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Looking rather bedraggled, the young man approached Xie Wanting’s berthed air-transportation spiritual tool.

Face pale, covered in blood, and panting, he seemed to have consumed a great amount of his spiritual power.

After assuming a steady foothold on the air-transportation spiritual tool, he pleaded, “Can I please travel with you from now on, big brother and sisters? I practice lightning incantations, which work well on evil spirits. All you’ll need to do is to take care of the ghouls if we run into any. If we do this, our exploration of the Bloody Grave Mountain Range will be much easier for all of us.”

Eyebrows furrowed, Mu Biqiong asked, “What about the outsiders?” 

“It’s alright. I lost them on my way here.” The young man said, looking in the direction he had come from. “I was very fast. They shouldn’t be able to find their way here anytime soon.”

Rising to his feet, Nie Tian made it to the young man after taking just one step. He looked down and examined the bloodstains on his chest. Then, with a smile, he said, “All of us will benefit if we travel together, so of course we can do that.”

The young man’s expression relaxed a bit, a smile appearing at the corner of his mouth.

“You seem to have sustained some serious injuries,” Nie Tian said with a warm smile. “Let me help you heal yourself. I’ve got a unique method.”

With these words, he extended his arm to touch the bloodstains on the young man’s chest.

With a dry smile, the young man took a step backwards to put a certain distance between him and Nie Tian. “There’s no need for that. I’ll be fine. Thank you for your kind offer, big brother.” 

“Come on,” Nie Tian said, full of smiles. “Now that we’ve decided to take you on, we need to take good care of you.”

All of a sudden, his extended hand formed a blade, dazzling spiritual light blossoming from his fingertips.

The young man hastily jumped backward, his expression flickering. “What are you doing, big brother?!” 

Yin Yanan and the others stared at Nie Tian and the young man, surprise and confusion filling their faces, as neither had they expected that Nie Tian’s hand would explode with spiritual power right before reaching the young man’s chest.

Nie Tian’s smile grew increasingly broad. “Don’t worry. I’m only treating your injuries. Just stand still and you’ll be fine in a moment.” 

Red, white, and green auras poured out of the tips of his five fingers like rivers of spiritual power.


Fine lightning bolts appeared in front of the young man’s chest, rapidly interweaving into a shield of lightning.


Nie Tian’s spiritual auras went through the half-formed shield of lightning and bombarded the young man’s chest, causing him to shake strongly.

At the same time, Nie Tian clenched his blade-like hand into a hard fist.

Thrumming with vigorous flesh power, it slammed violently into the young man’s chest.

The shield of lightning on his chest exploded instantly, sending lightning sparks in all directions.

The young man let out a muffled groan, a wisp of blood coming down the corner of his mouth. Panicking, he flew backwards, fixing Nie Tian with a stare. “What the hell was that, big brother?!!”

“I was helping you,” Nie Tian answered, still smiling.

“Helping me?!” The young man shouted furiously. “You were trying to kill me!!”

“Oh, so you saw that, huh?” Nie Tian said, still full of smiles. “You’re right. That was indeed my intention.”

“Why?!” The young man asked with a confused expression.

“Why?” The smile gradually faded from Nie Tian’s face. “You wanna ask me why? Not a single drop of that blood is yours or outsiders’. You killed all your companions, didn’t you? You killed them and smeared their blood all over yourself, and then you asked to join us, hoping to do the same to us, right?”

The young man’s face dropped as soon as he heard these words.

The expressions of Yin Yanan and the others in the air-transportation spiritual tool also flickered after they heard Nie Tian’s words.

Then, they all flew out of the air-transportation spiritual tool. Staring at the young man, Xie Wanting said, “Such an evil brat!”

Even though she didn’t know how Nie Tian was able to tell that the blood on the young man belonged to his companions, she trusted his judgment.

She was even more convinced after she saw the grim look on the young man’s face after Nie Tian pointed it out to him.

Eyebrows furrowed, the young man asked, “How did you see through my disguise?” 

With a casual smile, Nie Tian said, “Can’t tell you about that.”

His unique bloodline made him sensitive to flesh auras.

The greatest difference between human blood and outsider blood was that outsider blood contained a much larger amount of flesh power than that of humans.

Even a third grade outsiders’ blood contained dozens of times more flesh power than Profound realm human experts.

The blood on the young man’s chest clearly belonged to humans, yet he had claimed that they had encountered outsiders. He had definitely lied.

Furthermore, judging from the garments of the young man and his companions, they hadn’t been from the same sect. They had probably met and teamed up after coming here. Therefore, the reason he had lied was probably to cover up the fact that he had killed them and looted their valuables.

“Your cultivation base is the lowest among you lot, yet you’re the one who saw through my disguise. I’ve got to say that I’m impressed.” The young man said with an icy face, without showing any fear. “But it won’t change anything, since all of you are going to die soon.”

