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On the nineteenth floor of the Records Pavilion in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s headquarters.

Countless scrolls and books were stocked to the ceiling of the spacious round floor. Many were covered in dust, while others seemed to have been read recently, their pages worn out.

A large number of Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace disciples were choosing their books in different locations.

Every book and scroll on this floor was about flame power incantations.

Those who hadn’t found the books they wanted floated around like feathers.

However, once they found the records they needed, they would find a place in the spacious hall to sit and imprint the contents of the books in their minds.

After entering the Profound realm, every Qi warrior would gain the ability to fly without exterior support.

Most of the Qi warriors here were at the Profound realm or higher, and all of them practiced flame power incantations.

Nie Tian started wandering around.

As he did, many who had recognized Tao Jin, and thus realized who Nie Tian was, stopped what they were doing and fixed Nie Tian with measuring gazes.

It was forbidden to speak aloud in the Records Pavilion. Therefore, they all examined him in silence, and were soon surprised by the fact that he also practiced flame power.

They found it hard to believe that this Son of the Stars actually practiced flame power incantations.

The star power incantations were the core of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s legacies. As a Son of the Stars, Nie Tian had access to the most powerful and profound of them all.

Many Sons of the Stars spent their whole lives learning those secret incantations, but still failed to climb to the peak.

Humans had limited lifespans. Even their current sectmaster chose to solely practice star power incantations, fearing that if he were distracted, he would waste his time and die before he could make his next breakthrough in cultivation.

Like their sectmaster, all of the other Sons of the Stars also practiced star power incantations and nothing else.

Therefore, the fact that the seventh Son of the Stars had shown up on the nineteenth floor on the first day he had arrived in their headquarters came as quite a shock to all of them.

Many of them asked questions inwardly, but didn’t say anything out loud.

“The path of cultivation is a time-consuming one. Practicing an additional type of power will take a big part of a cultivator’s time. Even if he has the energy for it, will he have the time?”

“I wonder what this Son of the Stars is thinking. He has access to our top star power incantations, yet he’s distracting himself by learning flame power incantations. What an eccentric man.”


After a while, they discovered that Nie Tian didn’t pay any attention to any of them, but instead focused on looking through the records. Their curiosity gradually disappeared, and they went back to their own business.

The Records Pavilion remained soundless the whole time.

Tao Jin sat silently in a corner, like an old monk meditating.

Nie Tian, however, would take a book from the sea of books and scrolls every once in a while, and find a place to browse through and memorize its contents. Then, he would rise to his feet to look for new ones.

Just the records on the nineteenth floor alone were so vast that they dazzled his eyes.

By accident, he found records of the Flame Spirit Incantation.

At the beginning of the book, it read that the Flame Spirit Incantation was a sixth level Medium grade incantation.

Apparently, like spiritual tools, incantations and spells were also graded.

They could be divided into Elementary grade, Medium grade, Premium grade, Earth grade, and Heaven grade.

Each of the Elementary, Medium, and Premium grades could be subdivided into seven levels.

The incantations at these three grades suited Qi warriors who hadn’t reached the Profound realm.

Earth grade incantations suited Profound realm, Worldly realm, and Soul realm Qi warriors.

Heaven grade incantations, however, were the most complicated and profound of all, since they involved the use of domains.

Nie Tian discovered that he could only find Elementary grade, Medium grade, Premium grade, and Earth grade incantations and spells on this floor.

He didn’t find a single Heaven grade incantation or spell.

Normally speaking, Qi warriors with low cultivation bases were better off starting with Elementary grade incantations before going up to Medium grade and Premium grade ones.

A process was necessary. Only after their understanding of flame power had risen to a certain level should they start learning Earth grade incantations.

This was because a solid foundation was very important, and cultivators needed to meet certain standards to learn Earth grade incantations.

If a cultivator tried to learn an Earth grade incantation before entering the Profound realm, he or she wouldn’t be able to make sense of it, much less practice it.

It was similar to how Nie Tian had learned the star power incantations in the three fragmentary star marks.

