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Chapter 346: The Divine Authority Bloomed

“Hum –”

A slight trembling sound reverberated through the surrounding void.

Just like that, the sun disc slowly passed through the cracks and appeared in the sky of the Nahrin Desert.

Just like the sun rising from the east, it slowly, bit by bit, drilled out of the void above the apprentice’s dormitory. It carried a supreme power and released an incomparable golden light, floating up into the sky!

“Look, it’s the sun! It’s a new sun!”

“Yeah! That’s the sun! That’s really the sun! It’s the sun that rose from the castle!”

The busy commoners in the Oasis Lookout noticed the sun that had appeared at the top of the Council Hall. It was completely detached from the void. It was a 20-meter-large sun that slowly floated up into the sky.

They could not help but exclaim, their faces filled with shock.

“The sun.”

At the training ground, Manide, who was still arranging training missions, suddenly turned his head.

The sun disk that was still floating in the air above the council hall was also emitting an increasingly dense golden light. The huge disk that was almost as tall as a high-level watchtower was even more shocking.

Even the training soldiers, who were still fiddling with their armor and weapons, were staring at the disk, which was rising higher and higher above their heads, emitting an infinite amount of golden light. At this moment, they were shocked to realize that in just a short moment, it had already stopped dozens of meters above their heads, it was really like another sun, hanging firmly in the sky from above.

As they bathed in the golden light, their depleted physical strength, which had been exhausted from training, was actually recovering!

“Hum –”

Another tremor from the void appeared.

However, in the sky, the sun disk had already stopped rising. The rune array formed by countless precise and sacred sun patterns on the card instantly exploded with an even purer golden light, causing the huge disk to hang in the sky.

As the sun shone down, it just happened to shine on the 20-meter-long sun disk.

A chill could be felt instantly.

On the surrounding 10 hectares of land, the scorching air wave instantly disappeared.

It was almost noon. The wilted plants were the first to feel the temperature drop. They actually spread out their branches and leaves slightly, basking in the weakened sunlight in the sky that was no longer so scorching.

There were also quite a number of bees and grouse that began to buzz as they rushed out of the date palm jungle.

“The temperature… it seems to have dropped…”

“Yes, the temperature… has really dropped!”

“Even the sunlight doesn’t feel so hot. It’s very comfortable now…”

The civilians and soldiers took off their headscarves that blocked the sun, their faces filled with shock and surprise.

Even the Sarrandan people took off their headscarves that was a part of their national dress in surprise. They wiped their sweat and looked curiously at the golden disc above their heads, their eyes shining with an inexplicable light.

They all understood that this was the effect of the sun disk.

The temperature adjustment was only one of the effects.

Kant and the mages had already walked out of the mage apprentice’s dormitory and arrived at the top floor of the council hall. Standing inside the arrow-blocker wall, they looked up at the sun disk above their heads in shock.

Even though they knew that the disk was huge in the folded space of the hall, they still couldn’t measure it effectively.

The folded space itself had a distortion effect.

It could be considered a sequela.

However, when it appeared in this world, it was still floating 50 meters above the ground. The huge, golden sun disk really brought about an incomparable shock.

(PS: If you don’t understand the effect, you can go and look up a picture of the Shurima.)

If it were to smash down, the entire “Drondheim” castle would probably be severely damaged!

Kant shook his head.

He was ashamed that thought even came across in his mind.

However, Kant still turned to the mage captain and asked, “I think that this sun disk will be hanging in our sky for a long time. There won’t be any problems, right?”

“That’s right. There won’t be any problems.”

The mage captain nodded.

He was also very certain about this. “This is related to the technology of the Enfath Empire, as well as the technology contained in this sun disk itself. However, most of it still comes from you, our most revered and respected Supreme Lord!”

“Me?” Kant frowned. He was curious. “What’s it got to do with me?”

“The Great Supreme Lord, Lord Kant!”

The mage captain took half a step back.

The mages and mage apprentices beside him did the same. They placed their right hands on their chests and bowed. “Your existence is a unique truth. It is the foundation of our existence. It is irreplaceable and unique.”

The Veruga marksman and the Royal Knights also bowed in the same manner.

Their attitudes were extremely respectful.

“Yes, I understand.”

Kant stretched out his hand. “Get up.”

“Yes.” Only then did the mages and apprentices return to normal. The archers and royal knights also stood up again.


Kant shook his head.

These guys were flattering him. Indeed, everyone likes to hear flattery.

But now, looking at the sun disk floating in the sky, motionless, absorbing the temperature of the sun to store and regulate its temperature, he nodded with satisfaction and said, “The effect is very good.”

All five special effects could be used.

It was absolutely helpful to Kant’s current Oasis Lookout, the original estate!

Just like this constant temperature.

It also allowed the plants to grow quickly.

It allowed the soldiers and civilians to recover in physical strength quickly.

They were all unique, allowing him to fully experience the convenience of the sun disk rising into the sky!

[ sun disk (repaired)(can be strengthened)]

[ this huge golden disk engraved with mysterious patterns condensed the incomparable power of the sun. After the repair of the special magic patterns, this strange object regained its vitality and displayed part of its former power. But to reach its peak, it still needs to continue to repair and fuse with the same type of strange substance. ]

[ special effect 1 temperature control: absorbs sunlight during the day and lowers the temperature within 10 hectares. Releases sunlight at night and raises the temperature within 10 hectares. Constant maximum temperature is 25 degrees. Minimum temperature is 5 degrees. ]

[ special effect 2 holy light: can release holy light within 10 hectares and illuminate the earth like sunlight. Can resist all negative status buffs and allow injured soldiers within the range of holy light to be treated. ]

[ special effect 3 evil expulsion: any evil troops will not be able to approach within 10 hectares. If they approach, they will be automatically attacked by holy attacks until no one is left after defeating the evil troops. ]

[ special effect 4 sun domain: the coverage area will be expanded to an additional 10-hectare area, and the divine radiance will be spread within the area, allowing the creatures bathed in it to be healthy and the plants to thrive. ]

[ special effect 5 purification pulse: after miraculous repair, the sun disk can release a pulse containing extremely positive energy once a week, purifying any target and erasing it in the world. Remark: Please use it with extreme caution. ]

[ remark: 1 can be placed under the sun to recharge itself. 2 can be fused with other solar disks to strengthen it. ]

Kant’s retina was extremely dazzling with the solar disk’s familiarity.

His breathing was slightly hurried.

“Very good!”

Kant could no longer find any other words to describe his current excitement.

The rise of the solar disk to the sky had truly brought about an earth-shattering change. He even had enough confidence to contend against the sky of death he was uneasy about!


Right next to him, a Veruga marksman suddenly looked towards the north.

At the same time, an urgent message was transmitted from the 25-meter-high high-level watchtower above his head to the high-level watchtower at the bottom. The person in charge of this building did not hesitate to ring the huge bronze bell.

“Dong Dong Dong Dong Dong Dong Dong –”

The sound was urgent. It was the sound of the bell that signaled the arrival of an enemy!

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