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With wide eyes, Nie Tian looked at his Fortune Well, but said with a frustrated sigh, “Talk about bad luck.”

Unlike most cultivators, he practiced not only spiritual power, but also flame power, wood power and star power.

However, his Fortune Well happened to spew none of the three, but water power instead.

According to Chai Longge, the Fortune Wells spewed all kinds of power, even including pure flesh power.

Even if his Fortune Well had spewed pure flesh power, he would be able to channel it with his special bloodline talent to refine his body.

However, water power was of absolutely no use to him.

He shifted his gaze from his Fortune Well to Yin Yanan’s and the others’, and discovered that none of their Fortune Wells had worked their wonders yet.

He understood that the Fortune Wells didn’t necessarily work wonders at the same time. Some took longer, while others took shorter.

Not to mention that some might even stay dormant till the entire season was over.

“Hey, little brother!” A distant, overjoyed voice caught Nie Tian’s ears.

He looked over, and it turned out to be a good-looking man in purple garments, who was at the middle Profound realm and wreathed in an aura that was as smooth as water.

With a warm smile, he said, “My name is Xie Yunhai. Your Fortune Well agrees with my cultivation attribute perfectly. And my Fortune Well is spewing wood power. How about we swap?”

Nie Tian looked over with rapt attention, and discovered that the Fortune Well he was standing by was indeed spewing wisps of green aura, which seemed to contain pure wood power.

As soon as he uttered these words, a disappointed look rapidly spread out across Chai Fengwu’s face, even though Nie Tian hadn’t given a reply yet.

She sighed inwardly while shaking her head, knowing that she probably wouldn’t be able to get that Fortune Well from Nie Tian.

After all, Xie Yunhai’s well happened to be the kind Nie Tian needed. A swap would benefit them both.

With an unrestrained smile, Nie Tian nodded. “Okay, why not?”

He then blurred into action. In the next moment, he landed on the Bone Blood Demon’s shoulder and commanded it to fly towards Xie Yunhai.

Watching the enormous Bone Blood Demon coming towards him, Xie Yunhai had great apprehension in his eyes. Before it came close, he left his Fortune Well to make room for it to land.

As a Profound realm cultivator, he already possessed the ability to fly without external help. Therefore, without summoning an air-transportation spiritual tool, he made a brief detour in the air to avoid the Bone Blood Demon, and then landed by Nie Tian’s Fortune Well.

After assuming a firm foothold, he clasped his hands towards Nie Tian and said, “Many thanks!”

Nie Tian nodded back at him.

After turning his eyes from Nie Tian, Xie Yunhai took a deep breath as his face rapidly grew cold.

His gaze went back and forth between Chai Longge and his sister before saying with a stern, threatening tone, “I’m from the Water Moon Sect in the Domain of Vast Darkness. You’d better think it through if you want to take this Fortune Well by force.”

He was well-aware that, just like him, Chai Fengwu also practiced water power. The Fortune Well he had obtained from Nie Tian through their swap also suited Chai Fengwu’s needs.

While Chai Fengwu’s cultivation base was the same as his, Chai Longge’s cultivation base was higher than his.

If the brother-sister pair teamed up on him, he would most likely find himself in a difficult situation.

“The Water Moon Sect from the Domain of Vast Darkness, and his family name is Xie...” Chai Longge’s expression suddenly flickered, as if he had remembered something.

Immediately afterwards, he signaled Chai Fengwu to stay back with his gaze, and then said, “Well, since my little sister isn’t fated to have it, we don’t intend to take it by force.”

“That’d be for the best,” Xie Yunhai said with a plain tone, but the vigilant look in his eyes didn’t fade.

While keeping an eye on Chai Longge and Chai Fengwu, he took out numerous water-attributed spiritual materials from within his ring of holding, and started placing them around the Fortune Well in a special formation.

Soon, a glistening hemispherical ward enveloped him and the Fortune Well.

Only then did a hint of relief appear on his face as he walked to the mouth of the Fortune Well and started channeling water power essence from it.

“Dammit!” Mu Biqiong cursed inwardly after seeing Nie Tian start building a Wood Thriving Formation with tree branches after landing by his new Fortune Well on the Bone Blood Demon.

She also practiced wood power, so that well suited her needs too.

If she could have the demonic flowers inside of her channel wood power essence from it, she would have a great chance at breaking through from the late Worldly realm into the Profound realm.

However, since Xie Yunhai was originally rather far from her, by the time she had discovered that his Fortune Well was spewing wood power essence, he had already proposed to swap Fortune Wells with Nie Tian.

If she had discovered it earlier, she would have flown over without the slightest hesitation, killing Xie Yunhai and taking his Fortune Well.

She had never been known as a kind person. Her vicious and relentless nature was known throughout the entire Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries.

She wouldn’t have any mental burden about taking other people’s Fortune Wells by force.

