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Nie Tian was well-aware of Pergson’s formidableness.

Besides, the Bonebrutes’ indestructible form was one of the most powerful body enhancing magics among all the outsider races.

Pergson’s bone body must be as tough as divine iron, which ordinary Premium grade spiritual tool couldn’t even leave a mark on.

However, that golden eye unleashed by Huang Jinnan did nothing more than gaze at Pergson, and fine fissures appeared on Pergson’s bones.

This was enough evidence of the golden eye’s incredible might.

Earlier, Froste had hovered around and distracted Huang Jinnan with soul magics, which was the reason why he had failed to fully display his battle prowess while fighting Gutas.

That spear of his hadn’t unleashed that golden eye either.

Only after Nie Tian had summoned the Spirit Pearl and stopped Froste’s skull of discarnate souls from influencing Huang Jinnan’s sea of awareness, did he set him free.

Thanks to that, he was now able to cast all kinds of profound incantations and push the might of his spiritual tool to its limits.

“You go on and kill the weaker outsiders. Leave Pergson to me.” With these words, Huan Jinnan laughed in a wild and intimidating manner, even more dazzling divine light shooting forth from the golden eye.

Like a golden sea, the divine light instantly enveloped Pergson, Froste, and Gutas.

Tiny crystals could be seen floating within the sea of golden light like flying insects. Each and every one of them was branded with the profound truths of metal power. Standing in the dazzling golden light, the three outsider chosen ones all looked as if they were facing deadly foes.

Now that Huang Jinnan no longer suffered soul suppression, he seemed to have no problem handling the three of them single-handedly.

This was a kind of battle prowess Nie Tian had never seen before.

Mixed emotions rose in his heart. “Perhaps only after I enter the late Profound realm, and with the help of the Flame Dragon Armor, the Spirit Pearl, and all kinds of exquisite incantations, will I be able to fight like him.” 

He observed for a while longer. After he was convinced that Huang Jinnan had gotten the situation under control did he leave to deal with other outsiders.

He only targeted the weakest members among the outsiders.

By relying on his profound bloodline talents, he appeared and vanished in the spacious cave like a ghost.

Many low-grade outsiders would find a shadow appearing behind them while they were fighting their human opponents.

But before they could react, Nie Tian’s attacks already stormed them.

Titan’s Wrath, Starstrike, and Heavenly Wood Thorns... He cast these wondrous bloodline talents in turn.

One outsider after another was snuck up on and killed by him.

In the meantime, he would also activate Life Drain to absorb his victims’ flesh power to feed the green aura within his heart.

The souls of the dead outsiders wouldn’t dissipate into heaven and earth immediately after their deaths. Instead, they rose from their remains before being quickly channeled away by Nie Tian’s Spirit Pearl and Froste’ magical skull.

No evil spirits or ghouls showed up in the cave.

Without summoning the Frost Blood Python, Yin Yanan had killed two outsiders by relying solely on her exceptional fleshly strength and her outstanding battle prowess as a middle Profound realm cultivator.

Mu Biqiong, on the other hand, would briefly summon the black demonic flower and kill the outsiders that came for her when she found herself in a difficult situation.

However, the black demonic flower’s root would shrink back into her palm with lightning speed immediately after taking a life.

As the fight went on, the outsiders suffered increasingly heavy casualties.

Most of them had been snuck up on and killed by Nie Tian while they were fighting other cultivators.

With the help of Starshift, Nie Tian was like a shadow that could be anywhere. Every time he showed himself, he would kill an outsider through powerful means.

The humans had been at a disadvantage when Nie Tian and the girls had first arrived, but now, thanks to Nie Tian and the girls, they had turned the turned the situation around.

Froste the Phantasm realized that they were in an unfavorable situation. After throwing another glance at the emerald berries at the cave ceiling, he shouted in the outsiders’ language, “Retreat!”

The other outsiders had long since hoped to withdraw from the cave. Upon hearing his order, they withdrew through different tunnels as soon as they could.

The human Qi warriors, who had had a taste of victory, then went chasing after them.

As the three outsider chosen ones fled, Huang Jinnan fixed on Gutas, and also chased him into one of the tunnels.

Moments later, silence was restored to the cave where humans and outsiders had engaged in a fierce fight.

Nie Tian, the girls, and Han Sen didn’t chase after the fleeing outsiders, but rather stayed in place.

With everyone else gone, Han Sen retreated to a corner of the cave without saying anything. He fixed Nie Tian with a vigilant, cold gaze as he took out medicinal pills and spiritual materials that contained copious lightning power, and started recuperating.

Tainted energies were still grinding his spiritual power ward down, but they had become much thinner than before.

