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Chapter 268: The Frightened Quails

“No! Baron Kant, this is all a misunderstanding!”

One of the merchants instantly jumped off his horse and quickly walked forward.

However, this action aroused the vigilance of the Swadian knight who was protecting Kant. He raised his lance and pointed it at him. He fiercely reprimanded, “Stop! You lowly b*stard!”

“My Lord Kant! It’s like this!”

The merchant did not mind at all. He said in a low voice, “I am the trade caravan of Viscount Wayne, the lord of the North County. Perhaps there is some misunderstanding. We absolutely have no intention of starting a rebellion or overthrowing your rule.”. He looked at Kant, his tone carried a hint of pride, “It’s like this. Viscount Wayne sent me to bring his personal letter, hoping to start a business cooperation with you. However, I haven’t seen your people, so I want to personally go to your Oasis Lookout to take a look.”

“Viscount Wayne?”, Kant narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Yes.”, the merchant wiped the cold sweat off his face and quickly took out the letter from his bosom. “This is it. It’s a letter personally written by Viscount Wayne!”

Kant took it. On it were traditional noble decorations.

From the looks of it, it was indeed the decorations of Viscount Wayne. He used high-grade beeswax to seal the letter.

“Interesting, isn’t it?”

Kant chuckled, “Viscount Wayne, the lord of the North County territory, the strongest viscount, asked you to deliver the letter to me.”. Kant’s face drooped, “Do you think I would believe it? “You are the most humble merchant, but you lied in the name of Viscount Wayne, trying to cheat me and avoid the punishment!”

The merchant was stunned and wanted to say something. “It’s… It’s true…”

However, Kant said in a deep voice, “This swindler who dares to use the name of Viscount Wayne to start a rebellion must be sentenced to death immediately!”

In the end, Kant turned his head and said to the Swadian knight behind him.

“Puff –”

The lance that was originally raised diagonally was instantly put down.

The Swadian warhorse beneath him continued to charge forward within a short half a meter, bringing along the lance in the knight’s hand and easily piercing through the merchant’s chest.

“He he… No… he…”

The Merchant’s eyes widened as he wanted to say something, but his windpipe was blocked by the blood gushing out from his torn lungs. He could not say anything and fell to the ground.

The merchants and the guards of the trade caravan behind him had their eyes wide open.

A massacre was about to happen.

The two merchants who had instigated the guards to attack the posthouse immediately rode their horses and galloped away.

Their faces were filled with despair.

They knew that the merchant who had just been stabbed to death was indeed Viscount Wayne’s merchant.

In the circle of merchants, everybody knew each other.

But even so, Kant had given the order to kill him.

Even if the two of them revealed the backer behind them, they would probably end up miserably too, because they knew that when Kant came here, he didn’t have any intention of letting the three instigators live!

It was indeed the truth!

Kant waved his hand. “Kill them and bring back the corpses.”


Rolf nodded and signaled to the desert bandits behind him.

Twenty desert bandits attacked.

These bandits with excellent riding skills quickly caught up with the two merchants who were living in luxury.

They threw the short javelins in their hands.

The short javelins directly pierced through the two merchants’ lungs and chests. The two corpses fell off their horses. The corpses were stuck and pulled their desert horses. The horses spun around and rushed back, throwing the corpses heavily on the ground.

“Alright, our problem is solved.”

Kant chuckled.

Looking at the restless guards belonging to the three merchants, he said calmly, “I spare you guys. I know you must have been bewitched by these merchants. You won’t die.”

“Thank you, Lord Kant!”

The desperate hope made the guards, who were already trembling and did not dare to move, burst into tears.

“Then it’s our turn.”

Kant smiled and looked at the other merchants.

Although the three people in the lead were all killed, Kant didn’t intend to let these guys off so easily.

If they dared to charge into the posthouse, go deep into the desert, and not follow his rules, then there would be corresponding consequences. Kant said indifferently, “Do you think that you can leave so easily without paying any price?”

“We are willing, willing to pay a ransom!”

These merchants did not have any intention of resisting.

The massacre just now had already made them understand Kant’s authority in this desert.

Even Viscount Wayne’s merchants were killed as he wished. Kant also did not show any mercy to the merchants from other noble families. This kind of terrifying killing decisiveness made these merchants feel that this Baron Kant was not as flattering as the nobles had always been, he had a very popular “Gentlemanly demeanor.”.

Kant naturally knew what this “Gentlemanly demeanor” of the noble families was. It was something that differentiated between ordinary people and noble identities. It was just a rule that a group of noble families were bored enough to make.

As the lord of the Nahrin Desert and a baron, Kant did not need to follow the rules.

Because the Nahrin Desert was his territory!

Why would Kant follow the rules in his own territory?

Now that Kant had grown stronger and his power was no longer what it was in the past, he did not need to completely follow the rules of the Dukedom of Leo like he used to do. He could cross the line and even rewrite this part of the rules!

This was the benefit of strength.


Kant turned his head and instructed, “You will solve the ransom issue.”

“No problem!”, Rolf grinned hideously. “I like this job.”

The merchants could not help but shiver. They looked at Rolf, and each of them was as honest as a quail. They were constrained by the brazen act of killing just now. The corpses of the three merchants were beside them. How could these merchants dare to refute Rolf? They agreed to whatever conditions were put forward.

In the end, a total of more than 30 trade caravans signed a debt of 8,000 great silver coins. As for the goods they brought, which were disguised as goods they wanted to trade, they were confiscated and turned into Kant’s spoils of war.

They were all ordinary food and daily necessities, and very few iron products.

How could the merchants who came to test the waters have the ability to support the enemy?

However, according to their speculations, what the Oasis Lookout lacked was food and weapons. Since weapons were not allowed to be sold, then food was definitely the most important thing!

Even if they wanted to sell weapons, they were also prohibited from selling these iron products during the inspection of the Stone Pass. After all, after being forged, iron products could also become weapons. It was a material that was prohibited from crossing the border, or rather, it was prohibited to be transported to the Nahrin Desert!

Baron Dylan’s ambition was also very big.

Kant’s Oasis Lookout and salt mine had probably long become his exclusive property!

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