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Chapter 79 - You“re still alive?

Once they saw their strongest member, Yu Tong, faint, the disciples from the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect lost their fighting spirit.

They loudly shouted out to let Mo Xi know and to ask him to quickly return.

There were ghost shadows whirling around Mo Xi, who was being surrounded and attacked by An Ying and the others. The ghost shadows were sinister and terrifying, as they continuously attacked An Ying and the others.

Originally, Mo Xi wanted to break through the defensive perimeter of An Ying and the others to go kill Nie Tian. However, he quickly found out that he was completely unable to do so with the strength of a single person.

When he heard the urgent cries from the people behind him, he immediately knew that Yu Tong had suffered a backlash and was no longer able to help them.

In fact, he had already understood that, no matter whether she was able to kill Nie Tian or not, she would be unable to quickly recover after swallowing five Blood Strengthening Pills and would only become a burden.

“Next time, I will definitely kill all of you!”

Mo Xi let out a low roar, and the sinister devils around him suddenly expanded and separated from each other to bite at Zheng Bin and the others.

Mo Xi’s figure fluctuated, as if he had turned into a ghost devil that had no weight. He suddenly floated back to where he had come from.

Once he returned, he saw a disciple of the Blood Sect, who was already carrying Yu Tong on his back.


He immediately issued the command without the slightest bit of hesitation. He led the remaining disciples of the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect towards the glacial area.

Not long after he left, the screaming devils that were biting at the crowd gradually turned fuzzy, and after a moment, they completely disappeared.

“Chase after them and kill them!” Zheng Bin clenched his teeth.

An Ying also shouted, “That witch from the Blood Sect must’ve had an accident! If not, Mo Xi would never retreat! Take advantage of the fact that Yu Tong can’t fight! We need to do our best to kill them and avenge our fallen comrades!”


The crowd quickly unified under a single ideology and ran after Mo Xi and the others. They wanted to annihilate all of the disciples of the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect who were in the Green Illusion Realm.

Behind them, only Jiang Miao was left, who was still standing beside Nie Tian. She glanced at Nie Tian with a very complicated look.

Nie Tian, who was meditating on the ground, had both of his eyes shut. The undulation of extremely turbulent Qi and blood surged forth from his body. 

At some unknown time, a misty, bloody light had started to shine from the surface of Nie Tian’s skin. That bloody light was like a dense mist that enveloped Nie Tian within it, making the current Nie Tian appear somewhat unfathomable.

Nie Tian’s body seemed to be unceasingly inflating and deflating like a balloon. From time to time, he would expand and moments later he would shrink again.

She wasn’t clear on what was happening to Nie Tian’s body, but she knew that even Yu Tong’s Earth Web was unable to kill Nie Tian.

Nie Tian, who had been declared dead by An Ying, Jiang Lingzhu, and the others, was currently breathing normally and had a strong heartbeat.

The life force exuded by Nie Tian’s body, as well as his dense Qi and blood, which were unexpectedly stronger than before!

“What a strange person…” Jiang Miao quietly whispered.

Nie Tian’s entire body was scorching. He felt as if he had become a furnace. Every single muscle, artery, and vein in his body seemed to be expanding and contracting.

Even he himself wasn’t clear on what was happening. He only knew that his heartbeat had suddenly accelerated when all of his blood was about to be absorbed by the blood threads.

At that moment, he had felt extremely unwilling to die and he had wanted to reverse his desperate situation, by forcefully stopping the outflow of his blood.

He had truly done it!

When his heart had intensely thumped in some kind of incomprehensible manner, he had felt that an unknown force had suddenly surged forth from his heart!

Once that force was released, all of the blood in his body, even the blood that was absorbed by the scarlet blood threads and had already left his veins, seemed to suddenly have a resonance with his heart.

It was also at that moment that his heart had taken control of all the blood that had been absorbed out, causing it to suddenly return to his veins.

Not only that, but even the scarlet blood threads were unexpectedly pulled along with it and forcibly absorbed into his body.

He didn’t know that the scarlet blood threads were created by Yu Tong using the blood of a Grade Two spirit beast, which had been refined day and night by the Blood Sect’s unique Blood Refining Technique, forming a sharp weapon that contained a dense Blood Qi.

He only knew that those scarlet blood threads contained a plentiful amount of Blood Qi.

And that Blood Qi was currently being channeled into his veins, merging with his blood!

He took many deep breaths. The expansion of his blood vessels and the inflation of his body seemed to stem from the blood in his body greedily absorbing the Blood Qi in those scarlet blood threads.

After the Blood Qi, which contained the blood of many Grade 2 spirit beasts, went through a round of refining by the refining furnace of his body, it thoroughly became a part of his blood and started to nourish his blood.

