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“Personally coming to receive Nie Tian to the Ling Bao Court? Isn’t the Nie Family the Lingyun Sect’s subordinate clan?”

“That youngster… has he run into some unexpected success?”

“Legend has it that only very few people are brought back to the Ling Bao Court by Pan Bo personally. Every single person that he regards as important is able to show outstanding talent in the Ling Bao Court, and they’re never just a normal disciple.”

“He is the one who brought the An Family’s An Shiyi to the Ling Bao Court that year. She is already an influential figure in the Ling Bao Court now.”

“That person was originally famous in the Ling Bao Court for his eye for talent. The people, who manage to get his attention, aren’t small characters at all.”

“For what reason did Nie Tian attract his attention?”


Once the numerous observers heard An Rong’s clarification of Pan Bo’s purpose in coming, they immediately made a racket.

With Nie Beichuan as the head of the clansmen from the Nie Family, he was now also stunned. He actually didn’t know exactly what kind of unexpected luck Nie Tian encountered in the Green Illusion Realm for the Ling Bao Court’s Pan Bo to have actually set his eyes on him.

“Ling Bao Court, Ling Bao Court!” Nie Xian was excited to the point where her body was trembling slightly. A strange light was twinkling in her eyes, as she felt that the expectations that she had held for many years were finally being reciprocated.

Nie Donghai was continuously breathing heavily in order to calm himself down. After struggling to calm himself down, he nervously looked towards Pan Bo, as he carefully asked, “Mister Pan, is what An Rong says true?”

He thought that An Rong was joking.

After Nie Tian’s initial surprise, he also looked suspiciously at Pan Bo, slightly unable to make heads or tails of the situation. 

At this moment, he suddenly recalled when Pan Tao and him were saying goodbye to each other, Pan Tao had previously mysteriously said to Nie Tian that he would bring a person to Black Cloud City to see him.

Today, he finally knew who that person was. 

Under the attentive gazes of everyone present, the Ling Bao Court’s Pan Bo slightly smiled, saying: “I’m famous in the Ling Bao Court for recognising a person’s abilities. In these few years, those disciples that I brought back to the Ling Bao Court have all proved their own abilities not long after.” 

“Not only do I have the ability to recognise a person’s abilities, my son does too.”

He then glanced at Pan Tao, who took the opportunity to stick out his chest, exuding his self-confidence. 

“I believe in my son’s eye for people. I also believe in his decision.” He looked profoundly towards Nie Tian and had a straight expression on his face. Finally, he said the words that everyone wanted to hear, “That’s right. I have personally come to Black Cloud City this time just for Nie Tian. I’m solemnly inviting Nie Tian to proceed towards the Ling Bao Court and from now on, cultivate with his status as a Ling Bao Court disciple!”

“He’s actually serious!” Nie Yaozu was shocked.

After hearing Pan Bo’s words, the other clansmen from the Nie Family looked towards Nie Tian with extremely strange gazes in their eyes.

Nie Beichuan’s face sank and he didn’t say a word, not knowing what he should think.

“Old Man An, you arrived later and thus didn’t see the drama that happened just now. Let me tell you…”

A person from Black Cloud City took the opportunity to move close to An Rong’s side, using a very loud voice to describe the scandal whereby Nie Tian had disturbed Nie Beichuan and the others from forcing Nie Donghai and Nie Xian to go to the Lingyun Sect to beg for forgiveness.

“Heh-heh, Second Nie, your skill isn’t that small, right?” An Rong laughed loudly and said in an extremely ridiculing manner, “You’re clearly incompetent. After you took the position of Clan Head, the mine collapsed. Yet, you aren’t taking responsibility for this event, but instead you’re turning your elder brother into a scapegoat. Aren’t you really awesome?”

“An Rong! Can you shut up?!” Nie Beichuan vigorously shouted out in anger.

“What? You dare to do such a thing and are still afraid of people talking about it?” An Rong wasn’t in the least bit concerned, as he suddenly said to Nie Donghai, “Based on my observation, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in a damned place like the Nie Family or not.”

Nie Donghai’s expression dimmed, but he didn’t reply.

On the contrary, Pan Bo slightly furrowed his eyebrows, saying: “Old Man Nie, you and Nie Tian’s aunt can go along to the Ling Bao Court. I’ll make separate arrangements for the both of you.”

“What? Even Elder Nie and Nie Xian would be admitted by the Ling Bao Court? That cannot be?”

“They really regard Nie Tian as such an important figure?”

“Receiving Nie Tian and still willing to take two additional people? What is this situation?” 

Everyone was alarmed by Pan Bo’s words. 

After hearing that sentence, Nie Donghai, Nie Xian, as well as Nie Tian also felt a tremble rumble through their bodies, as they were all looking towards Pan Bo with an unfathomable expression on their faces.

Pan Bo lightly nodded his head.

Nie Donghai, whose face was previously dim, was clearly shocked now. His eyes were indefinitely flickering and his expression wavered.

The conditions that the Ling Bao Court gave were really too good. It was so good, that he was already considering whether to completely break away from the Nie Family, and taking Nie Tian and Nie Xian to the Ling Bao Court together.

“Father!” Nie Xian excitedly let out a soft cry.

She already had a decision in her heart. She anxiously urged Nie Donghai to quickly agree as to not make Pan Bo go back on his deal.

To them, Pan Bo’s appearance was practically a pie falling from the Heavens. This pleasant surprise was so miraculous that it made her feel as though this was a surreal dream.

In these years, the father and daughter duo had passed the days very unhappily in the Nie Family, facing oppositions again and again. 

