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Time flew. Months passed in the blink of an eye.

During this time, Nie Tian returned to the Realm of Maelstrom and met the clanmasters of the Jian Clan, the Guan Clan, and the Chu Clan, who promised that they would follow Nie Tian and take his commands from now on.

Afterwards, they left.

Then, from the Divine Seal Sect, Nie Tian learned that Zhao Shanling and Pei Qiqi seemed to have vanished completely.

No one from the Domain of Heaven Python had seen them anywhere, nor had the Void Spirit Society disciples found any trace of them.

Therefore, Nie Tian wasn’t very concerned about their safety.

Other than Patriarch Pure Heaven, who was still in secluded cultivation, there wasn’t a single voice in the Domain of Heaven Python, the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, or the Domain of the Falling Stars that opposed him, who the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace had named the seventh Son of the Stars.

Nie Tian summoned the Pure Heaven Sect, but word came back saying that they would rather wait for Patriarch Pure Heaven to come out of his secluded cultivation to determine where their future lay.

Since he didn’t show up, Nie Tian didn’t have a reason to make any moves against the Pure Heaven Sect.

After forming an alliance with Nie Tian, Xie Qian returned to the Domain of Vast Darkness with his daughter and son.

Like Jing Feiyang, he also went into secluded cultivation soon after his return.

Both of them hoped to fully digest the new understandings they had gained from Nie Tian, so that they would be able to further refine their domains, and perhaps even make new breakthroughs in their cultivation.

Nie Tian, however, returned to the Domain of the Falling Stars after everything settled down, and focused on his own cultivation in the grand palace left by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Place.

It took him about six months to regenerate the three drops of Blood Essence he had given away.

During this time, his bloodline aura remained dormant, and didn’t show any sign of awakening new bloodline talents. Therefore, he spent some time perfecting his mastery of the True Flame Incantation and Flame Dragon’s Cry.


A streak of fierce flames suddenly flew out to hover in the sky in front of the grand palace in the Realm of Split Void.

The flame that was a mixture of flame power from within Nie Tian’s flame power core and his flesh power soon took the form of a dragon that was lifelike and more than ten meters long.

“The Flame Dragon Armor!” As he exclaimed these words inwardly, the Flame Dragon Armor flew skywards to join the flame dragon he had created with Flame Dragon’s Cry.

Then, as flame power within the Flame Dragon Armor’s Blood Core fused into the flame dragon, it seemed to be vested with new life, and suddenly expanded five times over.

The flame dragon that was close to a hundred meters long roared as it soared into the heavens and dove towards the earth.

Eventually, the flame dragon plunged into one of the huge craters that could be seen everywhere in the Realm of Split Void.


The giant meteor at the bottom of the crater exploded upon receiving a great impact from the plunging flame dragon. After the explosion, bits of Heavenflame Essence could be seen burning on the broken pieces of the meteor.

“This strike is so mighty that it would devastate any Profound realm cultivator...” Li Langfeng marveled inwardly.

Then, he said, “Nie Tian, this Earth grade incantation you obtained from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace seems to suit you perfectly. It allows you to mix your flesh power with your flame power. And the Flame Dragon Armor can help amplify its might with its own flame power.”

Nie Tian smiled. “You seem to be doing great yourself.” 

By this time, Li Langfeng had already refined the cluster of pale flames that contained corpse toxins into himself.

Thanks to it, he had advanced to the late Profound realm from the middle Profound realm. Also, by drawing on that cluster of pale flames, he could fuse the dead with flame sparks that carried corpse toxins, raising them and turning them into ghouls.

Even now, Li Langfeng was still deriving new enlightenment from that cluster of pale flames, and making rapid progress in cultivation. If this continued, he might even be able to enter the Soul realm within a short time.

“This is all thanks to you, Nie Tian,” Li Langfeng said with a humble tone. “That cluster of mysterious corpse flame you gave me has helped a lot.”

Dong Li was standing beside him with the black tortoise resting at her feet. She sounded somewhat frustrated as she said, “I’m really curious as to how you practice cultivation. How is it possible that you managed to enter the middle Profound realm after such a short time? With luck and the help of this seventh grade black tortoise, I barely managed to advance to the early Profound realm from the late Worldly realm.

“When I did, I thought I finally caught up to you. Who would have thought you’d make another breakthrough in cultivation after your trip to the Domain of Endless Snow?”

Li Langfeng chimed in with a serious face, “Miss, the speed at which your cultivation advances is actually very impressive. Your father and your uncles are all at the late Profound realm. You’re so much younger than them, but you’ve already entered the early Profound realm. You should be proud of yourself.

“Besides, that black tortoise was born to be at the seventh grade. It’s potential is unparalleled. You’re bound to rise above all the seniors of your clan. Perhaps you’ll even have a chance to become the future sectmaster of the Beast-controlling Sect!”

