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Chapter 87 - The Center of Attention!

The next three days, Nie Tian brought Pan Tao to tour Black Cloud City.

After Nie Donghai had decided for Nie TIan to join the Lingyun Sect to cultivate, Pan Tao’s father, Pan Bo had returned with An Rong to the An Family to stay temporarily.

Meanwhile, Li Fan and Jiang Lingzhu stayed in the Nie family to wait for Nie Tian to go with them to the Lingyun Sect.

Although three days was a short period of time, the efficiency of the Nie Family Elders was extremely shocking.

On the second day, Nie Yao had led the various elders and declared that Nie Beichuan’s position as Clan Head would be removed due to the huge mistake made by him with regards to the mine.

On that afternoon, the Nie Family Elders, together with Li Fan as a witness, elected Nie Donghai to once again step into the position of Clan Head.

Nie Beichuan and Nie Nanshan went into deep seclusion in these three days and seemed totally defeated, as they no longer dared to interfere in the Nie Family’s affairs.

Li Fan was like a giant mountain which was crushing these two brothers, and as long as he stayed in the Nie Family they could only obediently follow his instructions, as they didn’t dare to have any thoughts of revolt.

The Nie Family members, who had treated Nie Donghai and Nie Qian coldy in the past, also started to try to gain their favour once again. Nie Donghai also, once again, moved into the mansion which represented the Clan Head’s status.

Pan Tao, who had been accompanied by Nie Tian to tour Black Cloud City, knew that he was unable to change Nie Tian’s decision and eventually went back to the An Family to prepare to return with his father to the Ling Bao Court.

This morning, just as the first cracks of light emerged, Nie Tian went to the field where the Nie Family trained.

On the field, there were many Nie Family youths, who either sat with their hands on their knees and were cultivating spirit qi or were moving their fists and bodies as they practised spirit qi techniques 

Nie Hong and Nie Yuan were among these youths and both were sitting quietly, as they were cultivating.

However, unlike the past, the rest of the Nie Family youths now intentionally kept their distance from these two, as they chose other spots to cultivate at.

Just three days ago, whenever Nie Hong or Nie Yuan had approached from afar, many of these Nie Family youths would automatically approach them to gain their favour and to foster a closer relationship.


Ever since Nie Tian had been heavily injured by Nie Hong on the field, he had never come there again.

Now that he had suddenly appeared once again, many of the cultivating Nie Family youths were all shocked and they gazed towards Nie Tian with a mixture of shock, envy and respect.

“All of you keep training and cultivating properly!” Wu Tao shouted.

The Nie Family youths, who were obviously agitated, gradually quietened down after he rebuked them.

However, their gazes still followed Nie Tian as he walked towards Wu Tao.

In the short span of three days, Nie Tian’s name had spread throughout Black Cloud City.

Even the nearby cities, Dark Star City, Cold Stone City and Broken Bone City, had many people talking about him.

Because of him, the Ling Bao Court’s Pan Bo had personally come to the Nie Family, and because of him, the Lingyun Sect had broken their own rules and had extended an olive branch to invite him up the Lingyun mountain, even though he had yet to step into ninth Lianqi level.

To the Nie Family youths on the field, the Nie Tian in front of them was already a living legend.

There was no way that they could understand how Nie Tian, who had been training with them at the field and fighting with Nie Hong and Nie Yuan daily a year ago, could actually improve so drastically in such a short span of time and create such a miracle.

“Mr Wu, thank you for taking care of me all these years. I will soon be going to the Lingyun Sect, and I have specially come today to say goodbye to you.” Nie Tian bowed respectfully towards Wu Tao.

When his grandfather and aunt were being forced by Nie Beichuan and his allies to go to the Lingyun Sect to admit their guilt, all of the Nie Family members had hid this information from him.

Only Wu Tao, who was a foreign guest, took a great risk and had secretly informed him.

Furthermore, when he had been training on the field, Wu Tao had also treated him well and hadn’t treated him coldly like the rest of the Nie Family, just because his grandfather had lost his strength.

He was very appreciative towards Wu Tao and had specially come to give his thanks before he left.

“I wouldn’t dare. I wouldn't dare.” Wu Tao hurriedly went forward to help him up.