At first, he had only been able to learn Starshift and Starstrike from the first fragmentary star mark. Then, as his cultivation base improved, he had been able to derive Starchain and Starsoul from the second fragmentary star marks and practice them.

As for the content of the third fragmentary star mark, it was supposed to contain methods to build domains. But right now, his cultivation base was far too low, and he couldn’t even read it.

Nie Tian was aware that the legacies in the three fragmentary star marks must be far more important than any record in the Records Pavilion.

From the look of it, those incantations, which formed a complete cultivation system, were Heaven grade incantations.

They allowed those who practiced them to start low, but gradually work their way up, and accumulate enlightenment until they forged their own domains.

“The Flame Spirit Incantation is only a Medium grade incantation. Now that I’ve entered the Profound realm, I can practice more advanced flame power incantations.” With this thought in mind, he went through numerous books and scrolls to learn about all kinds of flame power incantations.

He soon discovered that many flame power incantations had completely different cultivation methods.

Some of the incantations required users to gather earthflame essence and fuse it into their spiritual cores in order to cast certain magics or refine their spiritual cores.

Some required users to channel power from Heaven Flame Beast remains or Heavenflame Crystals into their spiritual cores.

Some required users to absorb power from boiling lava.

Others were focused on the refinement of various types of special flames.

Different incantations had different cultivation methods. Each had their unique wonders.

Nie Tian continued to go through book after book, scroll after scroll. He would put them back whenever he discovered that they didn’t suit his needs.

There were easily tens of thousands of books and scrolls that recorded flame power incantations.

Nie Tian had a feeling that anyone who practiced flame power would be able to find the incantations they needed here.

The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace had fought countless wars throughout the starry river. The incantations they had gathered and created from various domains were all-embracing. Nie Tian couldn’t help but marvel at its reserve power.

He spent the following days on this floor, browsing through hundreds of ancient records, but none of them really suited his needs.

Eventually, he discovered an ancient book on one of the tall shelves. His eyes lit up as he scanned it.

It was about a flame power magic that was called Flame Dragon’s Cry, which according to the book was an Earth grade incantation.

According to the book, those who practiced this magic would be able to channel flame power and condense it into a dragon of flames.

The expert who had written this book had spent most of his life fighting flame dragons and other Ancientbeasts. The domain he had guarded bordered the flame dragons’ territory, and he had slain many flame dragons. Based on his understanding of flame power, he had derived enlightenment from the flame dragons’ battle skills, and eventually created this incantation.

“Flame Dragon’s Cry!” Holding the book, Nie Tian felt as if he had gained an invaluable treasure. Without hesitation, he found a corner to sit down and start reading carefully.

After reaching certain cultivation bases, cultivators would develop extraordinary, eidetic memories. Nie Tian just turned the pages and rapidly imprinted everything about Flame Dragon’s Cry in the depths of his mind.

As he did, the descriptive words of Flame Dragon’s Cry flew into his flame power sub-soul and became a part of it.

From now on, his flame power sub-soul would spend day and night deriving enlightenment of the cultivation method of this magic. After it gained an overall understanding of the magic, Nie Tian could step in and try to practice it himself.

This was how most disciples of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace practiced cultivation.

They would first pick incantations and magics they deemed suitable, then they would memorize everything about them.

Later, after they left the Records Pavilion, they would try to derive enlightenment from them whenever they had time.

Only after their understanding built up to certain levels would they attempt to practice them.

Thanks to his sub-souls, Nie Tian had an advantage when it came to learning new incantations.

His flame power sub-soul was separate from his true soul. Since it wouldn’t be distracted by anything that happened in the outside world, it could derive enlightenment from incantations unceasingly.

By the time he closed the book, he had already memorized everything about Flame Dragon’s Cry, and his flame power sub-soul was already starting to sort through the knowledge points.

Nie Tian then put the book back in its original place. However, he wasn’t in a hurry to leave. Instead, he continued browsing through other flame power incantations on this floor and fusing them into his flame power sub-soul.


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