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The Earth Spirit Sect disciples flew away on their air-transportation spiritual tool, putting a significant distance between them and Mu Biqiong.

Qiu Ji was even more furious after Mu Biqiong completely ignored his shouts.

However, no matter how furious he was, he didn’t dare to approach her again.

The deadly root that could shoot out of Mu Biqiong’s palm at any moment made him very insecure, and no longer confident in his own strength.

Those who he had come with were also awed by Mu Biqiong’s battle prowess.

Even though she was just standing there, not doing anything, none of them dared to take any rash actions.

Also at that moment, they started to suspect that Nie Tian and Yin Yanan also had some sort of powerful backing that would allow them to display battle prowess that far exceeded their actual cultivation bases. 

The thought made them even more apprehensive and uneasy.

Now, their air-transportation spiritual tools were berthed in a place far from the place where the forty-nine Fortune Wells were located.

With a sad face, one of the Earth Spirit Sect disciples fixed Qiu Ji with an inquiring look. “Future sectmaster...”

Eyebrows furrowed, Qiu Ji said, “I know that we’ve lost many people. But we need to be patient.  I don’t have a full understanding of her strength yet. She’ll have to fight others too over her Fortune Well. We need to be smart and wait for the perfect opportunity to get back at her.”

The other Earth Spirit Sect disciples could only nod with reluctant expressions.

Just like this, the potentially fierce battle between them and Mu Biqiong ended in Mu Biqiong’s landslide victory.

The cultivators, outsiders, and Ancientbeasts who had paid attention to this battle then laid their eyes on Mu Biqiong, as they now viewed her as a strong adversary.

After recovering from his astonishment, Chai Longge fixed Mu Biqiong with a complicated look and said, “I didn’t know that you were actually such a good fighter. We shouldn’t have just assumed... So from the look of it, you would have been safe in that dilapidated city even if we didn’t stand up for you.”

Mu Biqiong sat down without saying anything.

Yin Yanan smiled faintly. “Good job.”

Mu Biqiong gave a weak snort.

Neither of them responded to Chai Longge.

Chai Longge had chosen to stay out of the way when Qiu Ji, the future sectmaster of the Earth Spirit Sect, had decided to settle accounts with them.

Since they had only met very recently, and he knew perfectly well that he wouldn’t be able to beat Qiu Ji in battle, that was actually a wise move.

Even so, Yin Yanan and Mu Biqiong couldn’t let it go just yet.

Nie Tian, however, smiled, as if he didn’t find the matter unforgivable. “No matter what, we’re grateful that you told us about the Fortune Wells and brought us here.”

Looking rather embarrassed, Chai Longge said, “Sorry that I didn’t provide you with much help.”

Nie Tian waved his hand, signaling him not to burden himself with it. “That’s alright. If our Fortune Wells happens to spew the kinds of power you need and yours spew the kinds we need, then we’ll still trade with you.”

“Thanks,” Chai Longge said.

He and his sister’s strength wouldn’t match that of Qiu Ji’s and the Earth Spirit Sect disciples’, yet Mu Biqiong had single-handedly awed the entire Earth Spirit Sect. If their Fortune Wells happened to spew flame power, wood power, or frost power after the Fortune Wells became active, Nie Tian and the girls would have what it took to directly take their Fortune Wells for their own.

The fact that Nie Tian was willing to trade with them proved that he had forgiven his and his sister’s inaction when facing Qiu Ji.

Seeing that the Earth Spirit Sect disciples were keeping a significant distance from them, Nie Tian and the girls resumed cultivation.

However, they didn’t get to practice in peace for very long before something happened that interrupted them again.

More humans and outsiders arrived in droves. They all berthed their air-transportation spiritual tools over the Fortune Wells, where they briefly glanced around and then quickly determined that Nie Tian and Mu Biqiong would be the easiest to drive away.

Sitting still, Yin Yanan said, “Why don’t you take care of them as well?”

Mu Biqiong didn’t give a reply. However, as soon as those people came at her with vicious expressions, she unleashed the black demonic flower’s root and started a massacre.