After he had helped Nie Tian up, Wu Tao took a deep look at Nie Tian and smiled broadly as he softly said: “Actually, I always knew that you were different from the rest, even though I couldn’t figure out the reason. I always felt that you would be like Nie Xian and would also be taken in by Lingyun Sect to become a disciple that the Lingyun Sect recognised.”

Having said that, he suddenly stopped and said, “But, I still underestimated you…”

Similarly a Nie Family member, looked on favourably by Wu Tao, Nie Xian had only been formally accepted by the Lingyun Sect after he had stepped into the ninth Lianqi level.

However, Nie Tian was different.

He not only caused Pan Bo of the Ling Bao Court to personally approach him, he had even caused the Lingyun Sect to break their rules for accepting disciples, and had become the only exception.

Wu Tao also knew that Nie Tian was the reason why the Lingyun Sect was willing to drop the matter of the collapsed mine, and that Nie Beichuan was removed from his position, allowing Nie Donghai to regain his former position as Clan Head .

Nie Tian had totally broken the Lingyun Sect’s usual set of rules and had turned the Nie Family’s entire situation around.

The shocking potential that he had exhibited and the disturbance he had caused far exceeded Nie Xian.

“Perhaps, something happened in the Green Illusion Realm….” Wu Tao secretly guessed, as he was filled with many different feelings.

“Nie Tian, elder brother, what stage are you at now.” Nie You, who had pigtails, curiously looked at him and asked frankly.

Nie You, who was an innocent young girl, had always stood on Nie Tian’s side and had accused both Nie Hong and Nie Yuan for not wanting their face every time they battled Nie Tian. 

“The eight Lianqi level.” Nie Tian answered with a smile. 

“Ah!” Nie You cried out in surprise.

A lot of young teenagers also seemed astonished after they heard his answer.

It had only been a year, but Nie Tian, to everyone’s surprise, had already cultivated to the eight Lianqi level. It had only been a year ago, when Nie Tian had been at the third Lianqi level. Such a fast speed of cultivating, it was simply unimaginable. 

“Brother Tian, you’re so formidable, no wonder the Lingyun Sect would make an exception for you.” Nie You’s face was full of admiration. 

“From the third to the eight level, this kind of progress… is way too terrifying.”

“It seems that there really is a reason why the Lingyun Sect made an exception for him.”

“It might be that they value his potential.” 

A lot of young girls and boys of the Nie Family felt amazed, as they looked at him. They kept on having discussions and continuously praised him highly. 

Only Nie Yuan and Nie Hong sat far away, while looking rather embarrassed. 

They didn’t say a word, because they thought that this time, the reason why Nie Tian had come was precisely to humiliate them. 

Nie Tian on the other hand, had also, after thanking Wu Tao, slowly walked towards them in an unhurried manner. 

Above the plaza, all of the sons from the Nie Family had all remained silent all of a sudden, as they looked at him walking increasingly faster towards Nie Hong and Nie Yuan. 

They all displayed an expression, as if they were about to watch a good show. 

Both Nie Hong and Nie Yuan lowered their head. They secretly cringed their teeth, but they didn’t dare to properly face Nie Tian. 

They had all been repeatedly warned by their father that in the future, they absolutely couldn’t provoke Nie Tian. No matter how much Nie Tian insulted them, they could only bear it passively, as they absolutely weren’t allowed to resist. 

Nie Tian, who was recruited by the Lingyun Sect, was obviously different from the other disciples that were brought up the mountain by the Lingyun Sect. 

Nie Tian’s success in his career was a truth that had already been decided upon. No one could change it.

No one from the entire family would be able to provoke Nie Tian, let alone these two youngsters. 

Because even if they were also chosen to be the Lingyun Sect’s disciple in the future and were invited up the mountain. If after arriving at the Lingyun Sect, Nie Tian would put his sight onto them, they wouldn’t have good fruit to eat. 

For future's sake, they could only repress Nie Tian’s humiliation and arrogance, and they would absolutely not dare to attempt and resist. 

Nie Hong and Nie Yuan were made very aware of this, and as a result they had hung their heads low while facing him. 

Also at that moment. 

