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Chapter 964: The Perfect Enhancement Of The New Artificial Intelligence Technology!

After the call with Xia Jiang, Meng Chang held a small meeting with a few core employees of the advertising and marketing department and decided on the matters of the interview.

That was because Xia Jiang had to complete the interview with Wu Zhicheng, Qiu Hong, and the incubation base first. She still needed some time. Therefore, her exclusive interview with Meng Chang was scheduled for next Tuesday.

Meng Chang had already used the excuse that he was busy with work to push it off. However, he had to push a few core employees of the same department up to take charge and go through the motions.

Of course, he did not give them any special instructions because Meng Chang had always felt that the employees in the marketing department were very obedient tools. They had worked together for so long and had been more pleasant to work with. They were all trustworthy.

No one in the marketing department knew about Meng Chang’s intentions. Naturally, they were not worried that the interview would cause any trouble. They just had to complete the interview process normally.

Meng Chang returned to his desk and continued playing Mission and Choice after making arrangements for the interview.

He had been playing hard during office hours and had finally completed 70-80% of the test version’s plot.

Meng Chang did not have any RTS game experience before, but Mission and Choice was not a RTS game in the traditional sense. The requirements for operations were very low, so it was not that difficult for Meng Chang to play it. He could play it to this stage as long as he used his brain slightly.

However, in the later stages of the game, the difficulty would still increase. They would need a deeper understanding of the game and better operations to clear the game.

In fact, Meng Chang’s current game progress was more or less enough to understand the game.

It was just like many AAA games. Generally, when the main game content reached sixty to seventy percent, most of the mechanisms and gameplay of the game had been unlocked. The only thing left to play was to see the plot ending.

Therefore, Meng Chang felt more at ease. From his point of view, this game didn’t seem to be that fun.

In particular, the main AI system in the game did not seem to be that smart. This greatly reduced the fun brought by the core gameplay.

Meng Chang did not understand the profound game design theory, but as an ordinary player who had never come into contact with RTS games, he could actually represent the opinions of many “foreign players”.

Given the huge investment in Mission and Choice, if this game could only please RTS gamers and domestically-produced standalone gaming circles, and not break the circle, it would be very difficult to recoup the cost if many gamers who originally did not like RTS games bought it.

Therefore, Meng Chang felt that there was still a possibility that the game would not be able to recoup its costs if it did not sell well after it was released. Furthermore, it was very likely!

That way, even if his publicity plan failed, he could still get a commission!

That encouraged Meng Chang.

However, once bitten, twice shy. Meng Chang did not dare to let his guard down. In the following period, he still had to spend a lot of time playing this game every day just in case.

Every time the employees of the marketing department passed by, they would see Meng Chang playing Mission and Choice. They could not help but be encouraged and moved by Brother Meng’s professionalism.

April 5th, Thursday…

Hu Xianbin, Min Jingchao, Jiang Yuan, Shen Renjie, Wang Xiaobin, Chang You, and the other heads of departments were gathered in the old artificial intelligence laboratory to check the results of the new artificial intelligence technology in the game ‘Mission and Choice’.

Shen Renjie first explained the fundamentals of the breakthrough in artificial intelligence technology to everyone. Even though most people were confused, they at least understood that the game AI produced by artificial intelligence this time was the biggest feature of the previous AI.

The new technology this time could allow AI to randomly simulate every step of each individual on the basis of the game’s basic rules. The winning plan score would increase. Through hundreds of thousands or even more game deductions, from the movement of a single unit to the overall strategy selected during the entire game process, it could be quantified by artificial intelligence to a specific change in the winning rate.

This way, artificial intelligence could control both sides to play a game of its own at every moment. Moreover, after the winning rate could be quantified, it could adjust itself so that the entire game’s development would remain in the hands of AI.

There were two most outstanding characteristics of this technique after it was applied to Mission and Choice.

First, in battles with the ‘realistic elements’, the performance would be more realistic and the difficulty would be more linear.

Originally, using computer AI to display the ‘realistic elements’ was rather stiff.

A certain unit would not listen to orders or the entire unit would scatter and escape in a battle. The specific way of performance would also give the players a completely different impression.

He An, Meng Chang, Hu Xianbin, and the others had tried the game before. It generally reflected that the AI’s performance was not perfect because the performance of the “realistic elements” was very difficult to satisfy.

