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“Yeah, exactly,” Jing Rou said with an admiring tone.

Nie Tian, a Son of the Stars that attracted universal attention, came from the Domain of the Falling Stars, along with Wu Ji, who was an expert in time power, and figures like Zhao Shanling and Hua Mu.

Cultivators who mastered the profundity of time power and at the same time, advanced to a high cultivation base, were very rare even in the Domain of Heaven Python.

Zhao Shanling, on the other hand, was confident that he would be able to advance to the Void domain before the Shatter Battlefield opened again.

He also planned to test his strength by killing the middle Void domain Xing Lifeng right after he entered the Void domain. His chances of success aside, just his audacious attitude greatly shook Jing Rou.

To be confident in his ability to kill a middle Void domain expert when he had just entered the early Void domain, how could this person be ordinary?

Li Muyang and Xing Huanyue’s advancements in cultivation had previously been limited by the environment in the Realm of a Thousand Devastations.

They had only cultivated for a few months now, and both of them had already broken through into the late Soul realm.

Jing Rou had also talked to Qi Bailu and Hua Mu, and considered them to be outstanding figures.

Not to mention that her husband Duan Shihu was from the Domain of the Falling Stars too.

Even she couldn’t reach Duan Shihu’s attainments in the art of seal use. Perhaps it was because of this he had been viewed as the Divine Seal Sect’s future sectmaster.

Jing Rou found the fact that everyone she had met from the Domain of the Falling Stars turned out to be outstanding hard to believe.

Meng Li sighed softly. “Well, I wasn’t happy with that man at first, but the fact that he’s planning to hunt down Xing Lifeng in the Shatter Battlefield has earned him my respect. 

“And I’ve talked to the Thousandsword Mountain Sect and the Golden Vast Sect. From now on, people from the Domain of the Falling Stars will be able to conduct activities here, and they wouldn’t give you any trouble.”

Nie Tian clasped his hands. “Many thanks.” 

He realized that Meng Li’s words had cleared the last-remaining obstacles between the Domain of the Falling Stars and the Domain of Heaven Python.

From now on, Hua Mu, Qi Bailu, and the others would not only be able to travel freely between the Realm of Maelstrom and other realms, but would also be able to trade spiritual materials with sects from the Domain of Heaven Python and outsiders, therefore gaining the necessary materials to build their inner domains within a short time.

He had a feeling that, thanks to the teleportation portal Zhao Shanling had just set up, many Soul realm experts from the Domain of the Falling Stars would be able to improve their strength and cultivation bases at a much faster rate.

Meanwhile, according to Hua Mu and the others, the Domain of the Falling Stars now belonged to him.

The stronger the Domain of the Falling Stars became, the stronger he would become.

Eventually, he would reach the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s headquarters, following the route they had designed for him. At that time, all of these people would be his reserve power.

“It’s been a long time since I left the Domain of the Falling Stars,” Duan Shihu said. “I want to go back and visit my master.”

“I’ll go with you,” Jing Rou said, smiling.

Duan Shihu nodded. “Sure.” 

“Alright,” Nie Tian said, nodding. “We need to give that bottle of sand of time to master as soon as possible anyway. Hopefully, it’ll be of great help to him.” 

Qi Bailu and Hua Mu didn’t go with them. Instead, they stayed, hoping to learn more about the Realm of Maelstrom.

Therefore, Nie Tian, Duan Shihu, and Jing Rou teleported to the forbidden region in the Realm of Split Void through Zhao Shanling’s teleportation portal.

Zhao Shanling’s teleportation portal in the Realm of Split Void had been rather close to the palace Nie Tian had summoned from the depths of the earth in the first place.

However, during his recent return, he had moved it to a conspicuous location right beside the palace.

Standing in front of the grand palace, Duan Shihu’s eyes lit up as he examined the countless star formations on the palace walls. “Is this the palace the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace left for you?”

“Yeah,” Nie Tian said.

Jing Rou also examined them with rapt attention and said, “Those profound spell formations seem to contain the profound truths of heaven and earth. They’re different from the seals our sect uses, but they seem to lead to the same result!”