As one air-transportation spiritual tool after another exploded around her, the cultivators and Demons were also whipped by the thick root and fell into the marshland, where they rapidly vanished.

Gradually, an impatient look appeared in Mu Biqiong’s eyes.

Since both she and Nie Tian were at the Worldly realm, it was natural that those who came for the Fortune Wells would target the two of them.

Meanwhile, she couldn’t flaunt the enormous, black root at all times to scare the newcomers off.

Nie Tian saw through her dilemma, and thus suggested, “Next time you kill them, you can leave their corpses around you, instead of letting them fall into the marshland. That way, newcomers will see the corpses around you, and know not to mess with you.”

Mu Biqiong’s eyes lit up. “That’s a good idea!”

She thus did as Nie Tian suggested.

As more newcomers approached her with evil intentions, she first killed them with the black demonic flower’s root, and then grabbed and placed their bodies around her Fortune Well.

Soon, she was surrounded by corpses of Profound realm cultivators and sixth grade Demons.

After that, when more cultivators and outsiders arrived, they would see the piled up corpses, and rapidly give up the idea of taking her Fortune Well.

Meanwhile, Nie Tian found handling the endless stream of newcomers himself to be too troublesome, and thus adopted a simple method.

He summoned the Bone Blood Demon.

The Bone Blood Demon was so large that it almost blocked his Fortune Well from sight. Many people that were guarding their own Fortune Wells cast shocked gazes at it.

Even though Pergson had absorbed part of its death power with that powerful saber, the Bone Blood Demon still had the strength of a Soul realm expert.

Adding in its overwhelming visual impact, every newcomer would gasp with apprehension upon taking a glance at it from afar.

“My speculation was right.” Watching the Bone Blood Demon, Chai Longge’s expression grew even bitterer as he realized that Nie Tian was just as hard to deal with as Mu Biqiong.

Even though the early Profound realm Yin Yanan, whose cultivation base was higher than Nie Tian and Mu Biqiong’s, hadn’t summoned her eighth grade Frost Blood Python yet, Chai Longge and his sister’s expressions were just as revering as they looked at her.

They assumed that her battle prowess would also far exceed her cultivation base.

After seeing the awe-inspiring Bone Blood Demon and the corpses around Mu Biqiong, no newcomer dared to come anywhere close to them anymore. They took detours just to avoid offending them.

Even Chai Longge and Chai Fengwu benefited from this.

Many assumed that since they were staying with Nie Tian and Mu Biqiong, they must also be very powerful and hard to deal with.

Now that the area where they were gathered was battle-free, a series of battles broke out in other areas. Powerful newcomers would choose those who they deemed unworthy of themselves and try to drive them away.

Sometimes the newcomers would drive away or kill the original occupants, while at other times they would underestimate their opponent and get killed instead.

Days passed as some of the Fortune Wells went from hand to hand. Fierce battles took place every day, and people died constantly.

Some of the newcomers would launch attacks upon arrival, while others would circle around and wait for opportunities.

Some of the latter kind of people seemed unfathomable to Nie Tian.

Chai Longge seemed deeply worried as he said, “Not once have so many people come to seek fortune from the Fortune Wells before.” 

Another day passed...

Nie Tian, who had been practicing cultivation this whole time, snapped his eyes open.

Eyebrows furrowed, he looked around at the mud.

At this moment, muddy grayish-black bubbles started to appear in the mud, as if it had begun to seethe.

At the same time, turbulence started to rise from the depths of the earth. They started out very subtle, but rapidly grew stronger.

Many noticed the anomaly, and awoke from their cultivation. Even those who were engaged in a fierce fight stopped fighting for the moment.

Everyone looked back and forth between the Fortune Wells and the mud around them, expectation and excitement rapidly building up in their eyes.

Mo Qinglei from the Heavenly Thunder Sect smiled as he sprang to his feet and said with an eager expression, “The time has finally come.”

In high spirits, Chai Longge and his sister also rushed to the mouths of their wells. They gazed down and said with a tone of excitement and unease, “The Fortune Wells are going to work their magic!”  

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