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“Grandfather, let’s still go to the Lingyun Sect. There have been so many doctors, but none of them have found a cure. I don’t believe that that new one will be able to help!”

Nie Qian, for a long time, had been at her wits end. In her heart of hearts, she believed that only the Lingyun Sect’s powerful spirit warriors could cure Nie Tian’s strange disease. 

Nie Donghai also had a look of hesitation. 

Three days had passed. Not only the physicians from Dark Cloud City, but even the well-known physicians from other cities, upon hearing the news of a large reward, proposed method after method to alleviate the fever, but Nie Tian’s situation had yet to improve.

He had always revered the methods used by the Lingyun Sect’s spirit warriors and also believed that only the Lingyun Sect could help Nie Tian. 

“Master...” Just as Nie Donghai frowned while thinking, Han Yue sheepishly said, “That new physician doesn’t seem to be from around here. He said that if he fails, he’ll even let you, the head of the house, punish him.”

“Let me punish him?” Nie Donghai’s face moved minutely, “He undoubtedly knows that all previous doctors have failed and yet he still dares to blow hot air. Perhaps this person really has a special way?”

“Pass on my words. Let him come in quickly!”

“Okay.” Han Yue nodded, as he hurried away. 

A little while later, a small statured, dark-faced old man, carrying a small medicine chest, slowly walked in. 

The old man had prominent slender scars, that covered the area from his chin to his neck. These scars seemed to extend to the deepest parts of his chest, giving him a rather sinister appearance.

The old man’s eyes were covered with white spots and his pupils were extremely small, creating a sharp contrast with the terrifying scars. This all caused him to be somewhat eerie and frightening looking. 

Nie Donghai looked at him, his heart on guard, in order to secretly sense the old man’s spiritual power. But he found that the old man seemingly had no spiritual power. His body didn’t have a single trace of spirit power fluctuations. 

“I, old man Hua Mu passed through Dark Cloud City today, on my way to look for perennial herbs deep in the mountains. By coincidence, I heard your home had a child with a fever,” announced the old man, as he reported his name. With a deep and husky voice, he slowly continued, “I’ve been a doctor for many years, and this old man has as such obtained much knowledge in many incurable cases. I know I can help that child reduce his fever. Nie Family Lord, please, let me try.

During his speech, Hua Mu’s gaze passed over Nie Donghai and Nie Qian. Then he peeked over at the bedridden Nie Tian. 

When he looked at Nie Tian, a trace of excitement appeared in the white of his eyes, highlighting the strange luster of his eyes. 

“Do you really have full confidence in succeeding?” Nie Donghai asked, as his expression sank, “Before you, all of the neighboring and well-known doctors have tried, but each and every one of them has failed. My grandson’s fever did not subside in the slightest. If we cannot heal him quickly, I fear he won’t be able to continue to resist. I was just about leave for the Lingyun Sect and I do not wish to waste our valuable time because of your incompetence.”

Hua Mu withdrew his gaze, gently inhaled and closed his eyes. Then he suddenly opened them again and resolutely said, “If I can’t save him, then this old man will leave his head behind!”

“Okay!” Nie Donghai said with a startled expression. 

“Cut the crap! Get me a large barrel which is filled with hot water!” Hua Mu instructed. 

“We’ll listen to you!” Nie Donghai nodded heavily and immediately followed Hua Mu’s orders. 

Outside, the Nie Family’s servants, who had been anxiously waiting, began to hurriedly bustle around. 

Before long, the servants, under Han Yue’s direction, brought a large barrel filled with hot water into the middle of the room. 

“Nie Family Lord, please have everyone exit, including yourself. Except for me and this child, not a single person can stay inside the house.” Hua Mu looked upwards with an arrogant expression and continued, “This is this old man’s secret method and I cannot allow any other person to watch. It is this old man’s means of survival, so please be understanding, Nie Family Lord.”

“Grandfather, this... how can this be allowed? I have to keep looking after Little Tian!” Nie Qian resentfully said. 

“I’ve already promised you. If I can’t cure him, then I’ll leave my head behind!” Hua Mu rolled his eyes and coldly said, “This place is the Nie Family’s house. I have no spiritual powers and I am a foreign person. If I had evil intentions, how could I walk away from here alive?”

“Listen to him,” Nie Donghai pondered for a moment, before finally facing Hua Mu. With his eyes full of prayers, he sincerely said, “I, Nie Donghai, must first thank Mr. Hua. As long as Little Tian is cured, I will be very grateful!”