However, she turned out to be one step too late. Watching Nie Tian agree to Xie Yunhai’s proposal, she had felt frustrated, knowing that she had missed a great opportunity.

After all, she didn’t want or dare to take that Fortune Well from Nie Tian.

Even though she had a demonic plant at her command, and Nie Tian’s Bone Blood Demon had lost its previous battle prowess, she was still rather apprehensive about him deep down.

“You might as well try you know, if you really want it,” Yin Yanan said with an ill-intentioned smile. “Nie Tian’s puppet is not as powerful as before, and that plant of yours hasn’t suffered a single defeat. Perhaps you’ll actually win.”

With an icy look in her eyes, Mu Biqiong let out a cold snort, ignoring her intent to stir up trouble.


Nie Tian finished planting seventy-two tree branches into the ground around the Fortune Well. After a green hemispherical ward with mysterious patterns from trees of life formed over him and the Fortune Well, he finally put his heart at ease.


Wisps of wood power gave off emerald sparkling light as they rose from the mouth of the Fortune Well.

Under the Wood Thriving Formation’s profound influence, the wood power grew increasingly pure and concentrated. As soon as Nie Tian attempted to channel it with Heavenly Wood Heal, the wisps of pure, concentrated wood power instantly flew into him like numerous wisps of emerald light.

In fact, Nie Tian had already refined his vortex of wood power to the point where it was ready for his breakthrough into the late Worldly realm, and liquidized wood power was already brimming in it.

He no longer needed extra wood power to help him make a breakthrough.

The wood power he channeled into himself was used to finish the third stage of Heavenly Wood Heal: Meridian Toughening.

Therefore, he secretly activated his bloodline talent Life Drain and channeled flesh power from the heaps of spirit beast meat within his ring of holding. Then, he followed the Heavenly Wood Heal’s procedures by striking his heart repeatedly with it.

As ruptures appeared in the fine meridians around his heart, wood power poured into those meridians like trickling streams, carrying vigorous life force that could nourish all things.

After receiving the wood power essence from that Fortune Well, those meridians that were as fine as hairs healed at a speed that shocked even Nie Tian himself.

He then discovered that not only was the wood power essence he obtained from this Fortune Well unprecedentedly pure and rich, but it also contained some mysterious power that could help him heal himself.

He had made a few attempts to finish the last step of Meridian Toughening before, but they had all failed.

But this time, he found the process of regenerating tissues to reforge the meridians in his heart to be surprisingly smooth.

Just like this, he was soon consumed with the process of breaking and rebuilding his meridians.

It didn’t take very long before he finally finished with Meridian Toughening.

Even after that, wood power that was rich and pure continued pouring into him, further stimulating his flesh and the vortex of wood power within his spiritual sea.

All of a sudden, the obstacles that had been keeping him from entering the late Worldly realm seemed to shatter on their own.

Immediately afterwards, great changes took place in his spiritual sea in his dantian region. His spiritual core blossomed with misty light as his three vortexes of different powers spun madly, as if his entire spiritual sea was roaring and transforming.

“Finally!” As a thought entered his mind, numerous spirit jades and other spiritual materials flew out of his ring of holding and piled up in front of him.

Without concerning himself with the environment he was in, he instantly set about breaking through into the late Worldly realm, confident that the Wood Thriving Formation would protect him from any external danger.

Yin Yanan’s mouth was half open as she exclaimed inwardly with a astonished expression, “No way! He’s started his breakthrough process already?!”

Many others also noticed this anomaly. By the time they saw Nie Tian taking out all kinds of spiritual materials and channeling power from them, they realized that he had broken through the obstacles in his cultivation and was attempting to finish his breakthrough without delay.

The look in Yin Yanan’s eyes rapidly grew cold as she glanced around, and saw that a handful of cultivators were already converging on him. “It’s such a rash and reckless decision to finish his breakthrough under such circumstances.” 

All of those who came seemed to practice wood power.

There was even a sixth grade Floragrim among them.

The Floragrim had shriveled skin that looked like the skin of an old tree. However, mysterious patterns could be vaguely seen under his skin.

He floated in the air and examined the green ward generated by the Wood Thriving Formation with a grim expression. He didn’t pay much attention to Nie Tian, as if those translucent and sparkling tree branches and the unfathomable patterns within that green ward were much more interesting.

Mu Biqiong’s eyebrows furrowed as killing intent rapidly built up within her eyes. Then, with an icy voice, she said, “Please go back to your Fortune Wells!”

Yin Yanan’s eyes were also filled with warning as she laid them on the Floragrim.

The human cultivators’ expressions flickered after hearing Mu Biqiong’s warning. They exchanged a glance, and then left reluctantly.

Only the Floragrim remained in place, and still fixed his fiery gaze on the tree branches and the mysterious patterns in the green ward, as if he were completely unconcerned.

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