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As a full frontal battle broke out, all of the human experts left their air-transportation spiritual tools.

Their domains became their sharpest weapons in battle.

Nie Tian was the only one who was still standing on his Star Boat. Due to the uniqueness of his body, he had trouble supporting his own weight in the air with just his spiritual power, which meant he couldn’t fly about as freely as other Qi warriors.

As the Star Boat soared high into the sky, he gazed down at the battlefield.

He saw swarms of Lizardmen converging on them from ahead of them and behind them.

In the center of the battlefield, the six Saint domain Qi warriors were fighting the ninth grade Lizardmen.

Farther from the center, several dozen eighth grade Lizardmen were fighting Void domain Qi warriors.

Even farther off, hundreds of seventh grade Lizardmen were gathered in groups.

They seemed to have been astonished by the human invaders’ battle prowess, and were apprehensive about the aftermath of the battle between the more powerful. Therefore, they hadn’t rushed onto the battlefield.

They were well-aware that any bit of power that shot out of a Saint domain expert’s domain would be more than powerful enough to destroy them.

Even the magics the Void domain experts used to attack the eighth grade Lizardman warriors could inflict great damage on them.

For that reason, most of the seventh grade Lizardmen had been observing at the perimeter of the battlefield.

“Seventh grade Lizardmen are roughly as powerful as Soul realm human experts. However, since these Lizardmen don’t seem to know any soul magics, nor do they have any powerful weapons, their actual battle prowess might be slightly inferior to that of Soul realm experts. On the other hand, my bloodline is currently at the sixth grade. By relying on my exquisite incantations, tough body, and the three types of power I practice, I might be able to match them in battle.

“Not to mention that I have the Star Boat, which can help me both attack and retreat.”

After pondering for a while, he finally decided to stop watching the battle with his hands wrung, but join the battle.

The Star Boat then flew around the area where Saint and Void domain experts were fighting the ninth and eighth grade Lizardmen, lest the aftermath of their battle blast him.

He chose the area where Huang Jinnan was fighting the group of Lizardmen that had destroyed their teleportation portal.

The Bone Blood Demon happened to be in this area as well, so if there was a mishap, he would also be able to summon it to assist him in battle.

Like a falling star, the Star Boat flashed to an area where close to a hundred seventh grade Lizardmen were scattered in different spots.

Part of the reason they did that was because they were worried that some Saint domain expert might notice them and eliminate them all with an overwhelming strike.

By scattering in different spots, they lowered that risk to the minimum.

However, Nie Tian’s arrival put a shade of red in the eyes of these seventh grade Lizardmen.

They were just feeling frustrated about the fact that they weren’t strong enough to join their eighth and ninth grade members in fighting powerful invaders.

Now that they saw that a weaker invader had flown over on a spiritual tool, they all roared wildly as they pounced on Nie Tian, as if they had been injected with chicken blood. (This is a widely-used saying that means: to be very excited or energetic)


A Lizardman that was about eight meters long stomped the rock under his feet into pieces as he bounced high into the sky.

Nie Tian didn’t attack with his Star Boat. He even descended to approach that Lizardman.

This Lizardman warrior had grayish-brown skin, with tough scales covering most of his body. His long, scaled tail that looked like a huge saw gave off an ice-cold luster.

“Flaming Finger Swords!” As Nie Tian exclaimed these words, ten streaks of flames that looked like sharp flaming swords shot out of his fingertips.

Nie Tian then leapt off the Star Boat. As fizzing sounds came from his fingertips, flame power was rapidly channeled from his flame power core to condense into thin swords that extended from his fingertips.


Like crimson steel needles, the ten sharp flaming swords pierced into the Lizardman’s solid scales.

However, his scales shattered in a split second, and flames that carried Heavenflame Essence pierced into his flesh, setting him on fire.

Letting out a pained cry, the seventh grade Lizardman flung his long tail that looked like a steel saw towards Nie Tian’s chest.

In the next moment, Nie Tian felt a scorching pain in his chest. He looked down, and saw that his flesh had been cut open, and blood was oozing from a gash.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered slightly. “That was close.”

He felt with great clarity that the Lizardman’s sharp tail had cut down to his crystallized breastbone, and had there been stopped.

