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Nie Tian’s expression grew grim as he adjusted his breathing.

The Bonebrute had brandished his bone saber a few times and slaughtered four Profound realm Qi warriors without any effort. The battle prowess he had displayed was simply terrifying.

In Nie Tian’s senses, this Bonebrute before him was only at the sixth grade.

Normally speaking, a sixth grade Bonebrute’s strength should be at the same level as a Profound realm Qi warrior’s.

The fact that he was able to kill four Profound realm Qi warriors so easily, when one of them was even at the late Profound realm, was something Nie Tian had never expected.

Nie Tian’s gaze quickly landed on the bone saber in the Bonebrute’s hand.

He suspected that that bone saber was the reason why this sixth grade Bonebrute was so overwhelmingly powerful.

Furthermore, the four Qi warriors had mentioned that the bone saber seemed to be a legendary item of the Bonebrutes right before their deaths.

With such thoughts on his mind, he reached the conclusion that the bone saber must have an extraordinary origin.

Besides, the fact that this Bonebrute held such a powerful magical treasure when he was only at the sixth grade proved his lofty status in the Bonebrute race.

He instantly realized that he must be facing a rising star of the Bonebrute race.

Only this could explain why he possessed such a treasure that enhanced his battle prowess far beyond his grade.

“Kill that one!” Nie Tian sent a soul command to the Bone Blood Demon.


The Bone Blood Demon took a large step, and its mountain-like body stood between Nie Tian and the Bonebrute youngster.

Fury flashed across the Bonebrute youngster’s eyes as he saw the Bone Blood Demon standing before him.

The Bone Blood Demon’s pupils were grayish green, while the Bonebrute youngster’s pupils were emerald green.

His eyes were like two emeralds that were embedded in his head. When they rolled in their sockets, they looked very intelligent.

A hint of mockery appeared in his emerald eyes as he gently cast his bone saber towards the Bone Blood Demon. “You actually want to stop me with a member of my race?” 

The countless sparkling, crystal-clear spots on the bone saber instantly lit up.

An aura that could silence heaven and earth and kill every living being in an instant spread out from the bone saber, which was only about a meter long.

Like a feather, the bone saber landed on the Bone Blood Demon’s shoulder.

The Bone Blood Demon, which was about thirty meters tall, actually became motionless, not daring to make a single move.

Thanks to the soul connection between Nie Tian and the Bone Blood Demon, he sensed strong fear from it.

It wasn’t the small Bonebrute youngster it feared, but rather the bone saber!

From the look of it, this magical treasure could subdue most Bonebrutes.

Even though the Bone Blood Demon was by nature a puppet, the bloodline seals in the depths of its bloodline still compelled it to yield to the bone saber.

In the next moment, Nie Tian’s expression further flickered, as he sensed death power rapidly building up within the Bone Blood Demon’s body.

Strands of raging death power left the Bone Blood Demon’s body and madly converged on the bone saber, like water being pumped.

The bone saber was channeling death power from the Bone Blood Demon, yet the Bone Blood Demon didn’t try to resist!

“Get rid of that saber!” Nie Tian’s soul roar reached the Bone Blood Demon’s mind, yet it didn’t seem to be able to hear him.

The Bonebrute youngster slowly walked towards Nie Tian. “My name is Pergson. My bloodline is purer than his. This saber is made from a bone taken from the hand of a deceased grand monarch of my race. His aura allows this saber to subdue all members of my race who aren’t as strong as he was.”

Nie Tian couldn’t help but exclaim, “A bone from a deceased grand monarch?” 

Outsiders would only refer to tenth grade experts as grand monarchs.

The battle prowess of a grand monarch would match that of a God Domain Qi warrior, which allowed them stand at the peak of this boundless starry river and overlook all lives.

A deceased grand monarch was still a grand monarch, and his whole life’s accumulation lay within his bones. It was only natural that a saber forged from his hand bone carried heaven-shaking, earth-shattering might.

The Bone Blood Demon, however, had only been at the eighth grade when it had been alive, and it hadn’t even recovered that level of battle prowess yet.

Therefore, it was understandable that it didn’t dare to move when facing a saber forged from the hand bone of a Bonebrute grand monarch.

However, from the look of it, the saber would have to stay on the Bone Blood Demon’s shoulder in order for it to have a subduing effect on the Bone Blood Demon.

Also, once he lost that bone saber, the Bonebrute youngster named Pergson would have to fight by relying on his actual strength.

With these thoughts on his mind, Nie Tian grew calm and said to himself, “A sixth grade Bonebrute has the strength of Profound realm Qi warrior, which is not so terrifying.”


At that moment, Mu Biqiong from the Bliss Mountain Sect entered battle against the black-garbed Demon youngster.

Mu Biqiong splayed her left hand, and a pitch-black demonic root shot madly out of her palm, as if it could grow infinitely.

Like a devilish dragon that had grown out of Mu Biqiong’s hand, the black root charged towards the Demon youngster.

The Demon youngster’s expression flickered as he saw this incredible scene, and sensed the terrifying aura the root emanated.

