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Nie Tian glanced around and discovered that all of those who were guarding their own Fortune Wells had awoken from their cultivation.

They all rose to their feet and looked down the mouths of their Fortune Wells.

As the earth shook increasingly violently and bubbles continued to rise in the mud, faint smoke gradually pervaded the marshland.

The air-transportation spiritual tools that were originally berthed in the vicinity began to circle around the Fortune Wells.

From the look of it, fierce battles could break out at any moment.

“Hmm?!” In a distant location, the old man, who practiced lightning power and was about to reach the end of his lifespan, was dumbfounded as he stared at the Fortune Well he had been guarding. 

Wisps of crimson smoke could be seen gradually rising from the mouth the well.

A blazing flame aura gradually built up inside the well as a thick pillar of fierce flames suddenly burst forth from within it.

Small red lightning bolts could be seen slithering in the pillar of crimson flames, which was a fascinating scene.

Nie Tian, who practiced flame power, took a glance at the pillar of flames from afar, and his expression flickered.

At the same time, the Flame Dragon Armor sent him a soul message. “That well is spewing flames that contain Heavenflame Essence, master! Not only will it be able to help me awaken my bloodline talents and upgrade, but it’ll be of great help to you too!”

Heavenflame Essence was said to contain the pure, profound flame power of the blazing meteors that came from the depths of the starry river.

While Heaven Flame Beasts, which were more powerful than Earth Flame Beasts, sought out and cultivated with Heavenflame, Heavenflame Essence was even more precious. Cultivators who practiced fire incantations and outsiders who carried fire bloodlines could fuse it into their spiritual seas or bloodlines in order to improve their battle prowess.


An Earth Flame Beast that had been guarding one of the Fortune Wells suddenly let out an angry roar and exploded into the air.

However, a large human expert beat him to the old man.

It was a middle Profound realm man who practiced fire incantations.

His cultivation base was clearly lower than the old man’s, yet a large pearl-like item appeared in his hand as he arrived.

It turned out to be the eye of a Heaven Flame Beast!

As a large number of fiery veins grew madly within the Heaven Flame Beast eye, a unique fiery aura was born in it.

The crimson pillar of flames that shot straight into the heavens now started to bend towards the Heaven Flame Beast eye, as if it were going to fuse into it.

The man fixed the old man with a cold look and said with an unquestionable tone, “We’re swapping Fortune Wells.”

The Fortune Well he had claimed and guarded didn’t show any wonders. Perhaps it never would.

The old man’s Fortune Well was already spewing Heavenflame Essence, which suited his cultivation needs perfectly. What he was doing was none other than taking the old man’s Fortune Well by force.

Even though the old man’s cultivation base was higher than his, the old man had grown very hesitant after he had taken out the Heaven Flame Beast eye.

After pondering for a few seconds, the old man out a frustrated sigh as he gave up his Fortune Well and flew towards the other man’s Fortune Well.

The large man smiled sinisterly as he landed by the Fortune Well with a loud boom. “I like people who are smart like you.”

Then, he held the Heaven Flame Beast eye towards the mouth of the well in an attempt to collect Heavenflame Essence.

All of a sudden, a piercing shriek rang out in the distance.

In the next moment, a streak of orange light shot over like a flash of lightning, instantly fusing into the pillar of crimson flames.

It turned out to be a flaming bird. Bathed in the fierce flames, it let out constant low cries.

Then, clusters of flames that carried its bloodline power poured down from midair, engulfing the Fortune Well, along with the burly middle-aged man.

The fiery veins even flew swirling out of the Heaven Flame Beast eye he was holding, and wreathed him instead.

Even though the man practiced fire incantations, he rapidly burst into flames.

Engulfed in flames, the man let out miserable screams as his robust body rapidly blackened.

Soon, his screams ended.

His charred, stiff body stood by the Fortune Well like a black stick.

The Earth Flame Beast, which was also hoping to take this Fortune Well for its own, had seen the flaming bird flying into the pillar of crimson flames like a flash of lighting. Not daring to come any closer, it had come to a stop in the air and observed.

By the time it saw the burly man being charred in the blink of an eye, fear flashed across its eyes as it hastily returned to guard its original Fortune Well without making a sound.

“That’s a vermilion bird!” Fear filled Chai Longge’s face as he said, “That’s not just any spirit beast, but a true Ancientbeast.”

