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Chapter 1404: 1404


I can’t help but snap my fingers with my free hand .

As someone who has never even won a consolation prize, to be able to get a beverage I wanted is simply exciting .

Furthermore, the most important thing is that I only spent five yuan . Otherwise, I’ll definitely hit it trying it ten times in a row .

I need to keep this bottle well! I put away my phone, open the can, and take a mouthful of the beverage .

In the next second, my head suddenly turns a little numb . I feel like everything around me has become abnormally blurry, and my entire body becomes light as though I’m about to turn into a feather .

In this strange feeling, I vaguely hear muffled ravings that sound like fingernails scratching a blackboard:

“The taste of a Demoness ain’t bad…”

“The taste of a Demoness ain’t bad…”

“The taste of a Demoness ain’t bad…”

This brings an indescribable pain, and I lose all my ability to think .

By the time the torture ends, I can’t remember what happened towards the end, but I know that my face must have been very twisted and hideous .

F*ck . What the hell is this beverage? I turn angrily to look at the vending machine .

At that moment, my head is spinning, and my eyes swell . I have the feeling that I’ll collapse at any moment .

However, this doesn’t stop me from discovering a fact:

The vending machine that still existed moments ago has disappeared!

… Holy sh*t… I can’t take my spinning head and the soreness in my eyes . I quickly remove my glasses and prepare to squeeze my nose bridge .

However, just as I take off my glasses, everything returns to normal . My head doesn’t spin and my eyes no longer ache .

My vision remains clear, clearer than even before my myopia .

…I scan my surroundings, and every detail is reflected in my eyes . Even a dozen meters away, a mosquito silently suspended on a black stone is vividly clear .

I’ve recovered from my short-sightedness? That bout of fainting was because of the glasses? I glance around once more, and for some reason, I feel that my vision has exceeded that of a normal person’s .

As I try hard to recall, I gradually come to a realization:

I can change part of my body’s structure for a short amount of time . I can obtain feather-like lightness . Even if I jump from high above, I won’t be hurt…

A hawk-like vision that allows me to see through the darkness…

I’m good at hiding in the shadows…

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My steps are nimble and my body is agile . The instantaneous strength I can release is tremendous…

I can concentrate all my strength into a single strike…

This… As I suspect that the Assassin beverage that I had just taken was actually some mental drug that gives me hallucinations, I also feel that something might have really happened due to my recovery from short-sightedness .

I put on my glasses again and realize that it does leave me faint .

No way this is real… The vending machine is gone… It was still there a moment ago… Did I have a fortuitous encounter? I cast my gaze out of the lobby and see people carrying umbrellas or have their backpacks raised in the heavy rain, running about in a hurry .

Before this, I could only barely see silhouettes in this scene, but now, I can confirm the features of every pedestrian .

Of course, the prerequisite is that they aren’t wearing face masks .

A fortuitous encounter… Don’t tell me it’s really a fortuitous encounter… I would occasionally fantasize about having a fortuitous encounter, for example, striking lottery worth 10–20 million yuan, but I never expected such a day!

Moreover, it’s the Assassin ability that I wanted the most!

Even if it’s fake, just healing my short-sightedness makes me give this fortuitous encounter full marks! I control my excitement and joy and carefully examine my body .

After confirming that there’s nothing wrong with it, I close my eyes and mutter to myself, Thank you, God!

Thank you, vending machine!

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Thank you, loot box!

I have to find a place to test the Leap of Faith… Eh, I’ve recovered from my cold too… I’ll think further about it after the rain stops… I look around again, eager to test what it means to have dexterous steps, agility, and explosive power .

Of course, as a normal person with regular intelligence, I know that I should avoid others in times like this, lest I expose my fortuitous encounter and create a series of unknown developments .

At this moment, due to the heavy rain, the people inside the building either have to work overtime or have already left . Those without umbrellas either have realized the reality of things or haven’t left the office . They either return to the office or bravely run to the bus stop . Therefore, other than the two security guards who have their backs to me, there’s no one else in the lobby .

I can give it a try . Yes, there’s a dog… Heh, so what if I’m seen by a dog? It doesn’t understand anything . Would it be able to tell anyone? I immediately widen my pace and run toward the elevator .

I can feel the changes in my body .

Using a machine as an analogy, my body used to be a rusted machine that had been soaked in water . Now, it was a new, lubricated machine .

A few steps later, I suddenly remember something: Previously, several companies in the building had been a victim of theft . Through the surveillance cameras, the police found the criminal .

In other words, there are surveillance cameras in the lobby, and my every move is being monitored .

Bear with it, bear with it… I stop my attempts and turn back to look at the spots where there might be cameras .

My gaze sweeps across the huge golden retriever at the door . It’s still impassively looking at the rain outside .

I’ll wait till I get home… I let out a slow sigh, hold my glasses, and head for the elevator .

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I heard from my gossiping colleagues at the company that the theft was done by a young rag-and-bone man from nearby .

In the past, this guy was the son of a rich man . Later on, his family waned, and he could only make a living being a rag-and-bone man .

However, the police never found him .

I take the elevator and go back to the tenth floor . My mind is filled with how to be an assassin hiding in the city’s shadows .

Nothing is true, everything is permitted! I mutter a few slogans and exit the elevator .

Glancing around, I see a figure standing by the window at the elevator lobby .

He has rare, long silver hair . His features are very distinctive .

So I recognize him . He’s the vice president of the company next door, whose surname is Wu .

Of course, this might only be his Chinese surname, because he’s either a foreigner or a mixed-blood .

It’s such a pity that this guy isn’t an idol . He’s so good-looking that even the girls in our company often try to “coincidentally” bump into him . They give him flowers and food . It’s like he has everything easy in the game of life… The boss next door really has bad taste . With such an employee, I’d have long changed to running an entertainment company… I don’t know what the company next door is busy with every day . Until today, I don’t even know what they do . All of them are garrulous, completely unlike Rozanne when she’s joking . They’re probably doing multi-level marketing, right? I quickly retract my gaze and not greet him . After all, we’re not familiar with each other .

But just at this moment, I see that guy turn around and walk over .

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