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Outside the store, the strange-looking two-headed live corpse was looking in different directions with its two heads. The four eyes on the two heads constantly flickered with light. Following which, countless amounts of data were read and compressed before being sent to the information processing terminal. Wherever its eyes passed by, the corpses and bullet marks on the ground all transformed into sets of data. At this time, a faint footprint on the ground attracted its attention.

After analyzing the data, the living corpse came up with the idea that the owner of the footprint was accelerating at over 60 kilometers per hour towards the store in front of them. In contrast, the live corpse's view window popped out the Ripper's chart. It was confirmed that the footprint belonged to a female Ripper. However, it seemed that there was a fierce battle in the store because the living corpses found traces of vigorous energy movements in the space of the store.

So the tall, live corpse walked toward the shop and through the gap into the shop.

In its four eyes, it separately read the various images within the store, and after comparison and filtering, it finally formed several figures that constantly moved and made attacking gestures. The previously unclear images, after the living corpses scanned the shop floor, ceiling, and metal cabinets for signs of damage, were all converted into data and filled with blurry images.

The image became clearer, and a three-dimensional model was formed. Within the three-dimensional model, two human figures appeared, battling against a living corpse. The accuracy of it was as though a living corpse had witnessed it with its own eyes.

This set of 3D models and the process of their battle was similarly packaged by the living corpses. They were compressed into a data file and sent back to the information terminal for future analysis.

Finally, it collected the body fragments of the Ripper, then rushed out of the shop and began to run in large strides. Every time the living corpse landed on the ground, the span would be around two meters, and deep footprints would be left on the ground. Even the surface made of alloy gave it a footprint about 5 centimeters deep. With a speed no slower than a galloping horse, it disappeared into the darkness of the base.

Just as the zombie left, Zero and the others came out of the freezer. With a wave of his hand, the four of them bent down as they left the shop and followed the footprints left behind by the zombie.

After passing through two residential areas, the Windwalkers followed the strange corpse to a hospital in the medical area. The hospital, which had the sign "Comprehensive Disease Care Center," was flashing red security lights on the top floor. There was also light coming from a window on the third floor of the hospital.

This was simply impossible. One must know that the power supply for the base had been cut off. Unless they used electricity, where would the electricity come from?

What surprised the few of them even more was that around the hospital building, there were dozens of living corpses wandering around. Almost all of these corpses were in the uniform of the soldiers, and their hands were equipped with firearms. Amongst them, there were even a few butchers and Ripper. This was simply a small biochemical legion.

The two-headed living corpse's silhouette flashed past the entrance of the hospital, then it turned to look at the other living corpses that were moving along a particular route, as if they were patrolling.

Everyone was secretly shocked. If the living corpses could be nurtured into an army, then there would be no soldier as cheap as them.

"Looks like we found a living corpse training base. "How about it, captain, let's charge in from the front?" Feng Feng lightly whistled and said.

They were hiding in front of an abandoned ambulance about three hundred meters away from the hospital. From here, he could see the main entrance of the hospital, which was a suitable surveillance spot.

Hearing what Feng said, without waiting for a reply, she rolled her eyes and said, "Do you think that the four of us can break through the blockade of fifty or so zombies with guns, as well as seven or eight butchers and the Ripper?"

Feng said embarrassedly: "I did."

Zero made a silencing gesture and said, "Something's wrong."

As expected, the window on the third floor of the hospital that was originally lit up suddenly turned pitch black. Then, as if they had received some order, the living corpse legion outside the building gathered together. They gathered in front of the hospital gates, and a few of the tall butchers came to the front, carrying huge weapons of all shapes and sizes. They were undoubtedly the best fighters and meat shields.

Seeing how they were about to fight, a few of them knew that they had been discovered.

"Let's retreat first." They only had four people, so it would be inappropriate for them to fight against the Bio-transformation Army at the hospital.

Unexpectedly, as soon as his voice fell, the voice of a woman came from the living corpse army.

"Those who have come from afar are guests. Since everyone is here, why are you all rushing to leave?" I have pure drinking water and delicious food here, so it would be better for everyone to come in and rest, and to ensure that no one or anything will disturb you. "

The few of them moved, but stopped. They stopped not because of a simple sentence, but because there were still twenty or so living corpses and two or three butchers standing in front of them. It seemed like they had already been discovered by them. While they were still sneaking glances at them, they had already set up a small team to cut off their escape path.

