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For an outsider, titan, or Ancientbeast to be reborn, they would have to be at the eighth grade or higher.

For most eighth grade titans, outsiders, and Ancientbeasts, as long as they managed to secure their hearts, or prismatic crystals for the Phantasms, they could be reborn with the help of a ninth or tenth grade senior of their race.

Eighth grade ones still had to rely on their seniors to finish the process.

However, as long as ninth grade outsider grand patriarchs still had their hearts intact, they would be able to channel flesh power and bring themselves back to life with no external assistance.

As for tenth grade grand monarchs, a drop of Blood Essence was enough for them to regenerate their bones, flesh, and blood, and eventually come back to life.

For this reason, many tenth grade grand monarchs would leave a drop of their Blood Essence in their race’s holy land before marching off to battle.

This way, even if they perished away from home, that drop of Blood Essence would allow them to rebuild their bodies and come back to life.

Therefore, tenth grade grand monarchs were very hard to kill completely. There was even a saying that they couldn’t be annihilated.

As difficult as they were to eliminate, once their reserved Blood Essence was destroyed, so was their chance at being reborn.

Furthermore, being reborn wouldn’t change their lifespan.

Their Blood Essence, hearts, and every part of their bodies was branded with their Bloodline Crystal Chains, which carried the memories of their lifespan.

Aside from that, their grades would also plunge after their rebirth. They would have to climb back to their original grades. Even though it would take them much less time to do so than advancing to such grades for the first time, it would still take a significant amount of time.

Jing Feiyang and the other two’s words allowed Nie Tian to come to a brand new understanding of outsider rebirths.

Because of this, he suddenly understood how he had managed to activate the Flame Dragon Armor’s Blood Core, and regenerate Bloodline Crystal Chains for the Bone Blood Demon.

Both the Flame Dragon Armor and the Bone Blood Demon had been at the eighth grade when they had been alive, and their hearts hadn’t been destroyed when they had died. That had given them the chance to be revived.

Originally, they would need flame dragons and Bonebrutes that were at the ninth grade or higher to reforge the Bloodline Crystal Chains in their hearts and bring them back to life.

His bloodline was one of a kind. It had the incredible effect of restoring life to the hearts of the Flame Dragon Armor and the Bone Blood Demon.

As for the bone from a Star Behemoth...

The grade of that Star Behemoth had definitely been higher than that of the Flame Dragon Armor or the Bone Blood Demon. It had either been at the ninth grade or the tenth grade.

A drop of Blood Essence alone would allow a tenth grade outsider grand monarch to come back to life, though rigorous conditions had to be met in order for it to happen.

The same might be true of Star Behemoths.

However, unlike Demons, Phantasms, and other outsiders, Star Behemoths were incredibly enormous beings from ancient times. It was unknown what would be able to bring them back to life.

Zhu Yun from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace had said that the Star Behemoth might actually be able to come back to life by relying on that bone alone. However, she had also said that she wouldn’t worry about that, since it would take an astronomical amount of flesh power, among other things, to restore life to it. It was impossible that Nie Tian could make that happen.

The thought of the fact that Star Behemoths would devour realms once they were awakened made Nie Tian realize that the idea of him reviving one with a few drops of his Blood Essence was laughable.

As the three of them continued to fly through the dense forest at a high speed, Nie Tian shrewdly sensed that the Godspirit Tree sapling in his wood power core was quietly channeling wood power from his surroundings.

Furthermore, the way it channeled wood power from its surroundings was not as overbearing as the way the Wood Thriving Formation did it. Its way was much milder.

“Full-grown Godspirit Trees can channel dissociative wood power from the boundless starry river, and use it to nourish the realm it’s in, filling it with life force. As a result, every tree and plant in the realm will grow at a much faster rate. But there’s still a long way to go before this sapling grows into a real Godspirit Tree.

“I’ll have to spend a long time nourishing it with wood power from various sources. But there’s an essential difference between this sapling and those three leaves. Given enough time and nurturing, it will eventually grow into a Godspirit Tree, a Heaven Nourished grade spiritual material.

“Once it’s grown, I’ll be able to refine it into my own domain, vesting it with all sorts of wonders!”

With these thoughts, Nie Tian examined the sapling with rapt attention. He saw that it was quite small and only had a few branches, but hadn’t grown a single leaf.

Only when it grew more branches and leaves would it truly be considered a Godspirit Tree.