“My destiny has changed since the day I met Nie Tian,” Dong Li said with a bright smile. “Because of this guy, I’ve had so many incredible encounters, and made rapid breakthroughs. Even this black tortoise is also a gift from him. Since its attribute matches mine perfectly, it’s of great help to my cultivation.”

With these words, she snuggled into Nie Tian’s arms, affection filling her eyes.

Keh! Keh!

Hua Mu suddenly appeared. Smiling at Nie Tian and Dong Li, he said, “How I envy you youngsters!”

“Uncle Hua!” Looking surprised and overjoyed, Nie Tian took a deep look at him. “How are you doing? Did you gain something from that Heavenequal Vine?”

Since he had officially become the seventh Son of the Stars, the stone gates to the two ancient palaces in the Realm of Split Void and the Realm of Shattered Earth had opened up automatically.

People in the Realm of Split Void wouldn’t have to go through him anymore to enter the palace and teleport to the Realm of Shattered Earth.

As such, Hua Mu had traveled back and forth.

Nie Tian hadn’t returned to the Realm of Shattered Earth yet after taking Hua Mu there before embarking on his journey to the Domain of Endless Snow.

He was well-aware that the Realm of Shattered Earth was a blessed land for people who practiced the five elemental powers, as they would be able to derive brand new incantations and further their cultivations there.

He had arranged for Dong Li and Li Langfeng to be in charge of deciding who would go practice cultivation in the Realm of Shattered Earth while he was away.

As it turned out, the two of them did a good job arranging for talented youngsters from sects all over the Domain of the Falling Stars to take turns to practice cultivation in the Realm of Shattered Earth.

Hua Mu smiled even wider as he said, “That Heavenly Demonsbane inside of me seems to have been vested with mysterious power by that colossal plant. Not only has it fully recovered its strength, but I’ve also come to new enlightenment myself. I only came back here because I feel like I’m ready to make my breakthrough into the Void domain.”

At that moment, one figure after another walked out of the palace to where Nie Tian and Hua Mu were standing.

They were Ye Qin, Qin Yan, Gu Haofeng, Chen Hao, and other juniors who had just returned from the Realm of Shattered Earth. All of them had come to new enlightenment and returned to the Domain of the Falling Stars to make their breakthroughs in cultivation.

Upon seeing these juniors, Dong Li smiled and pressed herself into Nie Tian’s arms even more.

Qin Yan saw through what she was doing right away. Rolling her eyes, she said, “Will you stop showing off? We all know that Nie Tian is yours. No one is going to try taking him away... Even though you don’t excel at anything, I’ve got to admit that your taste in men is impeccable.”

Xuan Yue and the others nodded along.

Even though Qin Yan was making a joke, she felt somewhat regretful deep down. “If I had met him before Dong Li, would I have been able to win his heart instead? This man is destined to become a star that shines across the starry river. How come I didn’t seize the opportunity when it wasn’t too late?”

Xuan Yue and a few other noble girls from across the Domain of the Falling Stars had nothing but jealousy in their eyes as they looked at Dong Li, who was holding Nie Tian so tightly as if she wanted to merge with him.

All of them envied her for being so lucky that she was with the person who might be the most preeminent man in their part of the starry river.

Dong Li chuckled. “You don’t have to envy me. I bet you’ll meet your Mr. Right very soon. Now that a connection has been established between the Domain of the Falling Stars and the outside world, we’ll be able to travel to the Domain of Heaven Python, the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, and domains that are even more advanced. Our world has just expanded. Men who are just as brilliant as Nie Tian might be waiting for you.”

Xue Yue curled her lips. “How many men do you think there are in this starry river who are as brilliant as Nie Tian?”

“Alright, alright. I’m also under a lot of pressure, okay?” With these words, Dong Li turned and shot Nie Tian a nasty look. “Both my senior martial sister Yin Yanan and the Holy Daughter from the Bliss Mountain Sect in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries also have their eyes on him. I’ve also heard that the sectmaster of the Water Moon Sect from the Domain of Vast Darkness is hoping to marry his daughter to him.

“I don’t even know whether this bastard will abandon me someday.”

She seemed both playful and sincere as she said these words.

Nie Tian gave her a bitter smile. “That’s nonsense. I have no feelings for Yin Yanan or Mu Biqiong. As for that daughter of the Xie Clan, I barely know her.”

“You barely know her? Then why did her father rush to your aid in the Domain of Endless Snow, bringing almost every powerful expert in their sect?” Dong Li confronted him with wide eyes.

“That’s because I helped his daughter in the Shatter Battlefield,” Nie Tian explained.

Dong Li snorted. “I don’t care. I just want you to stay away from all those sluts.” 

“Okay, okay, okay,” Nie Tian said, looking helpless.

While he had a headache over the situation, Duan Shihu walked out of the teleportation portal that led to the Realm of Maelstrom, and called out, “Huang Jinnan has come to find you in the Domain of Heaven Python, junior martial brother.”


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