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Nie Tian’s garments were instantly ripped to pieces, rendering him naked.

As the images of the two demonic flowers within Mu Biqiong’s eyes started to shine unusually brightly, the multicolored flower, which was tender and gorgeous, unleashed a mysterious bewitching power, as if it were inviting him over.

At the same time, the black flower, which was cold and devilish, kept its root wrapped tightly around Nie Tian, preventing him from escaping.

Without a sound, Mu Biqiong’s veil fell off, revealing her delicate cheeks that were covered in the tattoo-like patterns of the two flowers, and instantly increasing her charm severalfold.

Nie Tian let out a cold harrumph. “This again!”

As he approached Mu Biqiong, he gritted his teeth and activated his other newly awakened bloodline talent. “Blood Essence Seething!”

A drop of Blood Essence that looked like a diamond started to seethe in his heart.

Extremely fierce flesh power suddenly burst forth within him, allowing him to struggle his arms free.

Then, vested with incredible power, he gradually loosened the black root’s grip with his arms.


Nie Tian suddenly flew out of the black root’s tight grip.

An icy look appeared in Mu Biqiong’s left pupil, where the image of the pitch-black flower existed.


Like water, emerald green wood power followed Mu Biqiong’s arm into the black flower’s root.

The root instantly expanded, becoming even thicker and stronger.


Slithering in the air like an evil snake, the black root once again shot towards Nie Tian.

Nie Tian gave a cold smile. “Again?”

Then, as his ring of holding lit up, the Bone Blood Demon, which had recovered its peak strength, flew out of it with a loud whoosh.

After refining the residual flesh power of that ninth grade Fiend grand patriarch, the Bone Blood Demon had already recovered its battle prowess as an eighth grade Bonebrute, which was equal to that of an early Void domain human expert.

Accompanying the Bone Blood Demon was an aura of death that rapidly spread out, as if to wither all lives around it.

Swinging its enormous arms that looked like two sky-reaching pillars, the Bone Blood Demon quickly engaged in a fierce battle against the black root.

Because of this, the black root had to leave Nie Tian alone.

Instead of focusing on the battle taking place in the air, Nie Tian gazed coldly at Mu Biqiong, who was possessed, as he stepped towards her. Fixing his gaze on the black flower image in her left eye, Nie Tian asked, “You’re behind this, aren’t you? I’m not a fan of your forcible means.”

The first time Mu Biqiong had been possessed, he had noticed that the multicolored flower image in one of her eyes had lit up.

It had unleashed an irresistible mystical power that had bewitched him, making him fall uncontrollably for her.

From that, he had realized that the multicolored flower’s method was to bewitch him into approaching it voluntarily.

However, this time, the multicolored flower didn’t seem to be the one to dominate the situation. Instead, it was the black flower, whose way was to abduct him by force and then do what it wanted with him.

Of course, Nie Tian wouldn’t like to submit himself to this.

Meanwhile, being possessed, Mu Biqiong’s face was expressionless, as she didn’t seem to be able to say anything.

However, as Nie Tian looked into the depths of her eyes, he could see her rage, which she held towards the black flower.

Coming to a stop five meters from Mu Biqiong, Nie Tian asked with a cold tone, “What is it that you want exactly?” 


The Bone Blood Demon and the black flower’s root were still entangled in a fierce fight above them.

Even though the Bone Blood Demon had recovered its eighth grade bloodline power, the black flower’s root turned out to be rather evenly matched with it.

This came as a shock to Nie Tian.

After all, it was just the black flower that had joined the battle; the multicolored flower hadn’t made a move yet.

If the two of them teamed up...

Nie Tian then turned to look at the multicolored flower’s root, and discovered that it was still draining wood power from a row of ancient trees that it had pierced through.

“It seems I have to do something to help her regain control of her body,” he said to himself.

Soon, Nie Tian came up with a plan. One Heaven Eye after another formed and flew towards Mu Biqiong like clusters of starlight.

Seeing this, the two demonic flowers reacted simultaneously.

A surge of icy soul power and a surge of scented soul power each shot out of the depths of Mu Biqiong’s eyes.

The soul strands Nie Tian had used to form his Heaven Eyes disintegrated in an instant.

Only wisps of essential power from his star souls managed to hold on without scattering right away.


