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Hey guys, just a quick note. We’re changing two names:
An Shi Yue -> An Shiyi
Jiang Zisu -> Jiang Zhisu

Enjoy this chapter ;)


“The Ghost Sect and Blood Sect invaded the Green Illusion Realm. Besides us, the other people… are all dead.” Jiang Lingzhu sighed.

Once her words were uttered, the expressions of An Shiyi, Li Fan, Sang Bing, and Grandmother Weng, who had been waiting there for a long time, suddenly changed.

“Ghost Sect! Blood Sect!” Sang Bing let out a world-shaking angry hiss.

Yuan Feng was a core disciple of the Grey Valley, who was viewed as their ‘seed’. The Grey Valley had invested a large amount of medicinal pills and spirit weapons in Yuan Feng. They were trying to raise Yuan Feng as the future leader of the Grey Valley.

In their eyes, Yuan Feng was more important than Yun Song and the nine others. He was much more important than them!

The Grey Valley absolutely couldn’t accept Yuan Feng’s death!

Nie Tian, who was in the crowd, secretly felt guilty as he looked at the roaring Sang Bing.

At that moment, he quietly looked at Jiang Lingzhu, as he felt great appreciation in his heart for her earlier actions.

He knew that if Jiang Lingzhu didn’t take that flag away from his hands, Sang Bing from the Grey Valley would have immediately been able to sense it after he had left the Green Illusion Realm.

The angrier and more violent Sang Bing got, the clearer he understood. Once the issue of him killing Yuan Feng was exposed, he would have to suffer the wrath of the Grey Valley.

Don’t even mention the fact that he still wasn’t an official disciple of the Lingyun Sect yet. Even if he was, he would still have to suffer this calamity.

“An Ying, what about the people from the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect?” An Shiyi hastily asked.

“I don’t know,” An Ying bitterly laughed, “At the last moment, we chased after them. However, they… mysteriously disappeared. We couldn’t find any trace of them at all.”

“I will make them pay for this!”

The Grey Valley’s Sang Bing was angrily hissing. He charged into the whirlpool head-first and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“An-girl, I’ll let you handle this issue first.” After hearing about the appearance of the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect in the Green Illusion Realm, the Black Mist Palace’s Grandmother Weng wasn’t calm anymore. “I’ll go look for them in the Green Illusion Realm with Sang Bing. I hope that we’ll arrive in time to capture those remaining devils!”

“I’ll also go take a look.” The Lingyun Sect’s Li Fan shouted.

Dark clouds densely covered the expressions of the two people. They also charged into the whirlpool after Sang Bing.

In an instant, the only leader that was remaining beside the lake was the Ling Bao Court’s An Shiyi.

“Explain the situation in detail!” An Shiyi’s expression turned serious.

Jiang Lingzhu, An Ying, Pan Tao, as well as the Black Mist Palace’s Zheng Bin all talked at once, carefully explaining everything that had happened in the Green Illusion Realm.

Nie Tian was standing beside them, not saying anything. He quietly waited for them to finish.

He noticed that the An family’s old servant, An He, was also currently standing beside An Shiyi.

He was sent here from Black Cloud City under An He’s escort. After the trial of the Green Illusion Realm ended, An He had appeared again. He should be here to send him back home.

When he looked at An He, An He had also unexpectedly looked at him. He awkwardly let out a laugh and bowed towards An He in respect.

An He gently nodded in reply. After that, he asked An Shiyi, “Little miss, how about I… first send Nie Tian back to Black Cloud City?”

“Okay. You can bring him back.” An Shiyi said, as she waved her hand.

Originally, she had planned on interrogating An Ying, wanting to know how Nie Tian had performed in the Green Illusion Realm and whether there was anything special about him.

However, because of the appearance of the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect, which had caused too many deaths in the trial, she wasn’t in the mood to worry about Nie Tian’s issue.

A startling and unexpected accident had happened in the trial in the Green Illusion Realm. Because the Ling Bao Court was the host, she was responsible for this issue. Currently, she was bearing far too much pressure and as such, she had no time to attend to Nie Tian’s little issue.

“Follow me.” An He waved his hand.

“Alright.” Nie Tian’s expression turned calm, as he walked towards An He to follow him back to the Nie Family.

At that exact moment, the Ling Bao Court’s Pan Tao suddenly walked up and gave him a big hug. He whispered to him, “Brother, I’ll come to Black Cloud City one of these days to look for you. I hope that we can fight together in the coming days.”

Nie Tian was astounded.

Pan Tao, who relaxed his hug, blinked his eyes and mysteriously said, “When the time comes, I’ll bring someone over.”

Nie Tian was somewhat dumbstruck. He didn’t know what Pan Tao meant.

“Heh, you’ll find out in the coming days.” Pan Tao lightly laughed and pushed him. He said, “Go, return to Black Cloud City first. We’ll meet again.”