Nie Tian and the girls, however, gathered in one place to adjust themselves, hoping to recover their strength as soon as possible.

As they did, they would look up at the berries on the ceiling behind a green shield from time to time.

Blazing flames filled the depths of Mu Biqiong’s eyes as she said to Nie Tian in a low voice, “Those berries must be very rare and precious. My coexisting flowers are showing a very strong desire for them. I can also tell that they’re very valuable, judging from the unusual movement within my vortex of wood power and spiritual core.”

Nie Tian nodded slightly.

His bloodline aura had become unusually active the moment he had arrived.

Apparently, it also yearned for those berries.

Having gathered a copious amount of flesh power from his victims, he activated Life Stealth to cover his increasingly vigorous flesh aura.

Soon, the tainted energies around him seemed to notice the change in him, and thus grew fainter and fainter.

As this happened, Nie Tian felt almost no pressure in keeping them away with his blazing ward.

Then, he gazed up at the green shield over the berries on the ceiling, and discovered that the shield seemed to carry a special flesh aura, as if it had been formed from some being’s flesh power.

“One, two...” Turning her head, Xie Wanting counted the berries. “There are a total of thirty-five berries. I wonder how they’ll divide them after coming back from their pursuits.”

Yin Yanan awoke from her cultivation. After opening her eyes, she said, “We made significant contributions. Of course we’ll take a share of them.”

Mu Biqiong chimed in, “I won’t ask for too many. Just give me one or two of them, and I’ll be happy.”

Xie Wanting sighed. “There’s no guarantee of that. More than twenty cultivators went to chase after those outsiders. When they return, they’ll most likely divide the berries according to the contributions we made. That man named Huang Jinnan will certainly be the one to get the most berries. If he’s just, Nie Tian will get a few, but we...”

Before she could finish, the young man with an unknown origin dampened their enthusiasm by interrupting with a cold face, “You’d better break that green shield first before worrying yourselves with the distribution of those berries. We’ve already tried many ways to break that shield before the outsiders arrived, but all of them failed.”

Upon hearing these words, Nie Tian and the girls all raised their eyebrows.

“Even Huang Jinnan couldn’t break that green shield?” Xie Wanting asked with a surprised expression.

Han Sen snorted. “That’s a shield formed by a titan’s residual flesh aura. How can it be broken so easily?”  

“A titan’s residual flesh aura?!” Nie Tian exclaimed.

“He’s right.” Huang Jinnan’s voice echoed out from behind him.  He was the first to return through one of the tunnels. Walking directly to Nie Tian, he said with a smile, “That green shield is the condensation of a titan’s residual flesh aura. The vines growing out of those holes in the ceiling and the berries growing on their ends are all from a titan.”

Then, pointing down at the floor, he added, “This mountain peak we’re in is part of the remains of a titan. It’s just that they’ve been here for thousands of years, and are covered in rocks and vegetation, so you can’t seen them for what they are. It was the titan’s residual flesh aura and transcendent meridians that gave birth to those emerald berries.”

As they spoke, more Qi warriors returned one after another.

Some of them were high in spirits, as they had clearly caught and killed their targets.

Others looked rather frustrated, as they had probably lost their targets.

Disbelief and shock filled Yin Yanan’s face as she said, “This mountain peak is a thousand meters high. Can a titan be this huge?” 

Apparently, she didn’t know much about titans.

“Titans are the largest living beings that have ever lived in this universe,” Huang Jinnan explained, smiling. “During the Desolate Antiquity Era, when they ruled the starry river, they were considered as gods. Usually, they’re born incredibly large, and as time goes by, they’ll grow even larger.

“They were also blessed with all types of bloodline power. Some could wield lightning; some could channel flames; others could control rivers and seas.

“This titan seemed to be well-versed in wood power incantations. Even after he died, his tremendous residual power condensed into magical berries that can prolong humans’ lifespans.

“So these berries can be viewed as the essence of his remains.

“If it weren’t for the fact that titans had shockingly long lifespans and reproductive cycles, they would have ruled the starry river to this day.”

Nie Tian’s eyes flickered. “Titans...” 

He had seen titans with his own eyes in the mysterious land where the Blood Core had repeatedly taken him. He knew that it would be impossible for those who hadn’t seen them to imagine their size.

“You’re a member of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, aren’t you?” Huang Jinnan suddenly changed the subject.

Nie Tian nodded. “Sort of.”

“The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s Starshift is a great escape magic,” Huang Jinnan said, smiling. “I had a good idea of your identity the moment I saw you cast it.” 

Upon hearing his words, Han Sen and the other Qi warriors all turned to look at Nie Tian with astonishment spreading across their faces.

“He is a member of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!!” 

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