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Nie Tian raised the semitransparent cyan Spirit Pearl towards Ke Jinpeng and the other experts’ true souls.

The soul within the Spirit Pearl, which had been refined from the soul of a ninth grade Phantasm grand patriarch, suddenly grew excited, like a shark that had sniffed blood.

Misty cyan fluctuations instantly spread out from the mysterious pearl.

The cyan waves rapidly spread to Ke Jinpeng’s true soul, which was still giving out soul roars, and caused it to shriek miserably.

Sha Yan and the other experts’ true souls were also influenced by the pearl, and started to move uncontrollably towards it.

They had been Void domain experts. Even though they had lost their fleshly bodies, they would still pose a great threat to cultivators with low cultivation bases.

However, this clearly didn’t apply to Nie Tian, who had the Spirit Pearl in his hand.

Ke Jinpeng and the other experts’ true souls screamed unceasingly as they moved uncontrollably towards the Spirit Pearl. At the same time, their originally distinct shapes rapidly grew blurry.

Then, wisps of memories were quickly separated from their true souls and dissipated into heaven and earth.

In merely ten seconds, their true souls were bereft of any memories.


One after another, they were forcibly channeled into the Spirit Pearl, where they were split into numerous fragmented souls.

If these souls remained intact, they would still be very powerful.

But once they were cut to pieces, these fragmented souls would be much weaker.

As soon as Nie Tian sent a wisp of his awareness into the Spirit Pearl, he discovered that Ke Jinpeng and the other experts’ fragmented souls were fleeing about.

The discarnate souls that were originally in the Spirit Pearl, however, seemed to become driven by some force, and began chasing after the fragmented souls everywhere.

At the same time, Nie Tian noticed that five spherical golden bubbles gradually rose from Ke Jinpeng and the other experts smashed corpses.

They seemed to be their ‘private domains’, which they had forged themselves.

However, they were illusory and fragile, like reflections on water, as if they could burst at any moment.

Golden sword lights, which were branded with the profound truths of metal power, could still be seen within the golden bubbles. They didn’t perish with Ke Jinpeng and the other experts’ fleshly bodies.


Five golden bubbles floated towards the region where there stood numerous lofty, golden mountain peaks.

“Hmm?!” Puzzled, Nie Tian flew after them on his Star Boat.

Soon, the five bubbles arrived at the region that was filled with metal power.

The earth glimmered with faint golden light, and numerous mysterious spell formations began to be carved into the depths of the mountain peaks.

One golden bubble after another merged with the golden earth and mountain peaks like drops of water. Ke Jinpeng’s lifetime understanding of metal power and his sword intent that he had spent his entire lifetime cultivating seemed to be slowly carved into the region, and became a part of it.

Nie Tian put the Spirit Pearl away and conducted a thorough scan of the region. He discovered that many golden patterns were added to the earth and mountains since the disappearance of the five golden bubbles.

Many of the golden patterns were of swords, and contained strong sword intent.

“I can’t believe their private domains actually merged with the metal-attributed region!” Yue Yanxi’s soul voice rang out as a cluster of crimson mist appeared in the air, which rapidly morphed to take Yue Yanxi’s shape.

Immediately afterwards, Guan Fu and Jian Tong’s soul shadows appeared after Yue Yanxi’s.

Surprised, Nie Tian asked, “What?! Their private domains still existed after their bodies and souls were both eliminated?!” 

“Only in certain magical places is it possible for Void domain experts’ private domains to persist after their deaths,” Yue Yanxi explained through his soul shadow. “For example, Master Voidspirit died in the space disruption zone. Since many of the incantations and magics he practiced were spatial power-related, his domain shared similar traits with that space disruption zone.

“Because of that, his private domain persisted within that space disruption zone.”

Eyebrows furrowed, Nie Tian said, “But Master Voidspirit’s domain was in solid form, instead of illusory.”

“That’s because something happened while Master Voidspirit was trying to break through into the Saint domain and he died. His private domain was upgrading from a void domain to a saint domain, turning from illusory to solid.” Yue Yanxi grew emotional as he continued, “Master Voidspirit was at the peak of the Void domain, and among the most powerful figures throughout the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries.

