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Five thousand kilometers away, a rough-looking city stood on an ice-cold wasteland.

The whole city seemed to be built with piles of different kinds of rock, and nothing more. The stone pavilions were of different heights and scattered in a disorderly manner. The city walls weren’t carved with a single spell formation.

This was the Lizardman capital, their largest and oldest city in this realm.

Humans, high-tier Demons, Phantasms, and many other intelligent races would usually build cities with fancy relief sculptures, magnificent statues, and exquisite spell formations.

This Lizardman capital, however, didn’t have any fancy adornments. It appeared to be only used for residence. It didn’t even have the most basic defense system.

At this moment, the large number of Lizardmen gathered within the city were glaring skywards and roaring nonstop.


Numerous pieces of shattered meteors sailed across the heavens and plummeted towards them with loud whooshes.

Many pieces were even larger than human ancient starships. They pierced through the clouds and plunged towards the Lizardman capital with devastating momentum.

Even the smaller ones were larger than tables. After accelerating over a long period of time, they also carried shocking momentum.


Some powerful Lizardmen that were more than ten meters tall rose into the sky to intercept the plummeting meteors with their long tails.

These seventh and eighth grade Lizardman warriors ignited their flesh power and shot towards the incoming meteors like cannonballs.

At this moment, the meteors that shouldn’t have threatened them at all became a disaster that fell upon them.


As the meteor pieces exploded one after another, the seventh and eighth grade Lizardmen let out strange cries.

Some of them threw themselves at the meteors in attempts to stop them. Even though their bodies were as solid as metal, upon collision with the meteor pieces, their muscles and veins bulged, and their flesh split, leaving deep gashes.

Even so, more pieces fell out of the heavens, aiming at the Lizardman capital.

Within moments, agonized cries filled the city that was unprotected by spell formations. One stone pavilion after another toppled, and countless Lizardmen were bombarded to death by meteor pieces.

At that moment, a ninth grade Lizardman that was noticeably taller than the other Lizardmen flew over from the distance, roaring furiously.

As he did, he flashed about in midair to whip the large pieces of meteors with his exceptionally long tail, reducing them to dust, so that they wouldn’t fall on the city, causing even heavier casualties.

At the same time, he let out sharp, ear-piercing screams, which traveled far and wide.

The other ninth grade Lizardmen seemed to receive his signal, and flew over from different directions, howling madly as they did.

From the look of it, these powerful Lizardmen had long since been prepared for engagement.

It was just that they hadn’t been certain from which direction Nie Tian and the others would attack their capital. Therefore, they had been scattered in different directions.

They hadn’t expected that the meteors they had used as transportation tools would be turned into weapons to bombard their capital. By the time they returned to protect the city, countless broken pieces of the meteors had already inflicted heavy casualties on their people in the city.

A total of five ninth grade Lizardmen floated over their capital and constantly glanced around with eyes filled with anger and bloodlust.


A bolt of lightning flashed into view in the distance, but vanished in the next moment.

“Over there!” The Lizardman experts exclaimed in their own language, locking down their target.

Immediately afterwards, all of the seventh and eighth grade Lizardmen in the city that had survived the meteor bombardment rose into the sky, and flew in the direction of the lightning bolt under their experts’ leadership.

As they did, one of the Lizardmen blew on an odd-looking conch, giving rise to ear-piercing tunes that sounded like ghosts’ wails.

However, the tunes seemed to be able to defy space, and travel to extremely distant places in no time.

Another group of Lizardmen, who had destroyed the teleportation portal, heard them, and received the information they contained. They rapidly converged on the location where Nie Tian and the others were garrisoned.

Gazing into the distant sky, Lou Hongyan was surprisingly calm. The flames of anticipation even flickered in the depths of her eyes as she said, “What’s bound to happen happens eventually.”

Apparently, she had long since been prepared for a fierce battle.


Like a bolt of lightning, Nie Tian and the late Saint domain expert stopped abruptly before her.

The expert threw Nie Tian towards his Star Boat and said, “The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s core legacy incantations are indeed impressive. They allowed you to manipulate those falling meteors to clash with each other before crashing into the Lizardman capital with great precision. Just like that, you dealt a heavy blow to those savage beasts.”

