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Published at 12th of November 2020 10:19:23 AM

Chapter 14

My body smells like fragrant roses from the garden .

“Come here, Marie . ”

I go down a long, long corridor with Mio .

Under my feet, there are beautiful shoes . There are several jewels and it seems to be made of glass or crystal .

I was unfamiliar with high heels until now, and I almost stumbled . Mio supports me each time that happened . Then, I get up somehow and continue . I’m becoming accustomed to walking with this .

The center of the castle was closed with jet-black doors .

Mio opens the door .

“Please go inside”

It was a party venue .

The largest hall in this castle . Anyway, it is a wide open space where one hundred people can dance at the same time and it would not fill it .

On a polished stone floor, a straight line extends from the door with a red carpet . People are lined up on both ways of the carpet . It seems that all the servants of this castle are lined up here . They all seemed to be bowing, waiting for my entry .

“Please … please get up… continue with your things… “

Slowly… I try to continue walking to see what’s in here… or who called me here…

I look around while walking .

The side walls were all mirrored .

I looked at it without much interest .

Wooow!!!!! Wait!!!

…… Who is this?!!

…… There is a woman I don’t know in the mirror . This must be a lie!!!

I’m seeing things!!

A tall woman .

Vermilion shining hair that spreads softly over the shoulders . It ends just before the waist, but because it’s voluminous, it looks like a delicate large flower .

Blooming proudly, over a slender jaw .

Elegant and delicate face features . Tanned smooth skin slightly darker . Plump red lips lightly painted in a sweet cherry pink . The mix of colors looks extremely glamorous .

Sharp upright eyes with very long eyelashes that makes you feel like she’s an intellectual lady .

A bright red mermaid style dress that does not hide her height but rather rises it with heels and makes her long legs stand out . A vine was drawn around the waist with gold thread, making the neck more prominent .

I was staring at her . The mirrored lady .

-Beautiful . Extremely beautiful…

……Who? Who is she?

“Mary . Hurry up, please! The master is waiting”

Mio urges me . I started walking faster .

Just in the middle of the hall, the Count was standing on the carpet .

There’s nothing special about him, just standing normal . I somehow felt pressure and wanted to stop, but Mio told me again to hurry and I continued walking .

As I get close I can now see the color of his eyes . And raised my face .

He was expressionless and remained silent .

Count Cyrus Granado is tall . Even as a man, he was tall, I had to look up even when wearing heels . Green eyes pierce me . Ey, why are you staring at me? Mmm, but his gaze does not seem hostile . It’s rather warm though .

“–Mary …”

Hmm? Something to call me for? . . Oh! I remember now! He said to not call him with titles, just his name… Well, let’s try!

“… Cyrus?”

I called but had no reply . He quickly looked to the side, holding his gaze away from me . I do not understand the meaning . Did I do wrong?

……Is he angry? Maybe he is surprised… I may look like a gorilla wearing nice clothes .

A dirty redhead even after immersed in the bath for a day .

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They lent me a great dress, but I’m an ugly girl .

I guess so . I lowered my head and secretly bit my lips . I’m sorry . After all I’ve been just a servant all my life, I never had the life of an aristocratic lady-

Just before my tears spilled, Cyrus exclaimed .

“Liu !!!!!!! come on!”

Li-li-liu? What?

The call sounded almost like a shout and someone with a light voice answered promptly “Yes, that’s right . ” A woman appeared from behind a pillar that was close enough to us .

A very beautiful person . Exotic make-up with deeply carved features . Brown dangerous eyes with a tinge of green that would entrap anyone who looks at them .

“Even if you don’t shout, I’ll hear you because I’m nearby . ”

The good looking woman of unknown age screamed with puffed cheeks and looked at Cyrus and me . The gaze stops at me .

“Hey huh huh . I see . Cyrus… You were surprisingly lucky uh . ”

Am I sorry? I don’t understand

Those words don’t make sense .

Cyrus turned to look at the grinning woman .

“Mother, don’t playfully look at me”

“You have already lost this match to her… and… no wonder you were so fast to get engaged… such a beauty… “

“… This is a formal ceremony . I want to do it properly, mother . ”


Speaking of which, Cyrus was a mixed-breed child, and her mother was a purebred Eastern Republican woman . So is this woman, Liu Liu, his mother?

A woman with brown-green eyes stares at me from the front . She had strong eyes .

I looked away .

“… . Not brave enough . ”

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“Overwhelmingly lacking confidence . The future Duchess of the house must be a confident and strong noble woman for the wedding day . ”

Cyrus looked anxious . He looks at his mother as if asking what is the solution, but her eyes are shining instead .


“Oh, It’s time for the real thing . I’ll cooperate . ”

“Oh, please … . Thank you mother . ”

“What???!! Such elegant manners, I feel sick . ”

What do I do … I don’t understand anything .

I couldn’t ask, so I remained silent . Then someone touched my arm . I turned around and saw Mio .

“Congratulations, Mary . ”

“Uh, thank you . Yeah, congratulations, what?”

“Your engagement with Cyrus has been approved by the Duchess . You are now the official fiancée of Count Cyrus Granado . ”


……eh? … hmm …

eh? –What??????????????!!!!!

A loud cheer came out from the servants .


“Congratulations on your engagement, Miss Mary!”


Great applause and great cheers .

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I don’t understand why and I can’t speak . I didn’t dare look at Liu Liu for the time being . The petite lady spread her arms with a smile and hugged my body tightly .

“Welcome Mary!!! You’re now the new Countess of Granado!”


“I’m so happy for you, son! I’m sick of having to take on the role of Countess because you’re unmarried, for how long I’ve I been dreaming of surrendering my title . I want retirement!! But I didn’t have peace of mind while you had no one at your side . ”

“Eh … eh?”

“Liu Liu, be serious . I’m still engaged, not married . It won’t be official until the marriage is over . ”

Cyrus says in a harsh voice . But somehow her eyes are laughing .

“Mio, send a message to the Sharon family . We will decide on a date for the marriage . ”

” I guess that if I depart now in a good horse, I’ll overtake the carriage . ”

“Oh well . Take your time . A lot of preparation is needed for her marriage . ”


“Because Sharon is also an old house, it may have special religious practices . Engagement is a ritual of both families, so we have to be careful . ”

“I will also be careful about that . First, let’s ask for a messenger . ”


“Well, my son is finally getting married! I’m really impressed . Maybe I’ll be a grandmother next year !?”

“Oh, I,”

“Let’s stop Liu Liu, because many brides dislike this type of behavior these days . ”

“Ah! I-I can’t do it!!!!!!”

I screamed .

My scream resounds in the main hall of the castle . The chatting and applauses stopped, and they all turned around at once .

Everyone’s eyes are looking at me perplexed .

Translated by Djurasico (dot) home (dot) blog

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