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The Star Boat soared ahead at full speed.

With a grim expression, Zhao Shanling explained how dangerous the true void was to Nie Tian, and told him that the reason why creatures were able to reproduce in different domains and realms was because they were wreathed and protected by atmospheres of energies.

Once Qi warriors left their domains and entered the true void, they would face great threats and difficulty, like fish that had left water.

Only high grade outsiders and human experts at the Void domain or higher would be able to resist the impurities and travel across the starry river freely.

For thousands of years, the experts in the Domain of the Falling Stars had been limited by its lack of resources, and very few had entered the Void domain.

Neither had the major sects in the Domain of the Falling Stars developed the ability to build ancient starships. Therefore, they had basically been confined to its nine realms.

The only way out of the Domain of the Falling Stars was through the spatial rifts in the Void Illusion Mountain Range.

However, many explorers had entered those spatial rifts and never returned.

Nie Tian adjusted the Star Boat’s heading and neutralized the impurities that had entered him with his flame power while listening to Zhao Shanling’s narration.

Flames rapidly spread on his skin, burning away the impurities that had infiltrated his flesh.

Shortly afterwards, all of the impurities were purged by his flame power, and vanished completely.

Then, he secretly activated Heavenly Wood Heal and healed his wounds completely within a very short time.

Gazing down at the Star Stones that paved the bottom of the Star Boat, he said with a frown, “This Star Boat is powered by Star Stones. How far it can go depends on the amount of Star Stones I have. Now, I’m already running low on my Star Stones.”

Zhao Shanling sighed. “Yeah. Who would have thought those bastards from the Thousandsword Mountain Sect would be so scheming? They framed us, while both your puppet and my Death Reign happen to have close connections with Bonebrutes.

“Now there’s no way we can explain ourselves. Even if we can, those people from the Golden Vast Sect won’t listen.”


The Voidspirit Pagoda once again flew out from between his eyebrows.

As numerous spatial patterns started swimming about on its surface, Zhao Shanling cast a series of spells, vesting the nine-story pagoda with his soul awareness.

Nie Tian vaguely sensed that Zhao Shanling’s soul awareness seemed to travel to another heaven and earth through the Voidspirit Pagoda.

But only a few seconds later, Zhao Shanling withdrew his soul awareness and put the Voidspirit Pagoda away.

His face grew very grim as he said, “The arch of bones in that burial ground has been destroyed. Without it, even with the help of the Voidspirit Pagoda, I won’t be able to take us back there.”

Upon hearing these words, Hua Mu and all of the other experts snapped out of their cultivation.

With a bitter expression, Qi Bailu said, “So does that mean we won’t be able to even return to the Domain of the Falling Stars now?”

“As much as I hate to admit it, that seems to be the case,” Zhao Shanling said with a frustrated tone.

Hua Mu gasped and said with an anxious look in his eyes, “Even though we won’t be able to return to that burial ground now, that’s not necessarily the case with the Thousandsword Mountain Sect. Plus, it was them who killed Huilan and threw her into that secret spatial rift... So there’s a possibility that...”

These words sent a chill down everyone’s spine.

After a moment of pondering, they all realized what possibility Hua Mu was referring to.

“People from the Thousandsword Mountain Sect will be able to go through that spatial rift to the Realm of Split Void?!” Nie Tian exclaimed.

Hua Mu nodded heavily. “Plus, they’ll have a perfect excuse. They can just say that we secretly work with the Bonebrutes and provide them with corpses of our own kind. When they actually invade the Domain of the Falling Stars, not only will their action not be condemned, but the Golden Vast Sect may even assist them in their operation.”

Xing Huanyue stood aghast. “Dammit!" 

Since the Thousandsword Mountain Sect even had Saint domain experts, they must have quite a few Void domain experts too. If they were actually going to launch a mass invasion, the sects in the Domain of the Falling Stars would probably be crushed immediately.

Even the Lei Clan, which was one of the Divine Flame Sect’s subordinate forces, would probably evacuate immediately after learning that a powerful sect like the Thousandsword Mountain Sect was going to invade the Domain of the Falling Stars.

If it actually came down to that, the Domain of the Falling Stars would soon fall, and become a subordinate domain of the Thousandsword Mountain Sect.

With these thoughts on their minds, everyone fell silent, their expressions incomparably grim.

Zhao Shanling, who seemed to be the calmest and least concerned with the threat the Domain of the Falling Stars was facing, said, “Let’s not worry about that now. Since people from both the Thousandsword Mountain Sect and the Golden Vast Sect have been to that forbidden region, it means there are other ways for us to return to the Domain of the Falling Stars.”

