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Aside from the sketchy map of the Shatter Battlefield, the cyan-colored inside of the Spirit Pearl was now divided into five sections that surrounded its soul.

Discarnate souls roamed every section.

Furthermore, each section had produced a outstandingly powerful evil spirit.

They seemed to be the ruler of their respective sections.

Nie Tian examined them with rapt attention, and sensed distinctive, unusual auras from every one of them.

The first section was filled with hatred. As soon as the wisp of his soul awareness flew into it, hatred rose uncontrollably in his heart, as if he had suddenly started to hate everything and everyone in this world.

Strong fear filled the second section. As soon as Nie Tian’s soul awareness entered it, he instantly felt fear rising from the depths of his heart.

Despair pervaded the third section. As Nie Tian’s soul awareness flew inside, nothing seemed to be able to interest him anymore. All he wanted to do was wait for his death.

Rage flooded the fourth section. Upon entering, he lost his calm state of mind and grew furious for no reason.

The fifth section was filled with a strong thirst for blood, which pushed him to kill every living thing he saw.

Each and every section was guarded and ruled by an exceptionally powerful evil spirit.

He sensed the same things from them as the section they were in, as if they had become one with their respective sections.

However, the sections were still centered around and took commands from the Spirit Pearl’s soul.

In his senses, Nie Tian felt as if the Spirit Pearl’s soul was its king that controlled the five powerful evil spirits that represented hatred, fear, despair, rage, and bloodthirst.

Meanwhile, in their own sections, the evil spirits controlled the discarnate souls and evil spirits in them.

It was as if the five powerful evil spirits were generals, while the other evil spirits and discarnate souls were soldiers.

Eyes narrowed, Nie Tian pondered the situation. “Hatred, fear, despair, and bloodthirst are all strong, negative emotions living beings produce before they die.

“Even after their deaths, these emotions were carved into their discarnate souls.

“The Spirit Pearl absorbed a large number of evil spirits. Over the past few months, changes took place as they fought and devoured each other. Eventually, five powerful evil spirits emerged. All of them carry different negative auras...”

He then realized that each of the five powerful evil spirits was the ultimate condensation of the negative emotion they represented.

Now that they had risen to power, once new discarnate souls or evil spirits entered the Spirit Pearl, they would be divided according to the auras they carried, and used to further strengthen the five powerful evil spirits.

Aside from that, according to the Spirit Pearl’s soul, the five powerful evil spirits could also help him in battle.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he instantly started an in-depth communication with the Spirit Pearl’s soul, through which he soon mastered the two methods to use the five powerful evil spirits to assist him in battle.

With the first method, the evil spirits didn’t have to leave the Spirit Pearl. All he needed to do was summon negative power from the five powerful evil spirits, blend it with his soul power, and present it in his eyes.

The second method was to send the powerful evil spirits out of the Spirit Pearl to strike a target of his choosing, which was even mightier.

He made an attempt with the first method.

Holding the Spirit Pearl, he tried to channel power from the evil spirit of hatred.

As the Spirit Pearl glowed with cyan light, strong hatred rapidly filled the section before suddenly pouring into his eyes.

Vague shadows could be seen squirming in the depths of his eyes, as if they were a reflection of the hatred-flooded section of the Spirit Pearl.

Then, he suddenly turned to Mu Biqiong and called, “Mu Biqiong!”

Mu Biqiong opened her eyes and met his gaze in confusion.

However, the mere exchange of glances caused Mu Biqiong to shake violently. She seemed to see endless hatred in the depths of Nie Tian’s eyes that rushed towards her like overwhelming sea waves.

Mu Biqiong was instantly influenced. Strong hatred rose in her heart, making her hate the entirety of heaven and earth.

Her face turned pale with fright as she noticed the change.

“Now, fear!” Nie Tian instantly switched and started channeling power from the evil spirit of fear. As he did, the hatred in his eyes was replaced by fear.

He then noticed that the hatred gradually faded from Mu Biqiong’s face, and fear took its place.

