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Nie Tian’s expression instantly flickered.

The tainted energies rapidly surrounded him from every direction, making him very uncomfortable.

The energies here were much more intense than they had ever been in the Realm of Split Void, and there were more kinds of them as well.

He only sensed briefly, and realized that there was spiritual Qi, demon Qi, phantasm Qi, toxic Qi, death Qi, and various other types of energies in the air, and they filled every inch of this region.

Soon, the tainted energies infiltrated Nie Tian flesh, making him sore and numb all over.

He felt as if his flesh aura was running low, and as he took in the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, mixed energies would also enter his spiritual sea, poisoning his spiritual core with all kinds of impurities.

Even the rotation of his three vortexes of different powers slowed due to the entry of the tainted energies.

After a brief moment of hesitation, Nie Tian summoned his flesh power to form a dark-red shield around around him to keep the tainted energies away.

Even so, fizzing sounds kept coming from the dark-red shield under the influence of the tainted energies.

Even though his flesh power could neutralize the tainted energies, protecting him from them, he sensed that his flesh power was being consumed at an alarming rate.


Yin Yanan leapt off the air-transportation spiritual tool,. The pieces of primal ice that she had obtained from Gao Lihu shone dazzlingly as they rapidly formed into a spell formation that imprisoned the evil spirit that had sniffed out their flesh aura.

As a misty white aura exuded from the pieces of ice that were more than ten thousand years old, the gray spirit screamed unceasingly, unable to break free.

Eyebrows furrowed, Nie Tian turned to look at Xie Wanting and Mu Biqiong.

To his surprise, he noticed that, even though the three of them were standing close to one another in the air-transportation spiritual tool, the intensity of the tainted energies they had to deal with varied greatly.

The tainted energies that gathered around him were the thickest, which looked like a multicolored cloud that surrounded him.

Mu Biqiong’s situation was much better than his. Even though she was also surrounded by a layer of tainted energies, they were much fainter than what Nie Tian was facing.

However, Xie Wanting, who was at the late Profound realm, the highest among the three, had the faintest tainted energies gathered around her.

Surprised by the scene, Nie Tian soon understood that very living being that entered the heart of the Bloody Grave Mountain Range was like a magnet, outsider or human, and they would attract the tainted energies from their surroundings.

The richer their spiritual power and the tougher their fleshly body, the stronger their magnetic field would be, and the more tainted energies they would attract to themselves.

Even though Mu Biqiong’s coexisting flowers were slumbering inside of her at this moment, they also seemed to have their own magnetic fields.

As faint as they were, due to their dormant state, they made Mu Biqiong attract more tainted energies to her than Xie Wanting.

Nie Tian, however, had three vortexes of different powers within his spiritual sea. Plus, his body was unusually tough, and filled with vigorous flesh power. These factors resulted in the phenomenon that even more tainted energies were gathered around him than Mu Biqiong.

Xie Wanting also found the scene fascinating. With a bitter smile, she said, “As far as I know, the stronger one is, the more intense tainted energies one will have to deal with in the central area of the Bloody Grave Mountain Range. Since you two are surrounded by more tainted energies than I am, this means that the magnetic fields you create are much stronger than mine.”

Reluctant as she was, she had to admit that Nie Tian and Mu Biqiong were freakishly powerful.

Even though they were at the the late Worldly realm and the early Profound realm, they could attract so much tainted energy to them. She found this rather frustrating.

“The stronger someone is, the more he or she will suffer from the harmful environment...” Nie Tian muttered. 

All of a sudden, an idea entered his mind, and he rapidly activated Life Stealth.

The shield he had formed with flesh power disappeared soundlessly, with a ward of flames taking its place.

In the next moment, his flesh power fluctuations, which were even stronger than a normal outsider’s, seemed to suddenly vanish completely.

Even his heartbeat became very slow and too subtle to detect.

That was when strange things happened.

As he examined his surroundings with rapt attention, he noticed that the tainted energies that were gathered around him gradually grew fainter and fainter.

In merely a few seconds, the amount of tainted energies that were gathered around him dropped by close to eighty percent.

The blazing ward he had established around him could easily ward off the remaining tainted energies.

“Life Stealth allows me to hide all signs of life. Because of this, my magnetic field dropped to the point where it almost vanished.”  With these thoughts in his mind, Nie Tian instantly grew calm and secure.

