence as well. Although the Phoenix pet also had a Transformation Skill that was as powerful as a Class B Inheritance Transformation Skill, the Phoenix pet would lose out because of its Fire Attack attribute. Therefore, it would be slightly weaker compared to the Red Dragon pet.

Although the Phoenix pet had {Reborn from the Ashes}, it could no longer activate its Transformation Skill upon its resurrection through the activation {Reborn from the Ashes}. Well, no matter how powerful a pet without a Transformation Skill gets, there would still be a limit there.

Initially, Hundred Shots already had a Class B Inheritance. Now that he had acquired a Red Dragon pet which also has the capability of activating a Transformation Skill that is as powerful as a Class B Inheritance Transformation Skill, Hundred Shot basically got a super boost to his strength and attributes. When he and his pet activate their Transformation Skills at the same instant, their power level should be able to triumph over the power level of a player with Class A Inheritance while having his or her Transformation Skill activated. Hundred Shots and his Red Dragon pet might even be able to match the power level of a player with Class S Inheritance while having his or her Transformation Skill activated!

Fatty Han might not be able to match Hourglass Figure. However, when two legendary Hunters join hands together in a battle, they should become the best line-up of Hunters in the entire 'God's Miracle'! Sun Xin Yu had dominated the title of number one Thief all by herself. Han Ying Xue had also dominated the number one Priest title with her Milkmaid Deity Inheritance. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang was undoubtedly the champion among all Warriors. The top players of Lone Desert Smoke were basically so powerful that most of the players might lose their minds if they ever encounter them!

Meanwhile, during the next few days, someone in the guild had finally met that mysterious guildmaster of the Eternal Flame, Dragon Marquis.

That guild member of Lone Desert Smoke ran into Dragon Marquis while he was grinding his level. Of course, he was not alone. There were at least hundreds of players escorting him while aiding him in grinding his levels up. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang had finally knew the reason why Dragon Marquis was acting secretly. It was not because he wanted to stay low profile, it was because his level was too low! Currently, he was just Level 78!

However, if a person is influential enough, he could form a large group of players to aid him in grinding his level up. They could just lure and weaken the monsters for that person. When the monsters are almost dead, the person would just have to give the monsters a final strike to earn 50% of the total Experience Points as the one who finished the monsters. Such tactic could also be applied to Level 140 players who would want to grind their levels as well They could also let a bunch of Level 120 players do it for them. The efficiency would not be great in such a way. However, that efficiency would still be much better than the grinding efficiency of a player who would sacrifice all his time - including his sleeping time to grind his level!

So, when a bunch of Level 130 and Level 140 players are aiding a Level 80 player, his grinding efficiency would rocket through the roof!

According to the guild member, Dragon Marquis could actually level up once every two hours. That grinding efficiency was a little too scary to be true.

Actually, if Zhang Yang was willing to do it, he could have all of his high Tier guild members aiding him in grinding his levels. Furthermore, the current strength of the Lone Desert Smoke would definitely be able to boost the grinding efficiency to a level that no other guild could attain! However, it was not necessary to waste time doing that. He was currently the Number One on the World Leaderboard. Even if he hits the Level Cap of Level 300, what would be the point then? Looking down at the other players from the top, all alone would be extremely boring!

It was also fortunate that Dragon Marquis could not enter the Chaos Realm yet, because he had not reached level 100 just yet. Or else, he would be leveling up at an even more insane rate. That is possible, because the monsters in Chaos Realm were much higher in levels, so he could obtain even more Experience Points with the aid of his guild members.

Well, it would just be a matter of time, before that guildmaster of Eternal Flame would also make it into the Chaos Realm. He might even make it up to the world ranking leaderboard, soon enough! However, it would become even harder to climb on the leaderboard when your level gets higher. Well, you would get lesser help from the other players when your level becomes much higher than theirs.

Furthermore, the players that made it up on the world ranking leaderboard were all experts at grinding their levels up. So their grinding efficiency would surely be much more efficient than all average players in the entire world. It would basically be impossible to rely on the help of many other players to grind with the aim of becoming number one on the world ranking leaderboard.

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