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When Li Fan uttered the words “My master isn’t very happy”, it undoubtedly sentenced Nie Beichuan to death. No matter whether he was willing to or not, he still had to give up the seat of Clan Master.

When Li Fan let the Clan Elders of the Nie Family choose a new Clan Master, he consciously looked at Nie Donghai. He had already given an obvious hint to them.

Clan Elder Nie Feiyun, who had been strongly supporting Nie Beichuan, had a deathly pale face. His body turned stiff and he didn’t dare to refute a single word.

The most senior person there, Nie Yaozu, secretly sighed as he said to Li Fan, “We’ll follow the Sect Master’s wishes and choose another Clan Master.”

Li Fan’s expression turned indifferent as he waved his hand and said, “Clansmen fighting in front of their own home; what kind of situation is this?” He indicated for all the Nie clansmen to return.

“It was us that acted inappropriately.” Nie Yaozu spoke out in place of Nei Beichuan, letting the Nie clansmen, that were currently present, return first.

Nie Beichuan, who was scared out of his wits, was dragged away by his third brother Nie Nanshan, as they rapidly left the entrance.

In just a moment, only Nie Tian, Nie Donghai, and Nie Qian remained at the Nie Family’s entrance.

“Mister Pan, Old An, shall we go inside and talk?” Li Fan said.

Pan Bo and the An Family’s An Rong also knew that fighting in front of the public wasn’t good. The two people nodded their heads and walked towards the Nie Family under Li Fan’s invitation.

“Old Nie, you should go home first. I hope that you’ll carefully consider before making your decision on whether or not you’ll be leaving the Nie Family to go to the Ling Bao Court.” Li Fan once again spoke to Nie Donghai.

“Alright.” Nie Donghai also agreed.

Quickly, the Nie Family, An Family, as well as the Ling Bao Court’s Pan Bo and Pan Tao followed Li Fan and Jiang Lingzhu into the Nie Family’s abode. 

The many observers in the crowd also felt bored, as they saw the main characters walking away. And so, they gradually left the entrance of the Nie Family.

However, the series of incidents that had happened at the Nie Family’s entrance had details added to it as it rapidly spread out.

The entirety of Black Cloud City knew that the Ling Bao Court and Lingyun Sect were fighting for Nie Tian to enter their respective sects.

In a moment, the name Nie Tian resounded across Black Cloud City.

Because of Nie Tian, the Ling Bao Court’s Pan Bo personally came and was willing to bring Nie Donghai and Nie Qian back to the sect.

On the other hand, the Lingyun Sect forcefully asked Nie Beichuan to abdicate his position and hinted for them to make Nie Donghai the Clan Master again. Not only did they not investigate the collapse of the mine, they even broke the sect rule that was several tens of years old and invited Nie Tian to the mountain before he stepped into the ninth Lianqi level.

During these tens of years, there was never a single time that the receiving of a disciple from the three families in Black Cloud City was so grand.

Even Nie Tian’s mother, who was publicly recognised as having astonishing talent, and the An Family’s An Shiyi didn’t get such a sensational reception such as this when they were brought into the Lingyun Sect and Ling Bao Court respectively, all those years ago.

“Nie Tian’s cultivation talent is actually so outstanding?”

Many people had this suspicion in their hearts. They were unclear why the originally ordinary Nie Tian would suddenly demonstrate an extraordinary talent like this and make the Ling Bao Court and Lingyun Sect almost throw away their faces for him.


Yun Family.

Yun Zhiguo, who had just received the news of the death of Yun Song, was frightened out of his mind as he returned home after hearing about the commotion.

Within the house, Yuan Qiuying had also heard about the things that had happened in front of the Nie Family via her informers.

“Yun’er died in the Green Illusion Realm, so why did that son of a bitch not die in there!” Yuan Qiuying seemed to have gone mad, as she smashed all of the vases and jars in the house to bits.

Yun Zhiguo, who had a haggard face due to Yun Song’s death, looked at her insanity with an apathetic expression.

“Rubbish! Your people from the Yun Family are all rubbish!” Yuan Qiuying charged up and beat him, while shouting, “Yun Zhiguo! If you don’t kill Nie Tian and that slut Nie Qian, I won’t forgive you for the rest of my life!”

Yun Zhiguo looked at her threatening gestures and her lack of bearings, like a mad old woman. Suddenly, an intense remorse filled his heart.

As he looked at that vixen, he regretted giving up on Nie Qian during that year due to the clan’s pressure.

Without Yuan Qiuying, the Yun Family and the Nie Family would still be friends. He wouldn’t have had to endure this woman’s abuse everyday and he wouldn’t have needed to hear her racket all day long.

At that moment, he thought about how good Nie Qian had been to him and he greatly regreted his actions that day.

In his heart, he understood. Because of how highly the Ling Bao Court and Lingyun Sect valued him, Nie Tian would definitely join one of them. In the future, he would have high prospects on his road of cultivation.

For Nie Tian, Pan Bo personally came, and Jiang Zhisu broke the rules that the sect had adhered to for several tens of years. This signified that there was definitely something special on Nie Tian’s body.

The Nie Family would have a reversal of fortune due to Nie Tian. If the Yun Family wanted to do anything to the Nie Family, they would undoubtedly attract the retaliation of the Lingyun Sect.

“I was wrong, I was truly wrong…” He was secretly whimpering in his heart.


It was also at this moment.

