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Chapter 1442: Wang Yu Was Too Strong, Remove Pugilist

“Boom boom boom boom!”

Wherever Wang Yu’s sword went, a bunch of explosions could be seen and none of those hurt Wang Yu.

When Nephis regained her senses from the shock, Wang Yu was already less than three metres in front of her.

Under shock, Nephis hurriedly thrust her sword forward at Wang Yu.

The short sword in Wang Yu’s left hand moved to block Nephis’s long sword as he pierced the long sword in his right through Nephis’ towering chest.


The sword pierced through Nephis’ body and came out from her back.


A damage number floated up.

Relative to Nephis’ incredibly long HP bar, twenty thousand HP was nothing but the place where Wang Yu pierced his sword through was unacceptable for Nephis.

A woman’s anger could be considered extremely terrifying.


Nephis shouted as she grabbed Wang Yu’s sword and pulled it out from her body. The sword in her right hand also swung towards Wang Yu at the same time.

A hardcore fighting style like that sent shivers down the spine of even an expert like Wang Yu.

After all, Nephis was a BOSS so she would merely lose a little HP. If he had a sword pierced through his chest by her, that would be an entirely different story…

At the last second, Wang Yu grabbed the sword, jumped up and aligned his body horizontally with the sword. At the same time, both of his feet kicked towards Nephis’ face.

Everyone knew that the force exerted corresponded mutually.

Nephis exerted incredible force when she pulled the sword out of her body so Wang Yu’s kicks were also firm and critical.

Nephis did not pay attention and was trembling after the kicks.

Wang Yu timed his attack perfectly and even executed [Thunder God’s Stomp] straight on Nephis’ face.

Nephis was already slightly off-balance from the first few kicks by Wang Yu while the [Thunder God’s Stomp] had a forceful knockback effect. This kick forced Nephis to release Wang Yu’s sword and move a few steps backwards. At that moment, she wasn’t balanced.

Wang Yu landed on the ground after retrieving his sword and without waiting for Nephis to regain her stability, Wang Yu jumped over Nephis’ head like an arrow as he squatted on Nephis’ shoulder.

Following which, Wang Yu’s left hand grabbed Nephis’ hair while he swung his sword across Nephis’ neck with tremendous force.



A sharp sword sliced across Nephis’ fair throat, causing incredibly high damage.

Everyone watching the fight from the screen started sweating.

Throat slit!!!

If this was a living person, the entire head would have fallen off.

To think that he was able to execute such vicious techniques… Just what kind of background did this guy have?

After having her throat slit, Nephis was certainly not going to let Wang Yu continue doing whatever he wanted. She extended her hand towards Wang Yu.


Wang Yu smiled as he jumped off Nephis’ shoulder and landed behind her. At the same time, he stomped on Nephis’ calf as he released her hair. Wang Yu hooked Nephis’ jaw from the back and executed [Savage Maul].

The jaw was one of the weakest spots of every living being. Nephis couldn’t even react as she was being pulled by a grappling skill like [Savage Maul]. She lay down flat on the ground after that.

Before Nephis could get back up, Wang Yu stomped yet again on Nephis’ chest as he held his sword with both hands and started thrusting it downwards a few times.

To keep a young player’s mind healthy, the game was never going to make a battle scene too bloody. While the actions by Wang Yu were not accompanied by a bloodbath, everything he did from the throat slit to this thrusting was extremely violent. It was so bad that it made the spectators slightly uncomfortable.

“Pfft! Pfft! Pfft!”

Everyone watching on couldn’t help but swallow their saliva when they saw how ruthless Wang Yu was…

Even Little Zhao never thought that a mighty God-grade BOSS like Nephis would be trampled on and humiliated so badly by a level 60 player.

Indeed, she was trampled on! A one-sided trample! The degree of misery made Nephis looked like one of the lousiest BOSS in history.

Was Pugilist really such a formidable job? They should probably remove it from the next version… The GM couldn’t help but have this thought as they watched on.

Poor Pugilists who were never able to lift their heads in a game like <> and the GMs were even planning to take them out in the next version… In fact, all the other players would have no idea where the hate for Pugilist stemmed from.

After Wang Yu closed in on Nephis, it was when the nightmare began.

In the screen, the pitiful Nephis was like the sandbag back in Wang Yu’s balcony at home. Being tossed around and struck in every possible part as her health decreased significantly.

Nephis tried to resist but every time she felt as though she was about to escape, Wang Yu’s grappling and control skills were always able to bring her back.

Wang Yu had no other choice too especially seeing how terrifying it could be once Nephis opened up her distance. So he was never going to allow her to break free from his control.

In terms of coordination, even a close-combat specialist like Level 200 Dales couldn’t do anything to Wang Yu. A long-range fighter like Nephis could forget about standing a chance against him.

After the relentless attacks from Wang Yu, Nephis gave up resisting like a pathetic worm awaiting her death.

The workers in the monitoring room watched on as the number of consecutive attacks increased and Nephis’ HP continued to decrease speedily. They simply watched on in silence…

They had imagined the possible ways a God-grade BOSS could die but they would never have expected a God-grade BOSS to die in this manner, at the hands of a Pugilist. They created this world but their view of this world was smashed by this player.

Looking at Fearless’ side, the battle was drawing to an end.

Even though there were many flaming beasts, they were merely as strong as the Inferno Guards. The Quan Zhen Sect and Kingdom of Hell’s players were all top experts.

These were merely elite monsters so they didn’t pose too much difficulty to them. Additionally, when top experts worked together, they were able to achieve much more than they could individually.

When the last flaming beast was killed, Nephis’ HP dropped to less than 30 percent!

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