“Even though I don’t know anything about star magics, examining the magical lines of those profound spell formations alone is already very enlightening.” With these words, Duan Shihu tore his gaze from the palace and said to Nie Tian, “I’ll visit master first. Then, I’ll come back to do a thorough examination. Hopefully, I’ll be able to learn from them.”

“That’s what I’m thinking too,” Jing Rou said with a soft laugh.

Nie Tian was surprised by their reaction.

Even though he could also see the star formations that had been carved on the stone palace walls, they didn’t seem very impressive to him when they weren’t activated.

Only after gathering countless wisps of star power would these star formations come to shine and light up the whole palace.

Handing the bottle of sand of time to Duan Shihu, Nie Tian said, “Master is practicing cultivation. You’d better be careful after you get there. Since I met master a few months ago, I’m not going with you this time.  I’ll visit my private realm and check on the people there.”

Duan Shihu nodded. “Okay.” 

Then, Nie Tian brought the two of them to the bamboo forest beside the palace, where children from the Nie Clan lived and practiced cultivation.

Li Langfeng was the only one who was guarding the bamboo forest.

Li Langfeng was shocked upon seeing him.

“Teleport them to the Cloudsoaring Sect,” Nie Tian said.

Li Langfeng activated the spell formation. Duan Shihu and Jing Rou then disappeared from the center of the spell formation.

“What happened in the Domain of the Falling Stars during these few months I was away?” Nie Tian asked.

“Nothing special...” Li Langfeng then went on a briefly explained what had happened recently.

At first, the major sects in the Domain of the Falling Stars had been rather insecure and uneasy after they had left through the spatial rift in the Void Illusion Mountain Range.

They had all been worried that powerful experts from the other domains would swarm in through that spatial rift.

After all, someone had thrown Zhen Huilan’s body into the Realm of Split Void through that very spatial rift.

However, after waiting fully prepared for a few months, they had discovered that, from the look of it, nothing was going to happen. Therefore, they had gradually stopped worrying.

During this time, Dong Wangling had returned from the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries. He had seemed to have had a pleasant meeting with people from the Beast-controlling Sect.

Dong Wangling had gone find Li Langfeng and told him that he hoped to take Dong Li and Dong Baijie to the Beast-controlling Sect’s headquarters after Nie Tian’s return. Over there, they would be able to select spirit beasts that suited them the best and learn incantations that were more legitimate.

At the same time, the Dong Clan would arrange for a group of their clansmen to go to the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries with Dong Li and Dong Baijie.

The Beast-controlling Sect’s current sectmaster had been rather thrilled to learn that the Dong Clan from the Domain of the Falling Stars had a historical connection with their sect.

As a group, people with the family name ‘Dong’ in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries had withered through time. Therefore, the Beast-controlling Sect’s sectmaster had been rather eager to bring more of them into the Beast-controlling Sect, to return the ‘Dong’ name to prosperity.

Therefore, the two sides had reached a mutual understanding right away. The Dong Clan would send their members to the Beast-controlling Sect to learn legitimate incantations and select suitable spirit beasts, while the Beast-controlling Sect would take in Dong Clan members to boost their strength.

With Wu Ji in secluded cultivation, Hua Mu away with Nie Tian, and Nie Donghai away in Nie Tian’s private heaven and earth, Li Langfeng had become Nie Tian’s representative in the Domain of the Falling Stars.

Zong Zheng, Fan Kai, and powerful experts from the Realm of a Hundred Battles had sent people to report to Li Langfeng from time to time, so he had been informed of every detailed change that had taken place in the Domain of the Falling Stars.

After learning about the current situation in the Domain of the Falling Stars from Li Langfeng, Nie Tian pushed the stone gate to the palace open, and entered the shattered heaven and earth that was wreathed in the flesh auras of outsiders and Ancientspirits.

“I probably should give this realm a name. Since it’s a shattered realm that’s held together by those huge vines, I might as well call it the Realm of Shattered Earth.” With these words, Nie Tian stepped through the gate out of the palace.

As soon as he did, he formed his nine Heaven Eyes and scanned this whole realm with them.

Nie Donghai, Nie Qian, Dong Li, Dong Baijie, Ye Qin, Xuan Ke, and many other figures he was familiar with then entered his Heaven Eyes’ view.

