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Chapter 15

(Take a hint, who is this?… I’ll leave the answer at the end)

… .

I’m currently counting the stars in the night sky from the window . I had been doing so for a few hours .

There’s wine on the balcony table . Unlike aged wines, it has a young, bright and clear red color .

It’s like Mary Sharon … my fiancée’s hair color . I sighed .


“What are you, master doing? Escaping from reality?”

Mio says, while violently dropping the jug on the table .

I stared at her .

“I haven’t escaped to alcohol . Rather, I’m in a really good mood . ”

“That’s proof that you haven’t seen reality . ”

When Mio asked me, she had an angry expression on her face and laid her hand on her waist . She has no mercy for such cases .

“Mary refused to get engaged with you . ”

“Well …, but … I certainly sent a letter of courtship to the Sharon’s family, and she came . I wonder if it’s not that… the engagement has been made at that moment . ”

“Good lie . And what benefit has that –engagement- if you don’t get her approval? Will she marry you? Or will you use the Sharon family for that?”

Uhhhh . I can’t answer . Mio has no mercy .

“You’ve been courting Anastasia Sharon, the late daughter of the Sharon family . ”

“… yes … but… that’s not it . ”

“And she’s Mary Sharon, sister of Anastasia . ”


“That’s why the first courtship is invalid . You have never courted Mary before . ”

“Well, there’s no help for it!”

I raised my voice .

“Because the protagonist of the party was crouching alone in the dark !?”

“… In fact, that’s right, so it can’t be helped . ”

Mio also sighed and had a rare, bitter look .

Yes, not just me . She also misunderstood .

The sister’s position and her name .

That night, I fell in love at first sight, with the red-haired girl who chatted with me in the garden . But the confusion came when I entered the main hall . The birthday was for “Mary” the youngest daughter of the Sharon’s, but Anastasia was the protagonist of the party and receiving the greetings and gifts instead . I instantly thought that “Mary” the protagonist of the birthday party, was the girl in the main hall, and that the girl I fell in love with, at the garden, was Anastasia…

The distress of not knowing which girl he talked to, came because of the rumors within the aristocracy . The reason why he doesn’t come out into the social world is just because of this so called rumors .

An invitation to noble daughter’s birthday parties only applied to outstanding single men .

In my early social life, a friend, Louis Fon, came to me laughing with the same invitation I had just received to a party .

“Well, the more outstanding you are, the more they offer you their daughters . ”

“… It’s quite lowly . ”

I sighed . He receives chocolate from practically all the aristocratic girls of the capital . I find repulsive that behavior, I just say thanks, and turn my back .

My friend laughed at my comment .

“But, in fact, she’s a pretty woman, and she’s a daughter of Sharon’s . I can’t go because I already have a fiancée, but why don’t you go, Cyrus?”

“… I’m not interested in noble women . ”

Louis laughed until he had tears in his eyes .

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“Yes, I know, ordinary noble girls hate east men thinking that they are a barbaric tribe . ”

“… Don’t put those dirty words in your mouth . It’s just that they hate my skin and eyes . ”

“But they still come for you? “

“They’re looking for position, money and face . Except for the color, my appearance is impeccable . That’s why they still come . ”

“Say for yourself… “

“I can’t ignore those who insult me . They speak lovingly with their mouths and look down at me and my mother with their eyes . ”

“Oh, say that again . You’re so choosing of people, that’s why you have so few servants and so few friends?”

“Mio and Louis are enough . ”

My friend shrugged and bitterly smiled .

“… You’re a good man, Cyrus . I’m really looking forward to seeing a woman who will catch your heart . ”

I went silent and chewed the chocolate . While deciding in my heart that such a day will never come .

Still, I don’t have the option of being single for life .

I’m a Count, the only boy of my family . If I continue single, I cannot succeed my family, because I have the obligation to have children . And my woman must be from a decent family .

The woman is in charge of social relations and managing the finances . This is her duty and responsibility . I have no hesitation in getting a loveless marriage .