On the seat high above the building that represented the position of Clan Head, Nie Donghai and Li Fan, who had been conversing, stopped all of a sudden. 

Nie Donghai and Li Fan slightly moved forward, so as to get a better view of the plaza underneath. Meanwhile, they paid special attention to Nie Tian. 


After standing firmly next to both Nie Hong and Nie Yuan, Nie Tian hesitated for a while, before he finally opened his mouth, “The war that is between the people of our grandfather’s generation has actually nothing to do with us. Over the past years, even though we’ve been fighting, I’ve never felt any hatred or resentment towards the two of you. 

“In the future, I will be practicing in the Lingyun Sect. I hope, however, that our battles will never stop, and also won’t just be limited to within the Nie Family.”

“I hope that not too long in the future, I’ll be able to see the two of you in the Lingyun Sect. Until then, I’ll accept your challenges at any time.”

“Thank you for willing to be my whetstone all these years. Because of you guys, I was actually able to train even harder and eventually, this gave me a chance to step into the Lingyun Sect.” 

“I can’t wait to see the two of you also becoming disciples of the Lingyun Sect.”

“By that time, our battles will be at the Lingyun Sect, and not at the Nie Family household.” 

Nie Tian talked about this matter seriously. 

Indeed, he had never hated Nie Hong or Nie Yuan. These two youngsters were the same as him, they were only eleven, and they actually hadn’t been polluted by the despicable Nie Beichuan and Nie Nanshan yet. 

If it wasn’t for Nie Hong and Nie Yuan, who had been continuously battling him, and improving his skill all these years, this sword of his wouldn’t have been able to be increasingly sharper and eventually, blossomed to become sharp and gaudy.


All of the people, who were watching Nie Tian, waiting for him to humiliate both Nie Hong and Nie Yuan, gave out a soft shout.

Even Wu Tao showed a weird look in his eyes. 

Even Li Fan and Nie Donghai, who were on the tall stage opened their eyes widely and examined Nie Tian with a strange look. 

Both Nie Hong and Nie Yuan, who had made the worst decision, raised their heads feeling puzzled, as they looked at him foolishly. 

Looking into Nie Tian’s eyes, they didn’t see any means of laughter, nor did they see the shame that they had originally thought to be there. They only saw Nie Tian’s sincerity. 

Nie Hong went blank for a while, the issue that had been weighing on his mind had instantly disappeared. He abruptly held his fists tightly and waved all of a sudden as he loudly said, “Just you wait! I will definitely make it into the Lingyun Sect, wait until I make it there. At that time, I’ll defeat you, and let you know that I’m not at all weaker than you!”

“Me too!” Nie Yuan shouted. 

Nie Tian cracked a smile and nodded his head, “Alright, I’ll wait for you guys in the Lingyun Sect!”

“Just you wait!” Nie Hong snorted once, he suddenly spoke softly, “Congratulations, brother.”

“Hahaha!” Nie Tian’s felt very happy, as a smiled was plastered on his face.

Li Fan turned his head and looked towards Nie Donghai, and said, “You’ve brought up a fine grandson.”

“Yeah, all the things that I have been doing all these years, are finally paying off today.” Nie Donghai no longer tried to cover up anything, as his face was full of pride. 

Li Fan unhurriedly nodded his head, as he spoke while seemingly thinking to himself, “I too have no idea what happened to him while he was in the Green Illusion Realm. But, from what I can see, what he got from the Green Illusion Realm is definitely not only the progress in his cultivation. His wisdom and the way he handles problems seem to have changed during his time in the Green Illusion Realm. This kind of growth is definitely more precious and rare compared to simple cultivation.” 

Nie Donghai gently smiled, he felt as if the depression that he had had for many years had been completely drained out. He felt incomparably carefree.

“In the future, the Nie Family will be sad because he is sad, and will decline because he declines.” Li Fan’s expression was solemn, as he spoke in a serious tone, “The Nie Family will also be happy because of his happiness, and will also rise because he rises.”

[Explanatory note: This means the fate of the Nie family is tied to Nie Tian’s. If he does well, the family will do well. If he does badly, the family will also do badly.”] 


Translators: The Juicy Watermelon and The New Aaron
Editor: Sietse
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