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Chapter 77 - Yu Tong Is Crazy!

“Nie Tian! I want you dead!”

When the sky-filling, scarlet blood threads crazily pierced towards Nie Tian, Yu Tong suddenly let out a hysterical screech.

Yu Tong, who knew that her position was exposed, stopped hiding. She used a screech to vent out the overflowing hate, that she had in her heart towards Nie Tian.

The distance between her, Nie Tian, and the others, was only several hundred meters. Her screech contained anger within it, and the sound of it shook the heavens.

The people, who hadn’t been hit by the blood threads, all felt their eardrums go numb, as if they had been stabbed by Yu Tong’s screech. Their expressions slightly changed, and they looked at Nie Tian with an extremely strange gaze.

“Just how did this guy offend Yu Tong and make that witch abandon everyone else just to kill him?” Jiang Lingzhu was stunned.

It was also at this moment that the trial takers from the Black Mist Palace, who hadn’t reached the ninth Lianqi level, and were affected by the Blood Binding, suddenly broke free from the bindings.

The blood inside Jiang Miao’s body had also returned to normal.

“Motherfucker! This woman is probably mad!”

Nie Tian secretly cursed at her. Looking at the countless blood threads, that occasionally interweaved and scattered, chase after him alone, he could only rapidly dodge them.

The sky-filling blood threads were like sharks that had caught a whiff of the smell of blood. They swam about midair and closely pursued him.

After looking at Nie Tian continuously dodge the blood threads, which weren’t allowing him escape, the trial takers from the three sects turned somewhat absent-minded.

Finally, Jiang Lingzhu was the first to react and shouted, “What are you guys still blank for? Quickly help him!”

Once those words had left her mouth, all of the trial takers ran towards Nie Tian, attempting to help him cut the blood threads.

However, there were simply too many blood threads in the air. Furthermore, every single blood thread was exceptionally tough. Even though they borrowed the power of a spirit weapon, they still needed to use a large amount of strength to cut open a blood thread.

“Yu Tong, what are you doing?” On the other side, the Ghost Sect’s Mo Xi shouted out with a gloomy expression.

“Senior Sister, what happened to you? I... I’ve never seen you hate a person so much!” A disciple from the Blood Sect looked like he had seen a ghost. He strangely stared at Yu Tong, who was in the middle of casting a spell. “You wouldn’t have suffered the counter-effect of the Earth Web and accidentally become a devil, right? Using all of the blood used to construct the Earth Web just to attack a single person. This isn’t rational, is it?”

The other disciples of the Ghost and Blood Sects looked at the currently mad Yu Tong, and also felt confused.

They were simply unable to understand what was going on. It was merely an insignificant Nie Tian, so how did he offend Yu Tong and make the usually calm and rational Yu Tong turn into a mad and violent person like this?

“It’s my problem! I don’t have to explain it to you!” Yu Tong clenched her teeth, and the bloody light in her eyes blazed like a torch.

As she spoke, she took out two more Blood Strengthening Pills from her storage bracelet and swallowed them, not caring about anything, as she aroused all her power.

“You’re truly mad!” Mo Xi was alarmed.

He was very clear about this. Although the Blood Strengthening Pill could cause the Blood Qi of the disciples of the Blood Sect to rise in a short period of time, the burden it placed on the body was too great. Every time a Blood Strengthening Pill was swallowed, it would actually damage the body.

To make the Earth Web rapidly condense, Yu Tong had already swallowed three Blood Strengthening Pills. With her Houtian realm cultivation, three Blood Strengthening Pills was already her limit.

If she swallowed another two Blood Strengthening Pills, she would soon be unable to endure the severe damage to her body, and her combat strength might even completely disappear.

The Blood Strengthening Pill would cause the Blood Qi as well as the potential in the body to rise to an astonishing degree within a short period time. However, the price… could make her need to stay in seclusion for half a year!

At that moment, Mo Xi also gradually understood. He understood that Yu Tong was clearly aware that there were too many enemies. Not only did she not want to retreat, she even risked it all to activate the Earth Web. This was definitely not just for the trial mission of the Blood Sect.

Her true motive was just to kill that person called Nie Tian!

What trial, what mission? To her, this was already unimportant! She only wanted to kill Nie Tian!

“Nie Tian!” Mo Xi let out an angry roar, and suddenly charged out from beside Yu Tong. “All of you, stay and protect Yu Tong for me!”

- Chi chi! Chi chi chi! -

Countless, scarlet blood threads flew about in the empty sky and were like bloody meteors that flew towards Nie Tian.