If the Lizardman hadn’t faced him, but another human cultivator, that poor guy would have been cut in two already.

Without any hesitation, he activated his bloodline talent. “Life Strengthening!”

Vigorous life power then rushed out of his internal organs, bones, flesh, and blood.

The immense life power instantly triggered changes in his body, causing his muscles to bulge, and a flesh aura to rise from and envelop him. Immediately afterwards, the flesh aura condensed into a hard scaly layer that covered his whole body like a suit of armor.

As mysterious gold and silver patterns appeared on the scaly layer, he assumed an inhuman form.

Under such a form, his self-healing ability rose to a whole other level. Adding in Heavenly Wood Heal’s healing effect, the gash in his chest healed within moments.

Then, with a cunning laugh, Nie Tian made a fist with his large hand and hammered it onto the Lizardman’s sharp tail.

The punch sent this seventh grade Lizardman plummeting towards the ground.

“Flame Dragon Cry!”

As blazing flame power was summoned from within Nie Tian’s flame power core, a lifelike dragon made of flames flew out of his palm.

At the same time, the flame spark within his flame power core, which he had gained from the Divine Flame through trade, suddenly became unusually active.

Bits of Heavenflame Essence sputtered as the dragon of flame swooped down towards the falling seventh grade Lizardman with a devastating momentum.


Bombarded by the dragon of flame, scales split and flew from the seventh grade Lizardman.

After a flesh aura ward he had hastily formed around him was torn apart by the dragon of flame, he was engulfed in raging flames.

The flames were mixed with Heavenflame Essence and flame power from the flame spark in a profound method derived from the True Flame Incantation.

The seventh grade Lizardman couldn’t put out this kind of flame, no matter how hard he tried.

He wailed nonstop as his body, which was close to ten meters long, gradually turned black and crashed to the ground.

He struggled to roll himself into a green puddle, where the flames burning his body finally died out bit by bit.

As soon as the flames went out, he charged out of the marshland once again. Even though he had lost many of his scales and his body had turned black, he still had rich life force running within him.

At that moment, more seventh grade Lizardmen shot skywards to surround Nie Tian.

Seeing this, Nie Tian returned to his Star Boat with his unwieldy flying skills.

The Star Boat then shot through a gap in the Lizardmen’s forming blockade.

After flying to another location, he engaged in battle with another Lizardman.

After casting Heavenly Wood Thorns, flame power incantations, star power incantations, and his bloodline talents successively, his second opponent was soon knocked out of the air.


Several scarlet blood strings that were the condensation of his flesh power flew out of Nie Tian’s hands, piercing into the falling Lizardman.

“Life Drain!”

Like leeches, the blood strings rapidly sucked flesh power out of the seventh grade Lizardman.

As the blood strings that were originally the size of hairs expanded to the size of human fingers, the Lizardman’s robust body shriveled and dried up.

Fear filled the grayish-green eyes in his head, which was similar to a human’s.

He felt that his flesh power was leaving him in a strange manner due to the existence of the blood strings.

However, this was a skill he had never seen or heard before.


After sucking flesh power to their fill, the blood strings flew back to Nie Tian.

The flesh power they fused into Nie Tian greatly lifted his spirits, making him realize that he had found the most effective way to kill these Lizardmen. “With my unique bloodline!”

Nie Tian laughed wildly as he drove the Star Boat to avoid the Lizardmen that hoped to surround him. He only stopped in remote locations where he could attack separated Lizardmen.

From time to time, strings of his flesh aura flew out of him and pierced into Lizardmen that were separated from their friends.

Life Drain helped him absorb flesh power from one Lizardman after another, so that he had the power to keep fighting.

“These Lizardmen are clearly not as powerful as Phantasms or Demons. They don’t know any incredible bloodline magics, or how to use their soul power. Nor do they have any powerful tools or weapons that could improve their battle prowess. I, however, have plenty of resources I can turn to in battle, which allows me to slay their seventh grade members even though my bloodline is only at the sixth grade.”

Very calm and composed, Nie Tian repeatedly avoided the Lizardmen that hoped to trap him by relying on the Star Boat’s high speed, picked separated Lizardman to kill, and used their copious flesh power to strengthen himself with the help of Life Drain.


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