Meanwhile, Yin Yanan, who had lost the Frost Blood Python’s protection, was in an unfavorable situation.

The handsome Phantasm youngster pursed his lips into a smile as he said gently, “My name is Froste. You might want to remember that.”

The enormous skull made of countless discarnate souls suddenly floated towards Yin Yanan, ghostly flames flickering in its dark, hollow eye sockets.

It opened its huge mouth towards Yin Yanan, and a strong suction force was born from it.

With a painful look on her face, Yin Yanan subconsciously held her head with both hands, as if to stop her true soul from being torn away.

“That damn Phantasm!” With a bellow, Nie Tian cast the Spirit Pearl in his hand towards the enormous skull.

Countless soul strands came to appear on the Spirit Pearl’s surface, as if the Spirit Pearl’s soul had received Nie Tian’s command, and was going all-out to protect Yin Yanan’s true soul.

One misty cyan ring after another rose from the Spirit Pearl.

Like water ripples created by a rock, the misty cyan rings spread far and wide from over Yin Yanan’s head.

In the next moment, the soul channeling force from the skull vanished.

The Phantasm youngster’s expression flickered for the first time as he stared at the Spirit Pearl, which was now floating motionlessly over Yin Yanan’s head.

“I can’t believe that Spirit Pearl actually has its own soul now! And it has acknowledged that man as his master!” Froste cried out, since he couldn’t understand why Nie Tian was able to vest the Spirit Pearl with a soul and win its acknowledgment as a human.

Not just any soul could be refined into magical tools forged by his kind.

It was even more so with powerful magic tools like the Spirit Pearl.

A human soul wouldn’t even survive the fierce evil spirits in the Spirit Pearl, not to mention becoming its soul.

He didn’t know that the Spirit Pearl’s soul was actually the discarnate soul of a ninth grade Phantasm grand patriarch before it had been refined into the Spirit Pearl.

He had expected that as long as Nie Tian brought out the Spirit Pearl, he would be able to make it his by relying on his Phantasm bloodline and profound soul magics.

But to his surprise, the Spirit Pearl had already had its own soul, which had acknowledged Nie Tian as his master.

Now, in this case, he realized that he wouldn’t be able to take the Spirit Pearl for his own without killing Nie Tian.

However, to make the situation less in his favor, the misty cyan rings spread out and easily shattered the Dark Soul Ward he had formed with his Blood Essence.

Since he was only at the sixth grade, the might of his Dark Soul Ward was limited, which was why it shattered like a net being torn into pieces as the light rings spread out.

A surprised look appeared on Nie Tian’s face as he spared some attention to shoot a glance in Yin Yanan’s direction.

He hadn’t expected that the Spirit Pearl could actually stop the skull from sucking Yin Yanan’s soul away so easily.

Besides, he was also surprised to notice that, after the Spirit Pearl unleashed those light rings, the Phantasm youngster’s Dark Soul Ward seemed to have lost its effect.

This meant that he and the girls would now be able to evacuate on his Star Boat if things went south.

Nie Tian felt a strong sense of security.

“That bone saber has a subduing effect on the Bone Blood Demon, stopping it from displaying its battle prowess. Similarly, the Spirit Pearl overbore that skull, and stopped that Phantasm youngster from killing Yin Yanan with it.” With these thoughts, a faint smile appeared at the corner of Nie Tian’s mouth, as he found this battle more interesting than he had expected it to be.


While he was carried away by his thoughts, Pergson, the Bonebrute youngster, struck out.

“Bloodline magic: Decay!” As he shouted these words, a pale-gray aura of death rapidly spread out from him and engulfed Nie Tian.

As Pergson activated this profound bloodline talent, Nie Tian rapidly formed a spiritual power ward around himself to protect him from the intense aura of death, but he still discovered himself slowly losing his life force.

Like an arrow, Pergson shot towards Nie Tian within the pale-gray aura of death.


Nie Tian swung his Flame Star, unleashing a rainbow-like blade light that slashed vigorously on Pergson’s body, which was made of translucent, jade-like bones.

The impact sent sparks flying off the contact point, yet not even the slightest fissure appeared on Pergson’s bones.

With a very swift motion, he shifted to Nie Tian and thrust his bony hand, that was as sharp as a sword, towards Nie Tian’s chest.


Pergson’s bony hand instantly went through Nie Tian’s skin and flesh, but then it was stopped by Nie Tian’s chestbone.

Having refined his body repeatedly with Heavenly Wood Heal, Nie Tian possessed incredibly tough, jade-like bones.

Even though Pergson carried a powerful bloodline, possessed the Bonebrutes’ indestructible form, and his every single bone could be used as a sharp weapon, he still failed to break Nie Tian’s bones and pierce his heart.


As the impact sent Nie Tian backwards, Pergson pulled his bony hand from Nie Tian’s chest, not stained by a single drop of blood.

A confused look appeared in Pergson’s emerald green eyes, as he had never expected a human to possess bones that were so tough.

However, he didn’t panic either.

He fixed Nie Tian with an icy look as Nie Tian flew backwards, like he was looking at a dead man.

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