Nie Tian turned to look him in the eye.

With a bitter smile, Chai Longge explained, “Titans, Ancientbeasts, and great wyrms are all Ancientspirits from the Desolate Antiquity Era. Unlike the spirit beasts of our time, Ancientbeasts are an ancient race, whose bloodline stretches all the way back to the Desolate Antiquity Era. Not only are they born to be at high grades, but more importantly, they all have exceptional intelligence.

“Spirit beasts, on the other hand, carry Ancientbeast bloodlines, more or less. But their bloodlines are usually impure.

“Spirit beasts appeared during the Remote Antiquity Era and Near Antiquity Era. Their grades are usually low, and their intelligence is undeveloped when they are born. They would need to upgrade their bloodline bit by bit. Only after reaching the seventh grade will they develop remarkable intelligence and possess formidable bloodline power.

“Low-grade spirit beasts can only be categorized as savage beasts.

“Meanwhile, Ancientbeasts are born with the ability to communicate with other intelligent beings on a soul level. Therefore, Ancientbeasts usually view low-grade spirit beasts the same way high-tier Demons view low-tier Demons. They only view spirit beasts at the seventh grade or higher as equals.

“That vermilion bird is a true Ancientbeast. Like the ice phoenix and flame dragon, they’re an ancient, intelligent race that has been around since the Desolate Antiquity Era.

“Vermilion birds are born at the sixth grade, so judging from that and Ancientbeasts’ exceptionally long lifespans, that vermilion bird is still a baby.

“But even so, it possesses formidable power. Since Earth Flame Beasts are a species that didn’t appear until the Remote Antiquity Era, it’s natural for that Earth Flame Beast to be afraid of a vermilion bird with an ancient bloodline.”

A surprised look appeared on Nie Tian’s face after he heard these words. He hadn’t expected there to be such major differences between Ancientbeasts and spirit beasts.

Yin Yanan nodded. “He’s right. Those are the differences between Ancientbeasts and spirit beasts.” 

Then, she shot Nie Tian a sideways glance and said in a voice only he could hear, “My Frost Blood Python is the hybrid of a Frost Python and a Blood Stripe Python.

“Blood Stripe Pythons are true Ancientbeasts, while Frost Pythons are usually considered spirit beasts.

“However, the mother of my Frost Blood Python is a seventh grade Frost Python with developed intelligence. Only because of that, a male Blood Stripe Python fell for it, and the two of them made this Frost Blood Python.”

At that moment, the exclamations of many other Qi warriors who also practiced fire incantations echoed out.

“That’s an Ancientbeast!”

“That’s a vermilion bird in its infancy!”

Originally, they had itched to leave their own Fortune Wells to seize that flame-spewing one for their own. However, the vermilion bird had manipulated the flame power within that Heaven Flame Beast eye to devour its owner. After witnessing the violent death of a fellow cultivator with a similar cultivation base as theirs, they all had their enthusiasm dampened, as if someone had poured cold water on them.

Then, after seeing the sixth grade Earth Flame Beast cowering back to its own Fortune Well, they all gave up on the idea of seizing that Fortune Well too.

There might be other Fortune Wells that would spew flame power. It was unnecessary to risk their lives fighting that vermilion bird.

The old man who had been forced away earlier congratulated himself inwardly as he watched the dancing vermilion bird in the pillar of crimson flames, and the burly man’s charred corpse under it.

He felt that he had made a wise decision by handing that well over. Otherwise, he would have been the one burned to the death by the vermilion bird.

The pillar of crimson flames gradually shrank as the vermilion bird absorbed its Heavenflame Essence.

As people withdrew their gazes from the vermilion bird, many other Fortune Wells worked their wonders.

Nie Tian’s Fortune Well was one of them. A thick, watery mist filled with sparkling and crystal-clear drops of water rose unceasingly from the well.

Each and every drop seemed to contain the essence of water power.

Chai Fengwu, who was valiant and heroic in bearing, instantly sensed the change, and her eyes lit up.

She practiced water incantations. The essence of water power Nie Tian’s Fortune Well was spewing suited her cultivation needs perfectly. With its help, she would be able to make rapid advancement in her cultivation.

Therefore, she looked at Nie Tian with eager eyes.

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