“The fact that you were able to stand on solid ground in his private domain, as if you were in an arcane realm, proved that he had already finished the most important step, and the transformation of his private domain was almost complete.

“Who would have thought even so, he eventually failed to make the breakthrough?”

At this moment, Guan Fu chimed in, “There are too many mysteries in this heaven and earth. Ke Jinpeng and those people’s private domains should have perished soon after the elimination of their fleshly bodies. However, they didn’t dissolve and vanish at the first moment. Instead, they were channeled by the metal-attributed region, and had their lifetime understanding of metal power and sword intent branded in the depths of those mountains.”

“This is a truly blessed land!” Jian Tong’s soul shadow exclaimed excitedly. “Nie Tian, do you know what will happen when Ke Jinpeng and the others’ private domains merge with that region?”

Nie Tian shook his head.

Jian Tong’s soul shadow swayed slowly in the air as he said, “When people who practice sword incantations or metal power magics go there, they’ll be able to derive enlightenment from Ke Jinpeng and the others’ understanding of sword intent and metal power. They’ll benefit a great deal once they derive enlightenment from their profound sword and metal power incantations.

“Those experts’ private domains carried the essence of their lifetime cultivation. Now that they’ve merged with that region, it’s like they’ve left their legacies there.”

Nie Tian’s eyes lit up after hearing his explanation.

After all, Ke Jinpeng and the other experts had all been at the Void domain. If he were to have his friends and family move from the Domain of the Falling Stars to this magical place, those who practiced metal power incantations would benefit greatly from those legacies, and progress much faster.

He laughed heartily. “This is brilliant!” 

At this moment, Yue Yanxi said through his soul shadow, “Nie Tian, I’ve long since noticed that there is rich elemental power in each of the five surrounding regions. Perhaps a large number of powerful Qi warriors’ private domains have merged with each of those regions throughout the years.”

A shudder ran through Nie Tian as he exclaimed, “Really?!”

“I shouldn’t be mistaken.” Yue Yanxi sounded rather serious. “That means each of those regions is a blessed land for deriving enlightenment. Those who practice the five elemental powers will be able to make rapid breakthroughs in their cultivation here, and may even gain sets of profound incantations and secret magics.”

Guan Fu and Jian Tong had come in a hurry, and often found themselves in difficult situations, and thus hadn’t had a chance to scan this heaven and earth thoroughly.

Upon hearing Yue Yanxi’s analysis, they were also deeply shaken, realizing that this heaven and earth was full of wonders.

If a Qi warrior sect were to establish a foothold here, it would enjoy many unimaginable advantages.

While they communicated, a stealthy soul aura approached them in a careful manner.

Yue Yanxi, Jian Tong, and Guan Fu’s soul shadows sensed it simultaneously, and instantly turned to face it.

The stealthy soul aura that had snuck to this place rapidly fled like a bird that was scared by the twang of a bow-string.

“It’s Jiang Feng from the Bliss Mountain Sect,” Yue Yanxi said.

Both Guan Fu and Jian Tong’s soul shadows remained silent.

Eyebrows furrowed, Nie Tian said, “Senior Yue, about those people from the Bliss Mountain Sect, what do you think I should do?”

Yue Yanxi’s soul shadow didn’t release any soul echoes right away.

Only after pondering in silence for a while did he say, “My sect has had countless open and secret strifes with the Bliss Mountain Sect over the years, but...”

“But what?”

“But the Bliss Mountain Sect is based in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries after all, unlike the Thousandsword Mountain Sect, which is from the distant Domain of Heaven Python,” Yue Yanxi explained at a slow pace. “The way I see it, you probably want to make this continent your base and have your friends and family move here in the future. This place is rather close to the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries. With the help of a few teleportation portals, communications will be very convenient.

“If you want to build up your own force, you’ll have to communicate with our domain from time to time.

“Another reason why I don’t think you should kill those people from the Bliss Mountain Sect is because perhaps when you become powerful enough, you might take the entire Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries into your empire. By that time, every sect in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries will become your subordinate force, including the Bliss Mountain Sect.”

Upon hearing his analysis, both Guan Fu and Jian Tong’s soul shadows shook violently, as if they were shaken to their core.

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