They rapidly flew into Mu Biqiong’s sea of awareness through the top of her head.

Through them, Nie Tian saw with great clarity that the two demonic flowers almost took up Mu Biqiong’s entire sea of awareness, their blossoms reaching the top and their roots entangling below.

Mu Biqiong’s true soul was tightly surrounded by the petals, unable to move in the slightest.

As soon as his star soul power emanated dazzling light, the coexisting flowers seemed to be enraged, as their multicolored petals instantly shot towards it.

Nie Tian experienced a stabbing pain in his mind, and the nine wisps of star soul power perished within Mu Biqiong’s sea of awareness.

He let out a pained cry, feeling as if wisps of his soul awareness had been cut off with sharp blades.

Then, he lost sight of the inside of Mu Biqiong’s sea of awareness.

However, at this very moment, Mu Biqiong’s true soul, which had been abducted by the coexisting flowers, seemed to be finally rid of its constraints.

The images of the two demonic flowers in her pupils rapidly faded until they vanished completely.


The demonic flowers’ roots shrank back into her palms with lightning speed, and fell completely silent.

At the same time, Mu Biqiong panted heavily as she finally recovered a sober mind and regained control of her body. Still in a state of fear, she said in a low voice, “Thank you.”

Still experiencing a stabbing pain in his mind, Nie Tian knew that he had consumed a significant amount of soul power, which he had accumulated with great effort.

Without giving a response, he took out a soul crystal from within his ring of holding.

As soon as the soul crystal flew into his palm, the nine star souls within his sea of awareness lit up, and started to channel pure soul power from the soul crystal to make up for their consumption.

Moments later, the pain in his mind gradually disappeared, the soul crystal in his palm shrinking bit by bit. With furrowed eyebrows, Nie Tian looked at Mu Biqiong and asked, “What happened?”

Sagging her head, Mu Biqiong picked up her veil from the ground and put it back on. “The coexisting flowers are getting stronger and stronger, and I’m starting to have difficulty controlling them. Remembers the huge vines in that shattered realm of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s you took me to? They seem to have vested the coexisting flowers with some mystical power that allowed them to grow at a much faster rate.

“Before, I was able to control the coexisting flowers because the multicolored one always took my side.

“But since they noticed something in you, they both showed a strong desire for you, and reached a mutual understanding with each other. The moment I made my breakthrough into the Profound realm, they shot out of my palms on their own, and started absorbing wood power from my surroundings, which further boosted their growth.

“Since I couldn’t stop them, I could only watch them grow out of hand.”

Instead of meeting Nie Tian’s eyes, Mu Biqiong kept looking down at the ground, seeming very weak and depressed.

Then, she added, “The only thing I can do is improve my cultivation base as much as I can, and build up my true soul. Only by doing this will I be able to contend against them. As long as I can hold on to my own body, I’ll be able to make use of them. But if their strength rises much higher over mine, I’ll lose control of myself for good.”

Eyebrows furrowed, Nie Tian sighed. “Same trouble...”

Taken aback, Mu Biqiong raised her head and asked, “What?” 

Nie Tian then took his time to say, “There’s this senior of mine. His situation is very similar to yours. He has a Heavenly Demonsbane growing inside of him, which would devour anything to strengthen itself. At certain points, it would awaken and take control of my senior’s body.”

Mu Biqiong looked surprised. “A Heavenly Demonvine? The coexisting flowers inside of me are even stronger and more mysterious than his Heavenly Demonsbane. Right now, I’m already having great difficulty suppressing the coexisting flowers inside of me. My only options are to either make a series of breakthroughs in cultivation very fast, or satisfy their...”

Her voice gradually grew too low to hear.

Nie Tian didn’t need to hear everything to know what she wanted to say.

Only if she satisfied the coexisting flowers’ needs would the multicolored flower continue to take her side and help her suppress the black flower.

“If that’s the case, then you’d better get ready. We’re going to the Bloody Grave Mountain Range. There are more opportunities there. Perhaps you’ll be able to make another breakthrough there.” After taking another expressionless glance at her, Nie Tian turned around and left.

Watching him leave, Mu Biqiong’s mind drifted away as she muttered, “Do I go with him? If I continue to travel with him, I’m afraid it’ll only be a matter of time before something happens between us.”

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