A burst of terrifying Blood Qi suddenly filled the surrounding space around Nie Tian, causing his every breath to make him want to vomit.

At the same time, a bloody magnetic field, that was the same as the previous one, seemed to gradually form again.

“The Blood Binding again?”

Nie Tian’s expression slightly changed. He was aware that Yu Tong had given up on using the “Earth Web” to bind the blood of the other people, and concentrated all of the power to use it against him alone.

Yu Tong had clearly stopped caring about the life and death of the other people and just wanted to kill him before he left the Green Illusion Realm.

“Nie Tian! Be careful! That witch is unable to use the Blood Binding to affect all of us because it wasn’t completely formed. However, if she uses the Blood Binding on you alone, it will still work.” Jiang Lingzhu waved the handle of her dark-gold rapier and cut apart many blood threads, as she tried to approach Nie Tian.

However, there were simply too many blood threads that were chasing after Nie Tian. Even if you added in An Ying and the other people, the blood threads that they had cut weren’t even 10% of the total number.

- Hu! -

The separated blood threads once again interweaved, immediately forming an enormous, scarlet net.

The intersection point of the blood threads suddenly released a bright, bloody light. When the enormous scarlet net fell towards Nie Tian, a scarlet inscription appeared inside the mesh of the web.

“Blood Binding!”

It was also at that moment when Yu Tong, who was several hundred meters away, let out a hateful shout.

Nie Tian, who was attempting to evade the scarlet net, suddenly felt an abnormal change occurring in the blood inside his body. Instantly, he became distracted where he stood, making him unable to move a single step.

The scarlet blood web took the opportunity to descend, wrapping Nie Tian up in an instant.

Nie Tian, who was trapped by the “Blood Binding”, stared as the scarlet net descended, wrapping up his body. However, he was unable to do anything.

In the next moment, a tearing pain, that felt like his soul was being split open, spread out from every single piece of flesh on his body.

He suddenly noticed that, while the enormous scarlet net continuously tightened itself around him, it also took the opportunity to dig into his flesh.

The pain of ten thousand arrows piercing his heart assaulted him. He could directly feel that the blood threads, that had stabbed into his flesh, had all penetrated into the centre of his veins.

The blood inside his body was drawn out by a burst of an absorbing force, and it madly flowed into those blood threads.

The numerous blood threads seemed to have turned into bloodsucking ants, that started to absorb the blood in his body. His strong body began to slowly shrivel.

That was the effect of losing a large amount of blood.

“Nie Tian!” Pan Tao loudly shouted.

An Ying, Jiang Lingzhu, and the other people all charged over, attempting to help him. However, they were crazily attacked by the many blood threads, that were surrounding his body.

“He’s been completely trapped by Yu Tong’s Earth Web! Yu Tong is currently using the Blood Sect’s Blood Refining Art to refine his blood!”

After the Black Mist Palace’s Zheng Bin tore apart a few strands of the blood threads, he suddenly stopped.

He used a pitiful gaze to deeply look towards Nie Tian. Suddenly, he calmly said, “He’s dead for sure. With our cultivation, we’re unable to stop the Blood Refining Art. Rather than uselessly wasting our energy on him, it would be better to find the source of the technique and quickly kill that witch, preventing her from hurting other people.”

Without waiting for the other people to agree, Zheng Bin instructed the survivors from the Black Mist Palace, “Follow me! Take advantage of this moment while she’s using the Blood Refining Art to refine Nie Tian’s blood! If we can kill that witch, then we’ll have avenged Nie Tian!”

After he finished speaking, he abandoned Nie Tian and suddenly charged out.

The trial takers from the Black Mist Palace naturally followed his commands. After hearing what was said, they only looked towards Nie Tian with a regretful gaze before immediately chasing after Zheng Bin.

“Save him! He should be able to live on!” Pan Tao loudly shouted.

Unfortunately, the people from the Black Mist Palace and the other sects followed Zheng Bin, simply ignoring Pan Tao.

Even An Ying deeply looked at Nie Tian, who was gradually wasting away, before shaking her head. She softly said, “What Zheng Bin said is right. Nie Tian… is already dying. We shouldn’t waste too much energy on Nie Tian’s body. Yu Tong is the crucial factor that determines whether we can win or not.

Once she spoke, she also stopped cutting the blood threads and followed the Black Mist Palace.

Once she left, the Ling Bao Court’s Zheng Rui also silently left.

Only Jiang Lingzhu, Nie Xian, Jiang Miao, and the angry Pan Tao stayed beside Nie Tian, helping him cut the scarlet blood threads in an attempt to save his life.


Translator: It Was Sean!
Editors: Zachs and Sietse
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