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Chapter 6

The Mission Of the Other World (4)




Wooden rods and stones hit the heads of the wild dogs .

Some wild dogs fell to the ground with a blunt sound, while others served their purpose .



The teeth of a wild dog dug into the shoulders of a part-timer .

Before the part-timer succeeded in shaking off the wild dog, the wild dog ripped off his flesh with its strong teeth .

His face distorted as he felt the pain of having his flesh and bones ripped off .

People around Akan gritted their teeth as they attacked the wild dogs, thinking that they could die like him .

‘Aim for the timing . ’

Akan didn’t make the stupid decision of fighting head-on against the rushing wild dogs .

If you admit that you’re weak, then you’ll need a combat style that suits you .

Although selfish, Akan set his own survival as his top priority .

‘I won’t do stuff for nothing, and I’ll not help unless crucial . ’

That kind of thinking’s the solution to how Akan, who had risen to the top of the Macedonian continent, was able to live in Korea without much problems even in the lowest class .

Acknowledging reality .

It might seem simple, but it actually is difficult, and Akan did just that without much difficulty .

‘It’s certainly impossible to pierce the skin of a wild dog with a crude weapon, so…’

As soon as the battle began, Akan retreated naturally .

He grasped the current situation as he got buried by the crowd running towards the wild dogs .

‘When the people do their best to attack, they’ll only manage to redden the skin of the wild dogs and make their blood drip by a little . ’

If they were normal wild dogs, the people would’ve been able to pierce through their skin, but as Akan expected, they had unusual physical abilities .

‘Attack the weakest part of their bodies . ’


Akan kicked the ground .

Thanks to the use of ‘Haste’, Akan’s body was very light .

Akan, who was staying behind the people, charged forward in an instant .


In the midst of the fierce battle, one wild dog stuck on to a corpse to devour it .

It seemed like it ate without paying attention to its surroundings .

Akan judged that it was the most ideal prey .



Akan’s lightning fast attack struck the eyes of the wild dog, sticking the stone into its eye .

Because their skins were abnormally hard, their eyes were weakest part of their bodies .

Akan, who stuck the sharp part of the stone into the wild dog’s eye, kicked the stone before the wild dog could even react .


Kreuk .

The stone dug even deeper .

The wild dog’s mouth bubbled as the stone turned its brain into a mess .

Its tough and hard skin was rendered useless as the brain was attacked directly .

‘That’s one . ’


The other wild dogs averted their gazes as they realized that one their kind was hurt .

Akan hurriedly stepped back to avoid their gazes .

Akan had no intention of being exposed directly .

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He used the people of the restaurant as shields and attacked at the best possible timing .

He thought that if he reduced their numbers like that, he’ll be able to clear the mission in the end, even if there’ll be some casualties .

‘Is that an item?’

Akan’s eyes shone as he looked at the current situation .

Glittering objects were seen at the carcass of the wild dog that had just been processed .

As the eyes focused on him scattered, he quickly checked the body .

Inside the body was a red fragment and a fairly sharp dagger .

[Strength Fragment]

[Sharp Dagger]

[Effect: Cutting Power +3 Strength +1]

‘Nice timing . ’

A sharp dagger was an item that Akan needed right now .

Akan, who checked the information of the items by simply touching them, put the Strength Fragment in his inventory and held the dagger .

Akan’s lips twitched as he touched the dagger .

The existence of a dagger was like a thousand troops and horses (千軍萬馬) to Akan .

Akan had been taught at the Blaze Tower in the past .

The Blaze Tower deals with flame-based magic, and despite the people there being wizards, they’re an aggressive group that enjoys close combat .

At the time, his visit to the Blaze Tower, which was a rival to the Rainbow Tower to which he belonged, made the continent buzz .

It was an unusual trip, but Akan was able to get permission to learn from the Blaze Tower through a deal .

There, not only did he learn flame-based magic, but also the war mage’s combat skills .

Akan’s physical abilities were insufficient for acquiring their combat skills, but he resolved that problem through the use of blessing magic .

Lab wizard .

Befitting this title, Akan, crazy about magic, didn’t invest time to do physical training for acquiring the skills of the Blaze Tower .

For Akan, who’s relatively weak, the dagger was the easiest to handle .

When a weapon he’s familiar with came to his hands, he gained confidence .

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But that doesn’t mean he’ll run into them now .

The wild dogs were strong for their heroic psychology .

‘It was only lucky to be able to deal with one . ’

Akan stepped back and tried to keep an eye on the situation .



However, Akan had to change his plans .

A woman was seen on the ground, screaming .

Seeing Lee Minyoung full of fear, Akan, contrary to what he did to the others, hurriedly kicked the ground, rushing towards her .

Akan’s a selfish person .

He always puts himself first .

However, there’s a difference between him and ordinary selfish people .

‘If I see someone I can trust, I’ll make sure to make them mine . Getting people also benefits me . ’

Akan valued not only material gains, but also people .

So he was always thorough in repaying grace and revenge .

He repaid those those who showed him favor by a hundred times, and made them one of his people .

This peculiar disposition made Akan not alone, despite his numerous travels .

‘Minyoung is the other person I should pay back at the restaurant aside from the boss . ’

Lee Minyoung

There isn’t much that the 18 year old Lee Minyoung has done for Akan .

She only treated Akan, which everyone despised, warmly .

However, for Akan, that’s enough of a reason to repay her .

It was a stupid act to confront a wild dog in a rational judgement, but it couldn’t be helped when saving her .

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He makes reckless decisions for his own people .



The dagger gone through the wind, meeting the neck of the wild dog .

The quick blow cut the neck of the wild dog, but Akan’s expression was still distorted .

‘Even this dagger doesn’t work . ’

His attack was successful .

But he only managed to scratch the neck of the wild dog .

The dagger couldn’t inflict fatal injuries to the its hard and tough skin .



The wild dog rushed to Akan as its eyes reddened .

Its speed that quickly narrowed the distance was hard to catch up to even when Akan’s using Haste .



With the wild dog’s teeth filling his sight, he swung his dagger .

As the teeth and dagger clashed, a clinking sound resonated .

When the wild dog paused due to the counterattack, Akan quickly backed up .

But he couldn’t run away .

‘If I turn back right now, Minyoung’ll be exposed . ’

The sitting Lee Minyoung seemed to be scared stiff .

She tried to somehow escape because she knew that she was in the way of Akan, but she couldn’t move her trembling legs .

In the end, to protect Lee Minyoung, he had to fight head-on with a wild dog .

Akan cleched his teeth as he made his posture .

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