Li Fan and Pan Bo were sitting in the Nie Family’s Main Hall of Official Discussion. They held their tea as they slowly talked.

“Nie Tian, we of the Ling Bao Court can give you anything that the Lingyun Sect can give you.” Pan Tao stood beside Nie Tian, as he lowered his voice to speak. He persuaded, “Other people don’t know about your special areas, but I’m well aware of them. If you go to the Lingyun Sect, you might not be able to achieve your full potential. It would be better for you to follow me to the Ling Bao Court. In the future, we brothers can fight together, side by side.”

Nie Tian rubbed his head and forced a laugh, “About that... let me thank you first. However, I was really quite confused today and am still muddle-headed right now. Let me think about it.”

“Pan Tao! What are you sneakily saying?” Jiang Lingzhu moved over and fiercely glared at him. After that, she spoke to Nie Tian, “My father can personally speak for you. He can easily solve all of the problems in your Nie Family. After all, your Nie Family is very close with our Lingyun Sect. Don’t be confused by Pan Tao.”

Nie Tian was silent for a moment. He couldn’t understand, so he asked, “I don’t understand, why does your father want to make an exception for me?”

He had interacted a lot with Pan Tao in the Green Illusion Realm, and Pan Tao truly knew about the special points of his body. Nie Tian could still slightly believe that Pan Tao had managed to persuade his father to come to Black Cloud City.

However, he had only revealed his strength once in front of Jiang Lingzhu, and it had merely been the act of forcing the Blood Sect’s Yu Tong away.

He didn’t feel that it was possible for Jiang Lingzhu to persuade her father to break a rule that the Lingyun Sect had adhered to for many years just because of this.

He had always felt that there was an ulterior motive to Jiang Zhisu making an exception for him.

“I also don’t know why he made an exception for you. However, this decision was really made by my father.” In reality, Jiang Lingzhu also had some suspicions. “Don’t think about it too much. Anyway, since my father has spoken, there’s definitely no problem.”

Nie Tian also let out an embarrassed laugh and said, “I need to think about it. I want to listen to the opinions of my aunt as well as my grandfather.”

Although the three members of the younger generation were in the main hall of the Nie Family, there was still a distance between them, Pan Bo, and Li Fan. Furthermore, there wasn’t any space to sit, so they could only talk while standing.

In the main part of the main hall, Li Fan and Pan Bo were idly chatting. From the start, they unexpectedly hadn’t brought up the issue of Nie Tian.

They were only chatting about the changes that had happened in the Green Illusion Realm, the Blood Sect and Ghost Sect, as well as some decisions that the four sects had made about the revenge that they were about to take on the Blood Sect and Ghost Sect.

Nie Donghai and An Rong didn’t say much and had been respectfully listening from the start.

After a moment, they felt that they were almost done chatting. Nie Tian and the others were also slightly impatient. Li Fan and Pan Bo glanced at each other, and then Li Fan spoke up, “About the issue of Nie Tian, how about letting them decide by themselves?” 

Pan Bo slightly smiled as he nodded his head, “It’s fine like this.”

Only until now did Li Fan speak to Nie Donghai: “Old Grandfather, in the past… because of the issue with my Junior Sister, some old people from the sect were discontent with the Nie Family and the things that they did were slightly excessive. However, the Nie Family and the Lingyun Sect have had dealings for many years, and it can be considered that we’ve known each other for a long time. I don’t dare to speak about anything else, but I can assure you that the Lingyun Sect will definitely be fair and impartial towards the issues of the Nie Family!”

When he said this, Li Fan paused for a moment, and his expression suddenly turned solemn and serious.

“Also, I’m not worried about telling you the truth. Once Nie Tian enters the Lingyun Sect, all of the Nie Family disciples will be treated differently.

“In the back mountain of the Lingyun Mountain, there’s a person who looks highly upon Nie Tian.”

“He wants to take Nie Tian as a disciple.”

“Ah!” Once he uttered these words, Jiang Lingzhu couldn’t help but cry out.

Nie Donghai was suddenly stunned. An insane happiness appeared in his expression. Without waiting for anyone else to say anything, he hastily and impatiently nodded his head, as he said, “Good, good! You can lead Nie Tian to the Lingyun Sect at any time!” He seemed to be afraid that Li Fan would take back his words.

Even Pan Bo’s expression slightly changed after hearing Li Fan’s words.

He deeply looked towards Nie Tian and then looked at his son Pan Tao. Suddenly, he was aware of how good his son was at judging people.

Since Nie Tian was fancied by the person on the Lingyun Sect’s back mountain, that signified that there was definitely something unordinary on Nie Tian’s body!

At that moment, he also knew that the decision of Nie Tian stepping into the Lingyun Sect was already clinched.

However, he hadn’t been disheartened by this.

He knew that, even if Nie Tian wasn’t able to come to the Ling Bao Court, after everything that had happened, Nie Tian wouldn’t forget Pan Tao.

Nie Tian, who was looked highly upon by that person, would definitely rapidly rise up in the Lingyun Sect at an astonishing speed if nothing went wrong.

As long as Nie Tian remembered Pan Tao, he felt that this trip wouldn’t have been made in vain.

“Nie Tian! Quickly, thank your Uncle Li!” Nie Donghai shouted.

Nie Tian bent down and said, “Thanks, Uncle Li.”

Li Fan laughed, “I’ll give you three days worth of time. After three days, return with me to the Lingyun Mountain.”



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