During this process, he used his mental awareness to sense that some mysterious symbols had unknowingly appeared in his blood, causing him to be startled.

He faintly felt that the blood in his body was different from normal people!

Only, the mystery within his blood seemed to be concealed extremely deeply, and it looked like it wouldn’t appear until a key moment when he was in a desperate situation.

And because he didn’t have a sufficient cultivation and a strong enough body, he still wasn’t able to explore the secrets in his blood.

The process of absorbing the scarlet blood threads and refining the Blood Qi within it, seemed to only be one way to unlock the secrets in his blood.

Although he had doubts in his heart, he didn’t interfere with the oddities in his body. Instead, he relaxed his mind and let his body use its unique methods to operate.

On the contrary, he himself seemed to have become an observer who was using his mental awareness to quietly observe what was going on.

After an unknown period of time, he gradually noticed that all of the Blood Qi, that had come from the blood threads, had already disappeared into his blood.

His abnormal heartbeat sounds had already returned to normal, and he was no longer releasing a misty, bloody light from his body.

He secretly sensed the condition of his body and noticed that the blood flowing in his body had slowly calmed down. He was also no longer able to feel any abnormalities or strangeness from the blood in his body.

His dantian and spirit sea hadn’t changed at all due to the absorption of the scarlet blood threads.

His body didn’t seem to have become any stronger because of them either, but he knew that the blood in his body… had undergone slight changes.

Only after his heartbeat had returned to normal, could he not sense anything special from the blood in his body anymore.

After he carefully checked over his body and confirmed that everything was alright, he opened his eyes again.

“You’re awake?” Jiang Miao saw him, and the suspicion and curiosity that filled her face seemed to be waiting for him to give a logical explanation.

“Thanks for guarding me.” Nie Tian slightly laughed.

“It’s what I should do.” Jiang Miao felt somewhat embarrassed, “You saved me twice, but I had no strength to save you. The only thing that I could do was stay beside you and look after you. I originally thought that…”

She wanted to say, ‘I originally thought that you were definitely dead. I only wanted to see you one last time before you died.’ However, after seeing Nie Tian, who acted like nothing had happened and was in high spirits, she hastily shut her mouth.

This was the first time that Nie Tian seriously sized Jiang Miao up.

Jiang Miao, who had the face of a doll, was wearing a set of dark-green clothes. Her eyes were big and she would be very timid when talking, as if she was a rabbit that would run away when frightened.

Jiang Miao’s appearance was just slightly above average. She wasn’t as outstanding as An Ying and Jiang Lingzhu. However, she was good-natured, unlike An Ying and Jiang Lingzhu, who were very cunning.

Although Jiang Miao’s actual age was possibly older than him by one year, she was a naive and guiltless little sister in his eyes.

“It’s because her living environment is different…” Nie Tian muttered.

Ever since he had become aware of the world around him, he knew that Nie Donghai had already lost his power. He knew about how much his auntie loved him, and how much she had suffered. Added on were the issues of Nie Hong, Nie Yuan, and the other clansmen of the Nie Family. He had always been living within the internal struggle of the clan.

Compared to people who were of the same age as him, he was more mature. From the start, he had already understood the great expectations that Nie Donghai and Nie Qian had placed on him.

From the start, he had always been secretly working hard, hoping to cure his grandfather’s injury and regain his auntie’s face in the future.

On the other hand, Jiang Miao was a flower born in a greenhouse. From a young age, she had always been cherished and guided by the hand. She had no experience regarding the changes of human emotion at all.

To Jiang Miao, the trial of the Green Illusion Realm was the biggest shock in her life.

Jiang Miao’s comfortable environment had made her to become like a sheep. Perhaps, Jiang Miao would slowly change after the trial of the Green Illusion Realm and learn how vicious the world really was.

“I’m fine. It seemed like that witch didn’t have enough power at the crucial moment, which caused her to suffer a backlash.” Nie Tian deliberated for a moment, and calmly said, “After she suffered from the backlash, the blood, which was absorbed from my body, returned back to my body. I used my own method to slowly guide the blood back into my body. I’ve already recovered now.”

“Oh, it’s good if you’re fine.” Jiang Miao nodded her head.

Obviously, she knew that Nie Tian’s explanation was absolutely not the truth.

She was very clear on what Nie Tian was trying to hide. However, she intelligently chose to not ask about it. Although she was extremely curious.

The two of them didn’t move, as they chatted where they stood, and waited for the return of An Ying, Jiang Lingzhu, and the others.

After a long time, Pan Tao, An Ying, and the others gradually appeared in the distance.

“Nie Tian! You’re still alive?”

They were separated by several hundreds of meters. Once Pan Tao saw him, he immediately let out an inconceivable shout.


Translator: Seannn
Editors: Zzzach and Sietse 
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