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Unfortunately, the hard work of Pan Tao and the four other people seemed to not be of much help to Nie Tian.

The blood threads were densely packed like tenacious weeds, and were incomparably tough. Even if Zheng Bin and the others had helped, it would still be hard to cut apart all the blood threads.

Besides, once Zheng Bin and the others had seen that Nie Tian had no hope of living, they had decisively left.

The body of Nie Tian, who was being wrapped up by the Earth Web, got skinnier and skinnier. Even his pupils… gradually became empty and lightless.

In contrast, the blood threads, that pierced into Nie Tian’s body, seemed to become increasingly longer and tougher after absorbing the fresh blood in his body, causing the bloody light to glisten.

“Save him! Quickly save him!”

Jiang Miao waved her blade, using all her strength in an attempt to cut apart the blood threads. Her voice carried sobs within it.

And Nie Xian, who also came from the Nie Family, stayed silent. His expression was deep, as he repeated his actions like a machine.

It seemed like he had also thought that Nie Tian wouldn’t live much longer. Everything that he was doing now was merely to not feel any blame in his heart.

Regret also filled the face of the Lingyun Sect’s Jiang Lingzhu. She felt that if the outstanding Nie Tian died in the Green Illusion Realm, it would simply be too unfortunate.

She had also exhausted all her power and was now hoping for the Heavens to save him. Truthfully, she didn’t have much hope in her heart either.

Because, she knew how terrifying the Blood Sect’s Blood Refining Art was.

“Mo Xi!”

“You actually dare to come over!”

“Kill Mo Xi first!”

It was also at this moment when the shouts of An Ying and Zheng Bin echoed out. While they were charging towards Yu Tong, they had unexpectedly met the angry Mo Xi.

The two parties immediately fought.

When she heard the sounds of the fierce battle, Jiang Lingzhu slightly furrowed her brows. She carefully looked at Nie Tian, and suddenly sighed, “He really can’t make it.”

At this moment, Nie Tian looked shriveled and horrid, like he had been drained of all the blood and water in his body.

Nie Tian’s eyes had also closed at some unknown time. He had even stopped breathing, and besides the faint heartbeat sounds coming from his body, he seemed dead.

On the contrary, the blood threads, that had penetrated his flesh, became increasingly tough and long. They even released a startling red light.

“Pan Tao, there’s no need for you to continue. Even I want to save him, but he…” Jiang Lingzhu shook her head, and her expression turned sad. “He’s really going to die. With our power, we’re unable to stop Yu Tong’s Blood Refining Art. If you really want to save him, you can only kill the user of this technique, Yu Tong.”

“If you can kill Yu Tong within a short period of time, perhaps… he can still have the chance to live.”

“Yu Tong?” Pan Tao’s eyes went red, and he slightly hesitated. Then he clenched his teeth. “Then let’s go and kill her!”

“Go!” Nie Xian shouted.

Jiang Lingzhu nodded her head. Finally, she stopped wasting time and led Pan Tao and Nie Xian to join Zheng Bin and the others.

However, Jiang Lingzhu had actually declared Nie Tian’s death in her heart.

She knew that, if another 30 seconds passed, Nie Tian would completely die.

And they had absolutely no chance of killing the Blood Sect’s Yu Tong in such a short period of time.

After Pan Tao, Nie Xian, and Jiang Lingzhu left, only Jiang Miao stayed beside Nie Tian.

And Jiang Miao had also stopped cutting away the blood threads. She was just standing close to Nie Tian, tearfully sobbing, as she looked towards Nie Tian.

She knew that her strength had limits. Even if she followed Pan Tao and the others, she probably wouldn’t be of much help.

Rather than following them, she decided to quietly look at Nie Tian before he died.

“Ah!” Jiang Miao suddenly covered her mouth, as she let out a soft cry.

After everyone had left, Nie Tian, who had his eyes shut, suddenly opened his eyes. The desire to live had suddenly appeared in his eyes!

- Dong! Dong! -

That originally weak heartbeat from Nie Tian’s body suddenly became incomparably loud, and the desire to live in his eyes gradually turned into violence and unwillingness!

He was unwilling to die in such a place!

- Dong dong! Dong dong dong! -

Following the intensification of his heartbeat, Jiang Miao suddenly saw Nie Tian open his mouth, as if he was soundlessly roaring.

A crazy expression prominently appeared on Nie Tian’s face, as if he was urging himself to move at all costs.