Upon hearing this, the other Saint domain and Void domain experts all had impressed looks on their faces.

Even though Nie Tian was only at the Profound realm, he was able to manipulate those meteors with Starfall.

Not only had he caused heavy casualties to the Lizardmen that had clung on those meteors, but he had also inflicted great damage by bombarding the Lizardman capital with the broken pieces.

If the Lizardmen hadn’t happened to travel back and forth between realms on meteors, Nie Tian wouldn’t possibly have been able to deal the Lizardmen such a heavy blow.

“It won’t be long before all of the Lizardman experts get here.” Nie Tian sat down in the lotus position on his Star Boat, panting. He took out Star Stones to recover his strength with the star power within them.

It was very consuming to cast Starfall. It had only lasted moments, yet he had lost thirty percent of the concentrated star power within his star power core.

His nine star souls had also lost a noticeable amount of soul power.

At this moment, Huang Jinnan was sitting on top of that mountain of Golden Obsidian and carving profound spell formations into it with a golden knife he had condensed with his metal power and soul power.

As the spell formations gradually came to form, more and more of the immense metal power within the mountain of Golden Obsidian was channeled into them.

In Nie Tian’s senses, the entire mountain seemed to have been turned into a sharp weapon, which would display shocking might once the spell formations were complete.

Brow furrowed, Lou Hongyan said, “All of the Lizardman experts will probably be here in less than two days. If the ninth grade Lizardmen decide to not wait for the weaker ones, they might be able to get here in just a few hours.”

Yang Fan, the late Saint domain expert, looked composed and confident as he said, “Let’s wait here for those savage beasts then. This realm seems solid enough. Even if we go all-out in battle, it should be able to survive.”

“It won’t matter if it can survive your battle or not. Don’t hold back,” Lou Hongyan said with an expressionless face. “Since this realm isn’t wreathed in rich spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, it’s not an ideal place for us to set up a branch in.  Even if it collapses, as long as we take all of the valuable spiritual materials with us, this trip of ours will count as a success.”

Upon hearing her words, everyone laughed, and seemed even more sure of themselves.

One of the experts gave a disdainful smile. “They’re nothing but a bunch of uncivilized beasts. They don’t even have their own ancient starships. I can’t believe they actually rely on meteors to travel back and forth between realms.  None of the outsider races we know would control meteors with their bloodline power in order to transport their people between realms.

“I’m afraid this domain has been in a closed state for a long time, and the Lizardmen here don’t have any contact with the intelligent races in the outside world.

“Technically, they shouldn’t be counted as a weak race, since they have ninth grade warriors. It’s a pity that their civilization is backwards.”

A lively discussion went on between the experts, from which Nie Tian could tell that they all made light of the Lizardmen they were about to fight.

It was as if they had all started to think that the ninth grade Lizardmen would be far less formidable than the Demon and Phantasm grand patriarchs, and that they would be able to defeat them effortlessly.

A complicated feeling rose in Nie Tian’s heart as he heard their conversations.

Back when he hadn’t left the Domain of the Falling Stars, he had witnessed two outsider invasions. If they hadn’t defended their home with everything within their power, the Domain of the Falling Stars would have fallen long ago, and the people there would have been plunged into misery and suffering.

Back then, he had been the one to be invaded. Now, he was the one to invade the home of another race.

Meanwhile, over a very long period of time, the human race had been sad and miserable. Many powerful outsider races would use them as sacrificial offerings for their gods. Countless humans had been butchered, their flesh and souls offered to outsider gods.

After countless years of struggle, humans finally found the key to cultivation, and grew powerful. However, the things they were doing now were no different from what the outsiders had done to them.

Wars between different races took place in every corner of the starry river all the time, and they were incomparably cruel.

Since the moment he had set foot in this domain and learned that it was inhabited by an outsider race, he had known that a battle was inevitable, especially now that their teleportation portal had been destroyed, and retreat was no longer an option.

“All I can hope for now is that those Lizardman experts are as weak as they think they are.”


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