They were scattered in different regions, trying to derive enlightenment from the profound mysteries in those regions.

In Nie Tian’s senses, Dong Li and Dong Baijie, who were currently at the late Worldly realm, seemed to be on the verge of breaking through into the Profound realm.

The two of them seemed to have gain a great deal in this heaven and earth.

Aside from these two, others who had come to practice cultivation here had also made progress of differing degrees in their cultivation bases and strength.

“I’m back!” Nie Tian called out.

Wisps of soul awareness and resounding sounds spread out through his Heaven Eyes to every corner of the Realm of Shattered Earth.

After receiving them, people gathered from all directions, and soon arrived in front of the grand palace.

Mu Biqiong, the Holy Daughter from the Bliss Mountain Sect, was among them.

Mu Biqiong was still at the late Worldly realm. She was the first to arrive in front of the palace, where she fixed Nie Tian with a cold gaze and asked, “How much longer do you intend to imprison me here?”

“I’m here to take you back to the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries,” Nie Tian said.

However, Mu Biqiong, who was still wearing a veil, seemed somewhat disappointed upon hearing these words. She looked over her shoulder into the distance, as if she was reluctant to leave the Realm of Shattered Earth.

Nie Tian didn’t know that even though she had been staying in the Realm of Shattered Earth as a prisoner, she had actually made significant gains during this time.

The devilish flower inside of her had been able to communicate with the gigantic vines that held the Realm of Shattered Earth together, and channel wood power from her surroundings to nourish and strengthen her.

That flower was of great importance to her. It was both her nightmare and her power reserve.

Besides, since the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth in the Realm of Shattered Earth was exceptionally rich and soothing, she had progressed rapidly by cultivating here.

She was well-aware that if the young talented ones from the sects in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries learned about this magical place, they would all dream of coming here to derive enlightenment and improve their cultivation bases.

The thought of these benefits she had gained made her reluctant to leave this heaven and earth.

Nie Tian, however, didn’t pay much attention to her reaction. Instead, with a bright smile, he said to Dong Li and Dong Baijie, “You two seem to have made some considerable progress in your cultivation.”

Dong Baijie laughed broadly and pointed into the sky, where multicolored currents were surging. “Little Li and I managed to channel residual black phoenix and gray wolf bloodline auras from the atmosphere with the help of our beast spirits. Then, we refined them into our beast spirits, which enabled us to achieve rapid growth in our strength.”

“That’s great,” Nie Tian said. “But now I’ve got to take you back to the Domain of the Falling Stars. The Beast-controlling Sect wants you to go visit them to select spirit beasts that suit you better and practice incantations that are more legitimate.”

Dong Baijie was taken aback. “The Beast-controlling Sect?!” 

The same went for Mu Biqiong.

Nie Tian raised his voice and said, “Whoever else wants to leave can come with us now.” 

Ye Qin, Xuan Ke, and the others all shook their head, and expressed that this place was very helpful for their cultivation, so they didn’t plan to leave yet.

“If that’s the case, you may stay here for a while longer. Let me know if you want to leave next time I come back.” Nie Tian didn’t want to impose.

Afterwards, Nie Tian left the Realm of Shattered Earth with Dong Li, Dong Baijie, and Mu Biqiong.

After teleporting back to the Realm of Split Void, he discovered that Fan Kai, Zong Zheng, Chang Sen, and many other Soul realm experts from the Domain of the Falling Stars were gathered in front of the palace.

All of them were there to express their desire to visit the Realm of Maelstrom and trade with powerful experts from more advanced domains and outsiders.

Nie Tian agreed to their request.

These Soul realm experts from all over the Domain of the Falling Stars were overjoyed to get his consent.

However, Nie Tian decided to go to the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries himself to demand something from the Bliss Mountain Sect, using Mu Biqiong as leverage.

Soon, he met up with Dong Wangling and a few other Dong Clan members at the Thunder Mountain Sect’s headquarters. He asked Lei Tianqi to activate the spell formation, and after a few transits, they arrived in the Divine Flame Sect’s headquarters in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries.

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