At that time, he would be able to rely on it to channel wood power, which normal people wouldn’t even be able to detect, from the depths of the vast starry river.

Before long, the four of them returned to the place where Dong Li and the others were garrisoned.

Standing on the Star Boat, Dong Li asked as soon as she saw Nie Tian, “How come it took you so long this time? So? How did it go?”

Nie Tian grinned. “It’s done. We destroyed the sixth spatial tunnel, and took out all three eighth grade outsiders, along with the low-grade ones that were guarding it. They didn’t have a chance to spread word of our arrival. 

“Alright, enough talking. Let’s move on to our next target!”

Everyone was both surprised and delighted to hear these words.

Without any delay, Nie Tian flew onto the Star Boat and steered it towards a distant frigid area filled with snow-capped mountains. The Saint and Void domain experts followed along.

Their next target was located in the middle of that frigid area.

Time flew. Two months passed in the blink of an eye...

Strong, frigid wind whizzed by, hurting their faces. Snow-capped mountains and glaciers stretched as far as the eye could see.

This freezing-cold region was only in a remote corner of this continent, which probably didn’t take up one-tenth of its total area. However, it seemed boundless to everyone on Nie Tian’s team.

Fan Kai from the Heaven Palace Sect unleashed his soul awareness to scan his surroundings as he said to Nie Tian in a soft voice, “This place is similar to the Realm of Endless Ice in the Domain of the Falling Stars, but larger. And the frigid aura here is ten times stronger than there too.”

 “This continent is far too vast,” Dong Li chimed in with mixed emotions. “This area alone covers an area larger than a whole realm in the Domain of the Falling Stars. Only after walking out of the Domain of the Falling Stars did we see how puny and weak we are. Before, we were like frogs sitting in a dried-up well, wondering what the outside world was like. Only when we finally got out did we realize that the Domain of the Falling Stars was even not worth mentioning in this boundless starry river.”

Nie Tian sighed. “We won’t have any external help with the seventh spatial tunnel. Let’s hope the outsiders guarding it are easy to deal with.” 

“We’ve got to make it quick too,” Jing Feiyang said. “We’ve already destroyed six spatial tunnels and killed a large number of outsiders. The others may notice something if we take too long.”

“Speed up, everyone!” Nie Tian exclaimed softly.

Like a bolt of lightning, the Star Boat flew at full speed in the frigid wind, with him and Dong Li standing on it.

A bone-piercing cold aura pervaded heaven and earth. Even Nie Tian’s blood flow slowed down because of it.

The deeper they marched into this area, the stronger the frigid aura became. Soon, Dong Li started to have a hard time warding off the cold.

As she cursed in a low voice, her black tortoise flew out of her sleeve, wagging its head.

It seemed to have been slumbering before. Even after flying out of Dong Li’s sleeve, it crouched lazily on the Star Boat, as if it couldn’t keep its eyes open.

Staring at the black tortoise, Dong Li seemed both adoring and discontent as she said, “This lazy little thing ate like crazy in the Lizardman domain. But since then, it has done nothing but sleep all day long, as if it was dead. But its bloodline power seems to have increased sharply recently. This place has become too cold for me. I need its help.”

Only then did the black tortoise gradually wake up and see Nie Tian. It rapidly ran to him and rubbed its head against his foot in a very affectionate manner.

With a wry face, Dong Li berated it, “What are you doing?! I’m the one who’s your master, okay?! I carry you around all the time, and give you things to eat and drink. Now look at you. You’re like you’re seeing your real father!”

Nie Tian laughed broadly. “That’s actually not wrong. I am its father!” 

Dong Li shot a nasty look at him. “Then what am I?” 

“What do you think? You’re its mother.” Nie Tian said naturally.

A laugh escaped Dong Li’s mouth. “You can’t get ivory from a dog’s mouth...” (Idiom: a filthy mouth can’t utter decent language)

Then, as she gently poked the black tortoise with her foot, a black aura rose from the mysterious patterns on its shell. As soon as the aura enveloped Dong Li, it expelled the frigid cold from her body, freeing her from the afflicting influence.

At the same time, an illusory black phoenix spirit quietly rose into the air from behind her head.

As it did, it cheered soundlessly, as if it was in a very good mood.

Taken aback, Dong Li went blank briefly before suddenly asking Nie Tian to stop. “My black phoenix beast spirit seems to have soared in this heaven and earth before!”


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