“Oh.” Nie Tian didn’t think any more of it.

“Pan Tao…”

After looking at Nie Tian’s and Pan Tao’s hug, the An Family’s An He had a strange expression in his eyes. He was unclear as to what had happened between Pan Tao and Nie Tian.

He could see that Pan Tao and Nie Tian seemed to have become brothers that had experienced life and death together. The sincerity in Pan Tao’s eyes was unconcealable.

Pan Tao was the grandson of the Ling Bao Court’s Great Elder Pan Hongzhen, whose status in the Ling Bao Court was second only to the Court Master.

Although the Black Cloud City’s An Family was regarded highly by the Ling Bao Court because of An Shiyi’s existence, it was still a vassal of the Ling Bao Court.

In the Ling Bao Court, Pan Hongzhen’s status far exceeded An Shiyi’s, as the An Family couldn’t even compare to him in the slightest.

Looking at how Pan Tao treated Nie Tian, An He was secretly startled. He felt that this brat Nie Tian was perhaps an expert at forming connections with powerful figures and had used some kind of unknown method to curry favor with Pan Tao.

“Nie Tian! I’ll come look for you in Black Cloud City after a few days!” Jiang Lingzhu suddenly raised her voice. When she uttered these words, she fiercely stared at Pan Tao.

Pan Tao rubbed his nose and let out a laugh. However, he didn’t care about her at all.

“Jiang Zhisu’s beloved daughter…”

An He was stunned again. He used a gaze filled with suspicion to look at Nie Tian. After that, he looked towards Pan Tao and Jiang Lingzhu as he became increasingly curious.

“This brat Nie Tian really seems to be good at engaging with others. Pan Tao and Jiang Lingzhu unexpectedly regard him quite highly.

When they had previously traveled to the lake from Black Cloud City, An He had disregarded Nie Tian, as he hadn’t taken him seriously. The journey had been a boring one.

At that time, he had actually had some ill-feelings towards Nie Tian.

One of the spots, that was given to the An Family to enter the Green Illusion Realm’s trial, was given to Nie Tian by An Shiyi. As a clansman of the An Family, he secretly had his own opinion about it.

Because of that, he hadn’t paid attention to Nie Tian during the journey and had only thought that Nie Tian was a lucky bastard.

Now, because the disciples of the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect had appeared in the Green Illusion Realm’s trial, which had caused disastrous casualties including the complete extermination of the Grey Valley, he was secretly glad.

He was glad that the son from the An Family didn’t enter the Green Illusion Realm, which had let him escape from a calamity.

Without that issue weighing on his mind, he looked at Pan Tao and Jiang Lingzhu, who were suddenly friendly towards Nie Tian. An He’s mind was moved and he couldn’t help but regard Nie Tian more favourably.

“Let’s go, your grandfather and the others have been waiting for you. Recently, there’s been some trouble in the Nie Family. It’s better for you to return first.” He suddenly talked to Nie Tian with an amiable tone.

“What trouble?” Nie Tian furrowed his brows.

“Let’s talk about it while walking.” An He gently said.

“Alright.” Nie Tian replied.

He also suddenly felt that An He’s attitude towards him was entirely different from before.

Quickly, he followed An He to enter the carriage and slowly left the marshy area.

While he went to Black Cloud City, An Shiyi and the others were still gathered by the lake. They were waiting for the return of Sang Bing, Li Fan, and Grandmother Weng.

After an entire day, the Lingyun Sect’s Li Fan returned with an emaciated and starving Ye Gumo, as he walked out of the whirlpool.

“Brother Ye didn’t die?” Jiang Lingzhu was extremely happy.

Li Fan threw the almost unconscious Ye Gumo to her side, and said, “This brat is very lucky. He hid by himself in the Volcanic Region,and when I found him, he was still hanging on to a thread.”

Ye Gumo’s head drooped, as he looked at Jiang Lingzhu. He forcefully squeezed out a smile and weakly said, “It’s good if you guys are fine.”

“Mister Li, what about Sang Bing and Grandmother Weng?” An Shiyi hurriedly asked.

Li Fan lightly sighed and said, “They should be coming out soon. We’ve searched the entire Green Illusion Realm, but there are no disciples of the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect. They’ve probably left at an earlier time.”

This was, of course, to be expected.

Not long after, Sang Bing, who had a gloomy expression, walked out of the whirlpool along with Grandmother Weng.

After Sang Bing came out, he didn’t say anything and directly left.

The Black Mist Palace’s Grandmother Weng looked towards An Shiyi and shook her head. She said, “We couldn’t find anything at all. The Green Illusion Realm’s trial ends now. We’ll discuss the results of the trial at a later time.”

“We can only do this.” An Shiyi bitterly laughed.

And so, the people that had gathered here respectively brought the younger generation of their sects home.


Translator: Seeaan
Editors: Zaach and Sietse
From XianXiaWorld

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