These twenty or so living corpses naturally could not stop these few people, but with the addition of the three butchers, they at least had the qualification to stall them. As long as they were entangled by these living corpses, once the small army behind them arrived, even if they could escape, they would have to pay a huge price.

Footsteps could be heard behind him. Every time the other party landed, the ground would tremble slightly. It could be said that this woman was an expert in fighting techniques. Moreover, she specialized in strength. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to walk around so casually and cause such a huge disturbance.

The four of them turned around and saw her.

She came out of the living corpse army as if she was not worried about being attacked by a few people at all. This woman looked to be around 25 or 26 years old. Her short red hair was extremely eye-catching, causing her beautiful face to shine. It was less than 170cm tall, but its ratio was perfect. She wore a well-cut striped shirt and a short black skirt. Her feet, which had the perfect curve under the hem of her skirt, were covered in flesh-colored stockings.

The two legs on high heels crossed each other as they walked, causing Fang Xing to almost swallow his own tongue. Especially the woman's ample chest. Her shirt was about to split open from all the supporting force, and it caused Feng to directly prop up his yurt.

Except for the fact that she was shorter than usual, this woman was perfect. Especially those red lips with lipstick on, it made people want to bite down and taste it.

It was hard to imagine such a beauty living with corpses for a long time. As this thought floated in Feng's mind, the fire in his lower abdomen was quickly extinguished.

He's not a necrophile.

"I'm Zero, the captain of this team." Zero walked forward and said, "We are on a mission. If we disturb you, we are very sorry. We will leave now."

The woman chuckled, her watery eyes narrowing into slits. A cold light shone from the narrow eyes. She smiled and said, "Captain, I don't think you heard what I just said. I told you to rest in my territory, but I didn't say if I would ask your permission. Do you understand? "

"Understood, that is to say. Even if we don't want to, you can 'invite' us in to rest! " Zero smiled bitterly.

The woman nodded her head vigorously and said, "That's right, just like that!"

Under the watchful eyes of dozens of living corpses that numbered no less than 10, the few of them could only 'agree' to the woman's invitation.

It was just that women did not seem to have any malice towards them. Otherwise, they would not need to waste their words and just directly make a move. Under the lead of the woman, the four of them passed through the passage that the zombie army had made way for them. Even the big man felt goosebumps as he walked past them. It wasn't a pleasant feeling to be stared at with the turbid eyes of these inhuman monsters.

As he walked into the hospital, he heard the faint sound of a generator working. There was an induction light inside the hospital, and as the few of them walked past, the lights came on. The lights went out one by one as they passed, making the boundary between light and darkness so obvious. The lights went out, from the veranda downstairs to the third floor of the hospital. The elevator had stopped working, and although there was electricity in the hospital, women seemed to use it elsewhere. In addition, other places are supplied only according to minimum standards.

The damage within the hospital was widespread, and even though some degree of electrical repair had been made, many of the rooms were in a semi-damaged state. As for the remaining usable equipment, they were even rarer. They passed through a secure passage to the third floor, where the woman took them to an operating room. The operating room had been cleared of equipment. A bed, an old-fashioned wardrobe, and a freezer had become the only "furniture" in the room.

It seemed like this was a woman's room, and even though this hospital was called her territory, her life was a far cry from the status of "Lord".

"Take a seat anywhere you want. I'm sorry but I don't have a chair. But like I said, there's still something to eat. " The woman pointed to the floor of the room and smiled. Then she went to the freezer and took out some frozen beer and some canned lunch.

"These are the base's stored grains, right? How did you find these?" Feng exclaimed in surprise as he quickly took the beer from the woman.

The woman nodded, "That's right, these things are food for the base's staff. My treasures have found them, and they seem to have been hidden away by some selfish person. In short, if I were the only one who could eat the food, then eating it for ten years would be more than enough. Therefore, you all are welcome. "

Feng didn't hold back. He picked up the beer and started to drink. Then, he opened the can again, took out a piece of lunch and threw it into his mouth.

Seeing Feng's unflattering look, Zero retracted his gaze and looked at the woman's face: "Who are you? Why did you greet us? "

"My name is Eva." The woman pointed to herself and said, "Didn't you say you were on a mission? If it's outside the base now, it's already night. Since he had to carry out a mission, he should have sufficient rest to maintain his physical strength, right? Furthermore, I have lived in this Underground World for two years. Every day, I feel bored to the point of being bored by people who can't even speak. It's rare to see you alive, and I couldn't help but invite you in. "

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