- Chi chi! -

The blood threads, that had pierced into Nie Tian’s body, suddenly twisted. 

Those blood threads, that had became tough and long after absorbing Nie Tian’s blood, unexpectedly became thin at a speed that the eye could see!

Nie Tian’s shriveled body seemed to have been filled with air, and rapidly expanded!


A berserk roar escaped from Nie Tian’s mouth. He raised his head high and inhaled air with large gasps, as if he wanted to swallow the entire sky into his belly.

- Pa pa pa! -

The meshes of the Blood Web, which had trapped Nie Tian, split apart, and the blood threads that had pierced Nie Tian’s body seemed to have sensed something, and attempted to leave Nie Tian’s body.


Jiang Miao, who was blankly looking at Nie Tian, didn’t know what was going on. It seemed like those blood threads were fearful of something.

The blood threads on Nie Tian’s body, that had become as thick as a finger due to Nie Tian’s blood, suddenly returned to their original form and became as thin as a hair.

- Xiu! -

A blood thread that was on Nie Tian’s neck seemed to have been pulled in by a large force, unexpectedly disappearing into Nie Tian’s neck.

Jiang Miao was dumbstruck.

- Xiu xiu! Xiu xiu xiu! -

However, all of a sudden, even more blood threads, that were trying to escape from Nie Tian’s body, disappeared into his flesh.

It was as if there were countless invisible hands that were pulling the blood threads into Nie Tian’s body.

The only person left behind, Jiang Miao, was stunned, as she looked at what was going on. She couldn’t comprehend what was actually happening in Nie Tian’s body.

- Chi chi! -

The scarlet blood threads that hadn’t pierced into Nie Tian’s body madly twisted and a strange hissing sound echoed out, as if they were trying to break free from Nie Tian.

At that moment, the previously savage and frightening blood threads seemed to have seen a ghost, and they only wanted to escape from him.

But, Nie Tian was letting out fierce roars as he unceasingly inhaled air.

Following his inhalation, the blood threads, that were attempting to break free of his body, seemed to become forcefully attracted by an enormous magnet and were firmly stuck to his body.

The blood threads seemed to be continuously tightening, so much so that it broke through Nie Tian’s skin.

But, Jiang Miao noticed that the tightening blood threads on Nie Tian’s body seemed to also be entering his flesh, as if they were becoming a part of his flesh.

The blood threads, that had previously bared their fangs and brandished their claws madly attacking everyone, were currently letting out “Chi chi” sounds as they tried to struggle free at all costs.

However, following the deep breathing of Nie Tian, the blood threads seemed to be ruthlessly sucked towards Nie Tian and were tyrannically absorbed into his body, one by one.

Quickly, not only did Nie Tian’s originally shriveled body return to normal, it also released a glistening, bloody light, which caused his body to become increasingly strong. 

A wave of dense Blood Qi unconsciously spread out from Nie Tian’s body, making Jiang Miao, who was standing beside him, tremble in fear.

“You, what happened to you?” Jiang Miao hesitantly asked.

A scarlet, bloody light was released from Nie Tian’s eyes. That bloody light seemed to have condensed into substance, making it appear as if two bloody and sharp swords were piercing out of Nie Tian’s eyes.

He looked at Jiang Miao and suddenly said, “Help me keep this a secret. Don’t tell anyone what happened to my body.”

“Oh.” Jiang Miao hastily nodded her head.

“Hu!” Nie Tian took another deep breath.

The remaining blood threads around him used all their strength to twist and attempt to escape. However, they were forcibly absorbed by him and pulled towards his body. He quickly absorbed those blood threads into his body.

The fresh blood that was refined by Yu Tong to condense all the blood threads, at that moment, was all absorbed into his flesh.

- Puchi! -

It was also at that moment when Yu Tong, who was being protected by the disciples of the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect, suddenly spat out some fresh blood. After that, she suddenly lost consciousness.

“Senior Sister!”

“Yu Tong is suffering the backlash of the Forbidden Technique Earth Web!”

“Damn! From now, not only can she not help us, she’ll even become a burden to us!”

“Since it has come to this, the mission in the Green Illusion Realm ends here.”

“Let Mo Xi know! Immediately withdraw from the Green Illusion Realm! If not, we’re all going to die here!”

Once the disciples of the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect saw that Yu Tong remained unconscious, their expressions suddenly changed. They immediately gave up on the idea of continuing to stay in the Green Illusion Realm.


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