Mu Biqiong seemed to be terrified of him. Her small womanly body trembled as she subconsciously cowered away from him.

“Bloodthirst!” He skipped desperation and rage, and infused his eyes with a strong thirst for blood, while looking directly into Mu Biqiong’s eyes.

Blood-colored light rapidly wreathed Mu Biqiong’s eyes. Exuding a strong thirst for blood, she sprang to her feet with a strong desire to kill Yin Yanan and Nie Tian.

At this moment, Yin Yanan awoke from the middle of her cultivation and shouted at Mu Biqiong, “What are you doing?!” 

The coexisting flowers inside of Mu Biqiong also seemed to suddenly notice the unfavorable situation.

Images of them instantly appeared in her eyes.

Their awakening rapidly silenced the influence Nie Tian had over her.

After recovering her senses, Mu Biqiong panted heavily. Her chest went up and down as she glared at Nie Tian and asked, “What the hell did you do?”

Yin Yanan also looked confused.

At this moment, Nie Tian had already stopped channeling power from the five powerful evil spirits in the Spirit Pearl, and the look in his eyes had returned to normal as well.

Nie Tian shrugged and said casually “Nothing. I was just trying out a new secret magic I just picked up. It’s pretty powerful, since it allows me to bewitch people by arousing and heightening the negative emotions in their hearts.”

“You were testing it on me?!” Mu Biqiong said furiously.

As she did, the images of the gorgeous, multicolored flower and the devilish, black flower in her eyes grew increasingly clear.

“You used a similar magic on me, remember?” Nie Tian asked.

Mu Biqiong snorted angrily. “That wasn’t me who used it!” 

Nie Tian smiled. “It was the same to me. Alright, alright. Relax. It was just a little trial. I wasn’t going to hurt you anyways.”

At this moment Yin Yanan chimed in, “You’d better calm yourself if you don’t want to be possessed by those flowers again.” 

Upon hearing this, Mu Biqiong’s expression flickered as she hastily adjusted herself to recover a calm state of mind.

Moments later, the images of the coexisting flowers gradually faded from her eyes.

“Now I’m gonna try something else. Don’t worry. You’ll be fine.” With these words, Nie Tian smiled as he communicated with the Spirit Pearl again to summon the five powerful evil spirits using the second method.


The five powerful evil spirits flew out of the Spirit Pearl to float in the air over Nie Tian.

They each exuded torrential hatred, fear, despair, rage, and bloodthirst as they rapidly expanded to about ten meters tall.

Nie Tian looked up, and discovered that they actually looked different.

However, since they seemed to still be in their primal forms, they all looked rather blurry. He couldn’t get a clear look at their shapes or appearances.

Their different auras quickly spread out and filled a large area around them like a hurricane.

Both Yin Yanan and Mu Biqiong felt very uncomfortable in such an environment.

Images of the things the evil spirits had last seen before their deaths flooded and overtook their minds. As all kinds of negative emotions rose uncontrollably in their hearts, they felt as if they were being pushed to the edge of losing their minds.

However, the evil spirits hadn’t even really launched an attack yet.

Yin Yanan couldn’t help but shouted sternly, “Nie Tian! Get these damned things away from me! Now!”

She knew that she would soon lose control of herself if Nie Tian didn’t stop.

At the same time, Mu Biqiong gritted her teeth, fixing Nie Tian with a nasty look.

Nie Tian let out a low chuckle and deactivated the magic.

Like clusters of gray smoke, the five evil spirits shrank and flew back into the Spirit Pearl.

Nie Tian’s eyes shone with the light of excitement as he looked at the Spirit Pearl and said inwardly, “By just floating over my head, they can affect others with all kinds of negative emotions. If they fly directly into others’ seas of awareness, they’ll definitely be able to inflict a whole other level of damage.”

All this time, he had viewed the Spirit Pearl as something he could use to defend against different forms of spirits and souls, and by absorbing them, it could draw maps of the places they had been to before they had died.

He had never expected that it could also produce such powerful evil spirits, which would provide him with great help in battle!

“It’s such a wondrous soul tool!”

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