Hua Mu’s expression didn’t change, as he nodded his head.

“Everyone leave with me!” Nie Donghai shouted.

Under his command, everyone, even Nie Qian, had to temporarily leave the house.

- Bam! -

Nie Donghai personally closed the door to the room and sat down in front of it. He constantly took deep breaths to calm himself down, as he anxiously waited. 


“Father, another physician has come to save Nie Tian.” In one of the secret rooms of the Nie Family, Nie Han softly reported to the currently cultivating Nie Beichuan. 

Leaning on a freezing cold, black jade column, Nie Beichuan, with his body shrouded in cold air and an expression as cold as ice, said, “So there are still people that covet riches.”

He paused and coldly grinned, “Nie Donghai’s era is quickly nearing its end. How could it be so easy to have your family help to find other people? Over the years, in order to find Nie Tian’s father, where hasn’t he looked?”

“That’s true.” Nie Han chuckled loudly, “He doesn’t even know, that concealed within Father’s hand is one of the Lingyun Sect’s Replenishing Spirit Dans. A Replenishing Spirit Dan is a wondrous item. Nie Tian’s mysterious illness could be cured simply by swallowing this Dan. 

“Nie Hong is my eldest grandson. If it were Nie Hong that had this strange disease, I would’ve already given him this Replenishing Spirit Dan.” Nie Beichuan’s expression was apathetic. “Looking back to when Donghai and I fought to be master of the house, that was his most beautiful time. In order to become master of the house, he couldn’t leave me, his little brother, the slightest bit of face. However, things change with the passing of time. His luck has passed and it is now my time to seize this opportunity.” 

“Nie Tian, that kid... I always felt he was a bit strange and in my heart, I’ve always been a bit worried about him.” Nie Han frowned, “He’s obviously many levels below Hong, but he still managed to beat him, which was quite strange. Fortunately, he suddenly contracted some strange illness. Otherwise…. maybe in the future he would’ve become a real threat.”

“If Nie Tian were to unfortunately die due to this illness, then I fear that my brother’s sole moral pillar will collapse. Before long, he’ll be gone as well. As a result, I’ll no longer be hindered within the family,” Nie Beichuan said with a fervent expression.

“It will happen very soon in my opinion. You won’t have to wait too much longer,” Nie Han was also in high spirits.

“I was also thinking this way,” Nie Beichuan tilted his head.


Inside another room. 

As Nie Donghai waited for everyone to have left Nie Tian’s room, Hua Mu immediately picked his small medicine chest up and took several bottles and jars out. 

These bottles and jars were filled with liquids of all colors. The liquids exuded all kinds of strange odors through the corks of the bottles and jars. 

Some of the bottles had fragrant scents, some of the jars had sour scents, while others had pungent scents.

If Nie Donghai hadn’t left, some of the names marked on these medicine bottles and jars might’ve made him mad. 

All of the bottles of medicine were rare treasures in this world and as such, valued far beyond what Hua Mu would get as a reward. 

“The so-called generous rewards that you, Nie Donghai, offered, cannot compare to three drops of this netherworld water,” Hua Mu muttered, pouring the entirety of the medicine bottle filled to the brim with netherworld water into the barrel.

Once the netherworld water finished dripping into the barrel, threads of azure colored light hovered in the air before slowly submerging into the hot water. 

Hua Mu didn’t pause, emptying more bottles of medicine, one by one, into the barrel.

Unexpectedly, these bottles of medicine were of the same value as the netherworld water. They were more precious than almost any object in this world. 

But Hua Mu felt hardly any distress and without even the slightest hesitation, poured everything into the barrel.

Lightly exhaling with relief, Hua Mu moved to Nie Tian’s side. As he closely examined Nie Tian, his strange eyes began to give off a faint, green glow.

Hua Mu’s expression also became more serious as he gingerly reached out his palm and placed it under Nie Tian’s back. He gently lifted the unconscious and feverish Nie Tian, moving gently, fearing that Nie Tian would be uncomfortable. 

It looked as though he was holding a rare treasure, instead of a child.

He went to the big barrel and, very gently, lowered Nie Tian into the barrel. 

- Blub! Blub! Blub! -

As soon as Nie Tian was lying in the barrel, the hot water concoction that Hua Mu had made immediately began to boil, as though it had reached its boiling point.

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