Nie Tian’s eyes lit up.

The fact that Xing Beichen had summoned Ke Jinpeng and other experts to that forbidden region proved that there must be teleportation portals in that region that connected it to the Domain of Heaven Python.

If they could find their way to that forbidden region or the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, they would be able to return to the Domain of the Falling Stars.

The Star Boat flew across the void at a slow speed.

Along their way, they could see floating dead Bonebrutes from time to time.

Clearly, the Golden Vast Sect had fought quite a battle against the Bonebrutes in this area.

As the side that had lost, the Bonebrutes had escaped on their bone starship, which had eventually crashed on one of the dead stars. Desperate to recover their strength, the survivors had teleported to that burial ground, where they had run into Nie Tian’s group.

As the Star Boat gradually approached their target dead star, an ancient starship suddenly sailed out of it towards them.

This ancient starship was noticeably smaller than the Golden Vast Sect’s golden starships.

However, it was covered in magical symbols, which seemed to be on fire and boosting the ancient starship.

Zhao Shanling’s expression flickered slightly as he exclaimed, “Another ancient starship?!”

Eyes narrowed, he examined the incoming starship with his immense soul awareness. In the next moment, his eyes lit up as he said, “There’re only two people on board, and neither of them have entered the Soul realm!”

Thrilled by his discovery, he called out, “Nie Tian! Approach that ancient starship! Let’s seize it first!”

Nie Tian snapped out of his daze and hastily activated spell formations to speed up the Star Boat, no longer worrying about Star Stone consumption.


Like a falling star, the Star Boat emanated dazzling light as it shot towards the fairly small ancient starship.

When the Star Boat was only thousands of meters from the ancient starship, a fat young man wreathed in a fierce flesh aura walked out of the cabin and stood on the deck.

Li Ye was already fat enough, but this young man was even bigger than him.


Multicolored magical symbols suddenly left the ancient starship to form a shield of magical symbols that kept all impurities away.

Hands wrung, the man stood at the prow of the ancient starship. His expression grew strange as he watched the Star Boat shoot towards him.

“Break!” As Zhao Shanling held out the Voidspirit Pagoda, numerous spatial blades appeared and gathered into an incomparably large glowing blade.

The enormous spatial blade slashed into the ancient starship’s protective ward with enough force to sever the starry river.


As magical symbols flew about in the ward like countless colorful butterflies, a mysterious field that seemed to be able to channel force from heaven and earth was born.

Numerous magical symbols madly pounced on the enormous spatial blade like a swarm of fierce locusts. The incomparably sharp spatial blade was actually gnawed away bit by bit.

By the time the Star Boat arrived at the ancient starship, the strike Zhao Shanling had launched with his Voidspirit Pagoda was already completely neutralized.

Shocked by the scene, Zhao Shanling exclaimed, “This ancient starship’s defense is too solid to break!”

Seeing that even Zhao Shanling’s full-force strike had failed to break the ward made of multicolored magical symbols, Nie Tian, who was prepared to launch a strike himself, hastily stayed his hand.

He was running out of Star Stones, and he had a feeling that even if he launched a full-force strike with the Star Boat, it probably wouldn’t match the might of Zhao Shanling’s strike with that enormous spatial blade.

Standing behind the ward of multicolored magical symbols like a mountain of flesh, the young man with a fierce flesh aura asked, “Are you the Qi warriors from the Domain of the Falling Stars who the Golden Vast Sect and the Thousandsword Mountain Sect are looking for?

“This is the first time we’ve met. Why try to kill each other so eagerly? If you want to come in here, just put your air-transportation spiritual tools away and get on board.”

Everyone stood aghast.

The young man laughed wildly. “Which realm of the Domain of the Falling Stars are you from?” 

With these words, he suddenly noticed Qi Bailu. Looking surprised, he asked, “Are you... Senior Qi Bailu from the Tool Sect?”

Qi Bailu was taken aback. “How... How do you know me?” 

“I had the honor of visiting the Realm of Unbounded Desolation many years ago, and took part in an equipment forgers’ assembly in the Tool Sect. I saw you from afar.” 

Then, the young man’s smile faded from his face as he asked, “Since you’re from the Domain of the Falling Stars, do you know how Wu Ji from the Realm of Flame Heaven is doing?”

Hua Mu’s expression flickered. “Wu Ji?!” 

In the next moment, Zhao Shanling, Qi Bailu, and the others all fixed their gazes on Nie Tian.

“Wu Ji is my master,” Nie Tian said in a deep voice.

The large young man shuddered as his eyes grew wide and red. Beckoning Nie Tian, he said, “Get in here first, junior martial brother!”

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