He realized that as long as he could cover up his flesh aura and try to keep his spiritual power within his spiritual sea, then he would be able to fool the tainted energies and save himself a lot of trouble.


The evil spirit surrounded by the pieces of primal ice was still screeching as it made repeated attempts to break free.

Wreathed in a misty, sparkling aura, Yin Yanan was warding off the tainted energies with her frost power, both her fingers and eyes emanating frosty light.

All of a sudden, she summoned a thunderball from within her ring of holding, and cast it towards the trapped evil spirit.

As the thunderball exploded, sending out lightning bolts and thunderclaps, the evil spirit’s illusory body was instantly ripped apart like a piece of cloth, wisps of gray smoke scattering and vanishing into thin air.

However, there wasn’t even a shred of joy on Yin Yanan’s face as she flew back into the air-transportation spiritual tool and said with a heavy tone, “My frost power incantations have a very limited effect on these evil spirits. I had to kill that evil spirit with one of my thunderballs.

“That evil spirit seemed to have turned from the discarnate soul of a sixth grade outsider. Even though it wasn’t very powerful, I had a bit of problem handling it without seeking help from my Frost Blood Python.”

Eyebrows furrowed, Mu Biqiong chimed in, “I don’t know how effective my incantations will be on these evil spirits either.”

“Spiritual incantations and tools with lightning and flame attributes work well on souls and spirits.” With these words, Xie Wanting lifted her arm and pointed into the distance. “Look. Those people over there practice lightning power. They seem to be having a fairly easy time handling that many evil spirits.”

Nie Tian had long since noticed that group of Qi warriors, who were engaged in a fierce battle against a large group of evil spirits.

The evil spirit Yin Yanan had just killed had come from their location.

At this moment, thunderous rumbles still echoed out from time to time, accompanied by lightning bolts that slithered in the air like spiritual snakes.

Gazing up ahead, Xie Wanting continued, “Evil spirits aren’t easy to deal with. All powers other than lightning power and flame power have limited effects on spirits and souls. Only experts with extremely powerful true souls and profound soul magics might be able to crush these evil spirits with nothing but their soul power. Of course, certain special tools might also be able to inflict a tremendous amount of damage.”

“Let’s go over there and see what’s going on,” Nie Tian proposed.

After a moment of hesitation, Xie Wanting controlled her air-transportation spiritual tool to slowly approach the location where those Qi warriors were fighting the evil spirits.

The tainted energies were so rich that they compromised Nie Tian and the girls’ vision. Only after they came closer did they realized that they were a group of four Profound realm human Qi warriors.

All four of them were rather young, but judging from their garments, they weren’t from the same sect.

One of them seemed especially young, as he seemed to be just a teenager. However, he was at the middle Profound realm, and practiced lightning power.

He was holding a folding fan, on which was a painting of raging lightning devastating heaven and earth.

At this moment, he was brandishing the fan to unleash countless bolts of lightning. It seemed to be even mightier than Mo Qinglei’s Thunder King Seal, as most of the evil spirits had been killed or repelled by the young man using that fan.

The other three Qi warriors were gathered around him, as if he was their leader.

Like Xie Wanting, the four of them were all at the Profound realm, yet their spiritual power was apparently purer and richer than hers, as every one of them was wreathed in thicker tainted energies than she was.

Every living being that entered the Bloody Grave Mountain Range would form their own magnetic field around them. The more powerful a person was, the stronger his magnetic field would be, and the more tainted energies he would attract to himself.

Considering this, it was rather easy to tell who was stronger and who was weaker here.

Since Nie Tian had activated Life Stealth, Yin Yanan became the only person on Nie Tian’s team that was surrounded by an equal amount of tainted energies as the four unidentified Qi warriors.

Even Mu Biqiong, who hadn’t activated her coexisting flowers, seemed considerably weaker than them.

Nie Tian nodded. “From the look of it, these people are much stronger than Gao Linhu’s group. That youngest one in the middle who practices lightning incantations seems to be the most dangerous.”

“Do we take a detour to avoid them?” Xie Wanting suggested.

However, the four Qi warriors noticed them while they were talking among themselves.

The four of them seemed to be ending their battle, as one evil spirit after another was struck by lightning that shot out of the folding fan and reduced to wisps of smoke that scattered in the air.

At this moment, they all shot unpleasant gazes towards Nie Tian and the girls.

Nie Tian waved his hand, signaling Xie Wanting to relax and fly on. “No, it’ll be fine.” 

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