But … I don’t want to have a concubine . Even in a marriage without love, only one wife is good in the room .

Because I know the feud between my mother, Liu Liu, and my father’s first wife .

Mrs . Laura, the first wife of Duke Alfred of Granado, was the daughter of an aristocrat, married to him in a political marriage . She had three children with my father, and after that she never spoke again to father and spent her time in the Duke Castle .

However, she changed after a concubine arrived . She hated Liu Liu and violently mistreated and insulted her .

Eventually Liu Liu gave birth to a son . He was a boy with strong characteristics of the eastern people .

The Dukedom will eventually be inherited by this boy–

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The day after Mrs . Laura heard about the boy being born… she committed suicide .

Because all of her children were girls .

Then … my father upgraded Liu Liu to the position of legal wife and duchess, but my mother left the duke . She inherited only a few servants and an old castle, and made a fortune trading with the Eastern Republic using her former position as a merchant . She just does the duties that a Duchess cannot avoid . She still thinks of herself as just a concubine .

That is the history of me and the Granado family .

To be honest, I am uncomfortable with the Duke’s castle . I also disliked noble gatherings . I continued to flee from the social world with all my might, including the use of laughable excuses and ruining all attempts of marriage with noble daughters .

Dislike—No, it’s even worse than that . It’s scary for me .

To love and be loved . Getting married and having children .

The more serious is the proposal, the more scared I was .

I don’t want to think about that . I don’t have to love .

I read the envelope in my hand … the birthday party invitation .

Mary Sharon . An 18-year-old, second daughter of Baron Sharon .

According to reports, the baron is in great need of money . The rank is not high either .

…… It might be just right .

Anyway, if she’s an incompetent and arrogant noble daughter, it is easier to control her .

I was impressed to see that she was beautiful, but I don’t care . It’s a face I’ll never see if I can have a child .

I went to Mary Sharon’s birthday party with just such calculations .

And, earlier than meeting the “leader”, I met her .

Skin that cannot be said to be dark, but tanned under the sun . Red hair like a ragged hairball .

She is wearing a gray ugly dress, probably of poor quality cotton .

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Her back was curled up and shrunk like a frightened donkey .

What’s this… What does she do in the courtyard at night in a birthday party like this? This behavior is suspicious even for servants . I doubted her and asked how to get to the mansion .

Mio said she was Sharon’s daughter, but my suspicions remained . Isn’t she a thief? I’ll grab her if so! I smile while studying her intentions .

“She” saw me . At that moment, my face changed .

――Maybe you’re from the eastern tribe? Ipsandros?

To be honest, I was confused at that time .

As the name implies, the Eastern Republic is a country on the eastern continent, a large country with many people . This dark hair and brown skin are characteristics of the whole eastern tribe . But this was the first time he was identified as –Ipsandros- . Probably because of the eyes sparkling in the darkness .

But without knowledge, she can’t understand the difference .

When he affirmed in Ipsian language, she responded in Ipsian language . She knew the true nature of the Eastern Republic, which most royal capitals did not know . Culture beyond imagination . And above all, I was surprised at the change in her expression while talking about it .

It is completely different from the cloudy face just before . She opens her eyes wide, her eyes shine and smile, she opens her mouth to pronounce the Ipsian language beautifully, and speaks happily .

She stretches her back unknowingly, trying to get closer to me to speak .

…… A beautiful woman . If you look closely, you can see the goodness of the material . A thin chin, a small and elegant nose, and big pupils . Eyelashes rich enough to tremble when breathing . There is no charm, but she’s like a gem in brute .

Her full yet simple and honest smile balanced all her imperfections and she laughed like a little girl .

On the slightly freckled face, bright yellow eyes shimmer, and she looks straight up at my face .

–I love the story of Ipsandros–

…… Anyone who is just right for my family status and can give birth to a child is fine . I would be grateful if she could understand Ipsian .

All such calculations were blown away .

It doesn’t matter who she is .

I fell in love with her .

— This is Cyrus feelings and thoughts!

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