Now that Pan Bo had arrived and wanted to receive them to proceed towards the Ling Bao Court, completely breaking away from the Nie Family as well as breaking away from this sad place known as Black Cloud City, she was willing to do so ten thousand times over in her heart.

“Mister Pan, the Nie Family is our Lingyun Sect’s subordinate clan. For you to snatch our people in broad daylight isn’t too good, is it?” It was also at this time that Li Fan’s voice travelled from afar.

“Lingyun Sect’s Li Fan!”

“How come he’s also here? There’s going to be a good show to watch!”

“Black Cloud City sure is lively today!”

In the midst of everyone’s fuss, the disciple of the Lingyun Sect’s Sect Master Jiang Zhisu, Li Fan led Jiang Lingzhu, as they gradually walked over.

Once Li Fan and Jiang Lingzhu appeared, Nie Beichuan and numerous clansmen from the Nie Family, who were originally inferior, all seemed to suddenly have confidence, as they looked towards Li Fan, one after the other, with looks that cried for help.

“Mister Li, please take charge of the matter for us in fairness!”

“Ling Bao Court is bullying a nobody like us, the Nie Family!”

“Nie Donghai and his daughter caused the mine to collapse and the guilt is on them. They actually still want to break away from the clan. This is simply unforgivable!”

They looked at Li Fan, waiting anxiously as they spoke one after the other in criticism, wanting Li Fan to put pressure on Pan Bo.

“Pan Tao! You bastard, I knew that matters would definitely be meddlesome since you came to Black Cloud City!” Once Jiang Lingzhu came over, she pointed towards Pan Tao and scolded: “In the Green Illusion Realm, I already told you that Nie Tian is part of our Lingyun Sect. Don’t think of having any funny ideas!”

Pan Tao shrank his head back and said: “Isn’t your Lingyun Sect’s condition in recruiting disciples for them to be at the ninth Lianqi level? Anyway, Nie Tian hasn’t yet reached the ninth Lianqi level, and so your Lingyun Sect isn’t willing to accept him. How come it won’t do that our Ling Bao Court is willing to admit him?”

“Who said that we’re not willing to accept him?” Jiang Lingzhu placed her hands on her hips, positioning herself like a tigress, “After I returned to the mountain from the Green Illusion Realm, I spoke to my father and he agreed. The reason Uncle Li and I went down the mountain is to take Nie Tian to the Lingyun Sect and officially admit him as a Lingyun Sect disciple!”

“Ah? No way, the Lingyun Sect also wants to bring Nie Tian up the mountain? What major undertaking of huge luck did this youngster encounter for the Ling Bao Court and the Lingyun Sect both to actually fancy him at the same time?” Someone shrieked. 

“Doesn’t the Lingyun Sect have harsh rules towards their subordinate clans? That the disciples from each and every subordinate clan needs to step into the ninth Lianqi level in order for them to be admitted and to truly become Lingyun Sect disciples?”

“Could it be that the Lingyun Sect want to make an exception for Nie Tian?”

“Actually... What the fuck is going on?”

Once all of the surrounding observers learned that the intention of Li Fan’s arrival was actually the same as Pan Bo’s, they were completely stunned. 

When Nie Donghai and Nie Xi heard the words spoken by Jiang Lingzhu and found out that the Sect Master had personally incited for Li Fan and Jiang Lingzhu to bring Nie Tian back to the mountain, they were excited to the point where they slightly couldn’t make heads or tails of the situation anymore.

“Mister Li, the reason y-you came to the Nie Family was really also for Nie Tian?” Nie Beichuan on the other hand, was getting slightly panicky.

Li Fan lightly nodded his head and said very seriously: “This is my Master’s wish.”

“However, in the tens of years before, all of the disciples from the Nie Family, who entered the Lingyun Sect, were all at the ninth Lianqi level? Not only the Nie Family, but the disciples from the other clans that have been brought up to the Lingyun Sect all also had to cultivate to the ninth Lianqi level?” Nie Beichuan was clearly slightly anxious, “This is a rule from tens of years ago! The rules were also set by you guys, how can it be broken when you say that it can’t be broken?”

Li Fan had a cold look in his eyes, “Since we’re the formulators of the rules, we can change the rules as we wish. As long as our Master opens his mouth, that rule from tens of years ago can easily be broken.”

After pausing for a moment, he seemed to have recalled something and chuckled, saying: “The rules are also not completely broken. In the future, still in accordance to the same rules, the future disciples from your Nie Family also need to breakthrough to the ninth Lianqi level before they turn sixteen years old, only then can they be brought to the Lingyun Sect 

“Then, what about Nie Tian?” Nie Beichuan suspiciously asked.

“He is the only special case in these tens of years!” Li Fan was serious about this matter.

Nie Beichuan stared blankly for a moment.

“Oh, I’ll conveniently mention that the matter of the mine collapsing is only an accident and has nothing to do with other people.” Li Fan’s furrowed his eyebrows and said in an annoyed manner: “Since you’re unable to clearly discern the truth, you should have honestly reported it and let us investigate the matter, not looking for your elder brother and niece to take the blame. 

Nie Beichuan’s complexion abruptly became white.

“After you took up the position, too many quarrels arose and my Master dislikes it very much.” Li Fan looked towards the Clan Elders from the Nie Family and said with a serious expression on his face: “You guys should choose a new Clan Head once more!”

Once he finished speaking, he intentionally took a glance at Nie Donghai.

“I-I-I…” Nie Beichuan’s body swayed back and forth, and he wanted to say something, but he couldn’t form a complete sentence.


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