Due to the lack of AI, the retreat of a certain army sometimes seemed unreasonable. This greatly reduced the reality.

After the application of the new technology, the simulation of the ‘realistic elements’ produced by the AI was based on the existing win rate. Every unit’s actions when they disobeyed orders had a certain degree of rationality as support. The simulation of the elements was greatly enhanced.

Simply put, if the original army did not listen to orders, players might think that it was crazy. However, if the current army did not listen to orders, players would think that they had met a stupid subordinate.

The difference between ‘crazy’ and ‘stupid’ was the change brought by the new artificial intelligence technology.

In fact, in the plot after the protagonist’s speech, the human troops were inspired to fight. At that time, the AI could make smarter decisions than humans.

Such a decision would significantly improve the overall performance of the battle, but it would not make players feel like they were cheating. There would not be any numerical improvement but a tactical improvement. This would most likely weaken the unrealistic feeling that players would feel.

Secondly, as time passed, the upper limit of human and computer games would increase infinitely. It could support the release of more relevant gameplay.

Mission and Choice was an RTS game after all. Even though players like Meng Chang, who did not understand RTS games at all, might be stuck, it was not difficult for some veteran players to clear the game plot. After clearing it, they would lose the motivation to continue exploring the game’s deep gameplay.

The other RTS games’ solution to this problem was to open ranking battles. They would automatically select experts through the ranking battles among the players.

Players would constantly improve while fighting against experts. They would always pursue higher goals and the lifespan of the game would naturally be extended accordingly.

However, Mission and Choice’s approach was completely different from traditional RTS games. In order to lower the threshold, they greatly reduced the amount of operations that players needed to do. Moreover, there were only two races so it had no balance.

The PVP ranking could be made, but the effect would definitely not be good. The strength of the regular PVE was not enough. Experts would quickly lose interest.

Now, the new artificial intelligence technology could provide a gameplay for ‘Eternal War’, which was’ Endless Mode ‘. In this model, the combat power of AI would continue to increase, and the difficulty curve would be very smooth. The experts who liked this game could rush to the top of the ladder through PVE and obtain a long-term goal.

Of course, PVP and Multiple-Player games could also be done. However, these games only existed as entertainment models because of their poor balance.

In addition, the original battle model would also benefit.

The design of the stages of the battle was originally completed by the designer. The difficulty curve might not be smooth. Sometimes, if the difficulty level was not increased enough, players might not feel anything even after completing a few stages. If the difficulty level increased too much, players would be stuck.

With the help of the new artificial intelligence technology, the designers could not only optimize and adjust the original stage design, but they could also make dynamic adjustments to the difficulty of the stage according to real-time winning ratio, making it easier for players to play the story mode.

After this series of changes, Mission and Choice finally made up for the last shortcoming. The last small flaw was perfectly resolved!

Tengda Games’ designers would adjust the design and details of the stages of Mission and Choice until it was released to ensure that the game would reach a perfect state.

‘Mission and Choice’ was the first game to benefit from it. The reason why he called Wang Xiaobin, Min Jingchao, and the others over was so that the artificial intelligence technology could be applied to more games.

Especially Fitness Battle and GOG.

In the Fitness Battle, the characters in the game would frequently talk to players. This new technology could improve the deep learning ability of the characters in the game. It could make the characters in the game more inclined to the players’ preferences through the feedback of players’ actions towards AI.

In other words, the original nurturing only included figures, clothing, and so on. However, after adding artificial intelligence technology, the character in the game would also change as it got closer to the protagonist.

That way, every gamer of ‘Fitness Battle’ would be able to cultivate the characters they liked in the game into a state of mutual understanding with them.

In GOG, this technology could also be used to develop the more difficult PvP system.

Of course, GOG already had a large number of professional players. All sorts of tactics and tactics were already very rich. With the current artificial intelligence technology, it was impossible to understand these tactics and exchange blows with professional teams. There was still a long way to go.

However, at the very least, it would not be a problem for a computer of this level to compete with players below platinum.

It was only a prototype but it had great potential for development. There might even be a day where artificial intelligence and professional teams would compete on the same stage.

In other words, even though the artificial intelligence technology this time did not directly increase the competitiveness of AEEIS artificial intelligence on Otto Technologies’ cell phone, it had a profound impact on many games departments under Tengda!

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