With these words, the young man suddenly let out a sharp cry.

His cry seemed to carry some kind of magical power. Nie Tian and the others instantly felt as if something were stirring their seas of awareness and inflicting a ripping pain in their minds.


One evil spirit after another that had been wandering in the vicinity also heard his sharp cry, and located new targets.

“Even though you caught me off guard there, you should still be proud that a person with your cultivation base was able to hurt me.” With these words, the young man grinned and summoned his folding fan.

The fan didn’t unfold right away. It floated in the air like a divine spear that was wreathed in lightning bolts.

“Go!” As the young man shook his wrist, the fan burst into blazing white flames, and shot directly towards the spot between Nie Tian’s eyebrows.

The tainted energies gathered by him didn’t go through noticeable changes after he summoned the fan.

This meant even if the fan was a Spirit Channeling grade treasure, it must not carry any flesh aura, and wouldn’t be viewed as a living creature. Therefore, the energies didn’t inflict additional damage on the young man for using it.


Like a spear, the fan dragged a tail of lightning that was dozens of meters long as it flashed through the air and reached Nie Tian in a split second.

Deafening thunder power burst forth from the lightning-wreathed fan, along with numerous mystical ancient symbols that were branded with the profound truths of lightning power.

Even Nie Tian gasped facing the devastating thunder power.


Nie Tian instantly cast a Starshift and vanished into thin air like a ghost.

In the next moment, he magically appeared behind the young man. Even so, several bolts of lightning still reached him before he was able to cast that Starshift.

These lightning bolts contained profound lightning symbols that looked like outsider bloodline seals as they ripped at Nie Tian’s flesh recklessly.

Experiencing pain all over, Nie Tian let out a cold snort and activated Life Strengthening, his newly-awakened bloodline talent.

As soon as he did, his robust body rapidly expanded, a scaly hard layer covering his bulging muscles like a suit of full-body armor. He even seemed to grow taller.

Torrential flesh power raged through his meridians like flooding rivers.

The lightning symbols that had drilled into his flesh were rapidly extinguished like candles hit by gusts of wind.

However, as he activated Life Strengthening, a large amount of tainted energies gathered and rapidly engulfed him.

All of a sudden, he found that it now took him ten times as much power as before to contend against the tainted energies.

“Hmm?!” The young man turned around, and was also surprised by the increasingly furious tainted energies that were converging on Nie Tian.

At this moment, the amount and intensity of tainted energies around Nie Tian had already surpassed those gathered around Yin Yanan.

“He can actually attract such a large amount of energies...” Muttering these words, the young man extended his hand and made a grabbing motion in the air. In the next moment, the folding fan flew back into his hand like a flash of lightning.


The fan unfolded, revealing a vivid painting of a great number of lightning bolts devastating heaven and earth.

Immediately afterwards, the painted seemed to be copied into real life. Nie Tian looked around with rapt attention, and discovered that huge interweaving lightning bolts filled the distant sky in every direction, and they were converging on them, along with floating thunderballs.

“Kinda like Zhao Shanling’s Death Reign...” Nie Tian muttered with a cold face. 

Then, spiritual power of different attributes, flesh power, and soul power burst forth from him simultaneously. “Primal Chaos!”

Flames burned ablaze, starlight shone dazzlingly, and wood power surged about.

A distorted and violent small world that could bend and twist all powers that entered it instantly came to form around Nie Tian.

To his surprise, the tainted energies that were gathered around him seemed to be changed and sorted into auras of different colors after being enveloped by his Primal Chaos.

Astonishment spread across Nie Tian’s face.

More and more strange energies that Nie Tian couldn’t even identify were twisted and started to swirl in a disorderly manner within his Primal Chaos, giving him a feeling that he could lose control of them at any moment and die a miserable death.


The overwhelming lighting bolts created by the fan made contact with the Primal Chaos, causing lightning bolts to fly uncontrollably, and thunderballs to explode violently.

At the center of the Primal Chaos, Nie Tian’s expanded body was struck by some of the lightning bolts and thunderballs, blackening him in many places.

However, it was only the scaly layer that was blackened. His actual flesh didn’t sustain any serious damage.

Instead, the light in the fan-wielding young man’s eyes went dim as explosions took place within the Primal Chaos.

With a deeply confused look in his eyes, he took a deep look at Nie Tian before grabbing his folding fan and flying off into the distance without saying a word.

He was as fast as lightning. Even Yin Yanan and the girls wouldn’t be able to match his speed.


The different energies within Nie Tian’s Primal Chaos started clashing with one another, causing violent explosions.

As the caster, Nie Tian suffered a great deal from the explosions, and thus canceled the Primal Chaos right away.

It was also at this moment that the evil spirits that had been alarmed by the young man’s cry entered Nie Tian and the girls’ sight. Screeching madly, they pounced towards them without any delay.

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